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  1. On Friday (4th Sept) a box set is being released called Two Tone 'The Albums', it includes 8 cd's including Specials and More Specials, Too Much Pressure by The Selecter, That Man Is Forward and Jama Rico by Rico, In The Studio by The Special AKA and the compilation lp's Dance Craze and This Are Two Tone. It's on Amazon for £38.99, to me it's worth it just for the Rico cd's and the Dance Craze cd has the Madness tracks on them which were omitted from the US version cd because of legal reasons. This music got me into the scene and I haven't looked back, been on the punk, mod, skinhead, scooter,
  2. Been watching these two for a while now, always puts a smile on my face, very entertaining.
  3. until

    Summat up with facebook? link not working????
  4. Looking forward to the next one.
  5. Crackin tunes, enjoying it, thanks,
  6. Happy Birthday flower, long time no see, hope you are well, keep safe in these scary times, loads of love, Guv & Sheryl. xxx
  7. Ste S

    Soultown at The Belgrave

    I thought this event was cancelled until March??? in town the day after with some old scooter mates on the 11th, if this is on I'll try and get them to this instead. Let me know via this page, I'll be looking :)
  8. Ste S

    Ste S

  9. Ste S

    Charity Soul Uk - Leeds Rhinos

    Looking forward to this, last one was excellent, got there at 5 and stayed in the Roots room til the end, looking forward to a nice slice of SKA, yup ready for it now
  10. Crackin' film, grew up on 2 Tone especially The Special AKA, think Dammers song Free Nelson Mandela(84) started his release, think Nelson got offered freedom in 85 but turned it down because of the contract he was offered, remember an interview where Jerry was introduced to Nelson as the person who wrote said song and Mandela said 'ah yes, very good' Good Film, Good Song, Good Men. NO APARTHEID!!
  11. REGGAEITES – HARRIS WHEEL, one of the top skinhead/boss sounds, never shook mi hips to it(bar from at home)
  12. Ste S

    Gettin' To The Point

    Nice one, looking forward to that too, the more Blues in Leeds the better
  13. Ste S

    Gettin' To The Point

    Will tickets for the Charity Soul night on the 3rd of May be on sale here?
  14. Ste S

    Gettin' To The Point

    Should be another good'n

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