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  1. Anybody got one for 300 UKP?
  2. Hi folks, looking for a clean copy of Jeannie Reynolds - I Don't Mess Around on Washington Will pay 250 UKP - please PM cheers
  3. Buddy Grubbs on Bell

    Hi Folks looking for a copy of Buddy Grubbs "I'm telling you / sugarman" Bell Will pay 200 UKP for a nice clean one cheers Stephen
  4. soulmanau

  5. Hi Folks, I have a number of Australian Ampar and Coral soul 45s on ebay at the moment. Follow the link http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/soulman_au/m.html?item=272163620406&hash=item3f5e374636%3Ag%3A9YMAAOSwyjBW4LNY&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  6. 1000+ Northern Soul & Soul Records For Sale

    soulman@werple.net.au thanks
  7. Charmels on Volt

    Hi folks Looking for a clean copy of The Charmels on Volt - As long as I got you 200 UKP for a nice vinyl copy please pm me Stephen
  8. priced reduced folks
  9. Up for sale: Solomon Burke - "Stupidity"/"Can't nobody love you" Australian Atlantic 25 UKP reduced to 15 UKP SOLD small light marks which can be heard briefly until the music kicks in, then plays clean and loud. Label has sticker "Batman" 2/6 price...
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: 9000 vinyl records displays artist Stephen Williams’ personal collection of original first pressing soul records and record sleeves, combining them with a complete indexed catalogue, text, video and recorded music which rela...
  11. Within contemporary arts practice there has been an increasing focus on notions of the archive with particular emphasis in the fields of photography and on collections of historical documents. Vinyl records are documents of popular culture and record collecti...
  12. General Crook In The Warmth Of My Arms

    Can anybody do one of these for 75 UKP? cheers Stephen
  13. Hi folks anybody got a clean copy of this for 60 UKP on first issue cheers Stephen
  14. Big Frank & The Essences

    Sorted - thanks to everybody of the comments, suggests and thoughts. cheers Stephen

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