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    martha the border terrier, running off road slowly, falling off mountain bike quickly, just any old tat, working too hard, continually buying too many things that i know i shouldn't, filling her house with yet more records, forgetting the rules, always been late, being erratic, generally kinda wonderful and other such stuff......
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  1. Does anyone still post the results from John's auctions? I am looking to see how much the Jones Girls went for? Thanks
  2. probably one of the few records I would pay £100 for... any takers?
  3. I have a Jeanette Wade Flemons in Ex available
  4. not soul... not northern... just a good platter of noise
  5. Play them Link Wray's take on "Batman".... Nothing wrong with a bit of Link....I think Pete Townsend owed much of his early styling to him.... Nothing wrong with Robert Gordon either........ regards
  6. Gibby, thanks for refreshing this post. last weekend i was looking in the garage for some LPs. I came across a pile of flyers and some other stuff that I had not looked at for a while. In the bottom of a bag there was a T-shirt....see attached. I trust you can make the text out..... Mick had a batch made up, must be the thick end of 30 years ago........I think it shows his keen intelligence and sharp sense of humour. made me smile.....also made me laugh that I would have fitted into it as well! Best regards Steve
  7. This is sad news....Mick was a top man....he is in my fond memories from the best of times...I had not spoken to him for a long time, but last time we met it was like we had never had a gap...sincere condolences to his family......rest in peace my friend.
  8. that's nice... anyone notice the young Phil Dick sat sulking at the end? :-)
  9. September Jones


  10. sorry, meant to say ...the Premature Golden Sands lp
  11. still got a copy of this in the garage......which of the tracks on the UK pink Island release are LP only?....regards
  12. have a "Magicians" not Servicemen in my swaps box if you are interested
  13. thank you....guilty pleasure of mine is Kiki....enjoyed that

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