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    martha the border terrier, running off road slowly, falling off mountain bike quickly, just any old tat, working too hard, continually buying too many things that i know i shouldn't, filling her house with yet more records, forgetting the rules, always been late, being erratic, generally kinda wonderful and other such stuff......
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    Let Me Go ~ Big Maybelle ~ Port

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  1. steve ss

    few wants

    PMD with pics
  2. steve ss

    few wants

    I have a Jeanette Wade Flemons in Ex available
  3. steve ss

    Rockabilly tracks at Mod Events?

    not soul... not northern... just a good platter of noise
  4. steve ss

    Rockabilly tracks at Mod Events?

    Play them Link Wray's take on "Batman".... Nothing wrong with a bit of Link....I think Pete Townsend owed much of his early styling to him.... Nothing wrong with Robert Gordon either........ regards
  5. steve ss

    The Loss of one of our own Mick Howard R.I.P.

    Gibby, thanks for refreshing this post. last weekend i was looking in the garage for some LPs. I came across a pile of flyers and some other stuff that I had not looked at for a while. In the bottom of a bag there was a T-shirt....see attached. I trust you can make the text out..... Mick had a batch made up, must be the thick end of 30 years ago........I think it shows his keen intelligence and sharp sense of humour. made me smile.....also made me laugh that I would have fitted into it as well! Best regards Steve
  6. steve ss

    The Loss of one of our own Mick Howard R.I.P.

    This is sad news....Mick was a top man....he is in my fond memories from the best of times...I had not spoken to him for a long time, but last time we met it was like we had never had a gap...sincere condolences to his family......rest in peace my friend.
  7. steve ss

    Shades Of Soul - Derek Pearson - BCB Radio 106.6FM


    Hi Derek, thank you for letting me play out last night...I trust I was a good lad...best regards Steve
  8. steve ss

    Tempests - Someday Info Please

    that's nice... anyone notice the young Phil Dick sat sulking at the end? :-)
  9. steve ss

    Jackie Edwards Put Your Tears Away LP

    sorry, meant to say ...the Premature Golden Sands lp
  10. steve ss

    Jackie Edwards Put Your Tears Away LP

    still got a copy of this in the garage......which of the tracks on the UK pink Island release are LP only?....regards
  11. steve ss

    Parakeets, Delettes, Magicians, Empires etc

    have a "Magicians" not Servicemen in my swaps box if you are interested
  12. steve ss

    Kiki Dee - The Day Will Come Between Sunday and Monday

    thank you....guilty pleasure of mine is Kiki....enjoyed that
  13. steve ss

    Do you play your records at home

    I play vinyl at home most days..... I generally only have enough patience to get maybe 1 minute through any track before wanting to hear another one ....it always starts out as spinning one or two but always ends up as dragging big piles out to play..... I normally (ha) end up making a set fit in style and content.... :-)
  14. steve ss

    Derek Pearson BCB106.6FM 18.06.16 9-10pm

    enjoyed that
  15. steve ss

    steve ss


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