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  1. Soul Junction Back Catalogue For Sale: In recent weeks several Soul Junction releases have been extensively mentioned in several Facebook groups. Several of the comments have related to people not knowing that they had been released on Soul Junction, therefore the purpose of this list is to let people know what is still available to purchase. A lot of these titles are only available in quantities of 20 copies or less and as these were limited pressing runs of 500 once their gone, their gone. This list is valid until Monday 9th March 2020, thank you for purchasing our products in the past. Soul Junction 500 Series 45’s at £10.00 each Natural Impulse She Went Away / Time Is Right SJ502 Audio (feat: Vince Broomfield Kisses Don’t Lie SJ503 David Hudson (Girl, I’m Coming Home To) Something Good SJ504 Lou Wilson & Todays People Settle Down SJ505 Jesse James I Gave You Love With An ‘A’ Plus SJ511 The Coalitions The Memory Of You SJ512 The Hopkins Bros Shake Cheri SJ514 Audio (ft, Vince Broomfield) Won’t Somebody SJ515 Ivy Jo Hunter See You Around/Yea, Yea, Yea SJ516 Sounds Of Imani Must Be An Angel SJ519 A.J. Sparks & Crew Working On Love SJ520 Audio (Feat: Vince Broomfield) Don’t Move A Muscle SJ521 David Washington Games SJ522 Elbowed-Out Taking A Step/Girl You Got Magic SJ523 August Heat You And Me/Hooked On You SJ524 The Trey J’s I Found It All In You SJ526 Elbowed-Out Things Are Changing SJ527 Richard Brooks I’ll Do Anything, To Make You Happy SJ528 Elliot Macauley (Featuring Joe Leavy) All My Life SJ529 Preston Shannon The Way I Love You SJ530 G’Era Loving You SJ531 J.B. Bingham Fellas, Don’t Let The Girl Take Over SJ532 Dee Dee Warwick You Tore My Wall Down SJ533 McArthur It’s So Real SJ534 The Coalitions Nothin’ Left 2 Do SJ535 Energy MC2 If You Break It SJ536 Robert Montgomery Time Of The Day SJ537 E.R.I.C (Extra Rich In Class) Nightlife/Backstage SJ538 The Holidays You Make Me Weak SJ539 Robert Montgomery Love Song About You SJ540 The New Creation The Fish Song SJ541 Soul Junction 1000 Vinyl 45 Series at £10.00 each. Dynamic Sounds Orchestra Take Me Back SJ1000 Betty Boo My Man Flint SJ1003 Four Real Inc The Man (Master Plan/Larry Wright It’s Okay With Me SJ1004 The Scott Three Running Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You) SJ1005 Robert Montgomery I Need You Girl SJ1007 The Cooperettes/The Toppiks Win All Your Love SJ1009 The Nu-Rons All My Life SJ1010 Chuck Stephens Paying For Your Love SJ1011 Roscoe & Friends/Tojo Broadway Sissy/Broken Hearted Lover SJ1012 The Internationals Beautiful Philosophy SJ1013 Roscoe & Friends Barnyard Soul/Watermelon Man/Do Watcha Know SJEP 1014 Anthony Fontaine Hon Can I Lose (What I Never Had) SJ 1015 Vivian Copeland Chaos (In My Heart)/The Poindexter Brothers What I Did In The Streets I Should Have Done At Home) SJ 1016 Soul Junction 5000. Vinyl Album Series at £10.00 each. David Hudson The Royal Sessions SJLP5002 Bill Spoon A Spoonful Of Soul SJLP5003 Audio featuring Vince Broomfield New Beginnings SJLP5004 Jesse James Let Me Show You SJLP5005 The Coalitions Colour Me Blue SJLP5006 Soul Junction cd Series at £7.00 each The Falcons Good, Good Feelings SJCD5000 Duane Williams These Songs Are For You SJCD5001 Jesse James Let Me Show You SJCD 5005 Various Extra Rich In Soul SJCD 5007 A.T. Toombs Veteran Of Love SJCD 5008 Elbowed-Out Everybody Get Up SJCD 5010 Various We Got A Sweet Thing Going On (Volume 2) SJCD 5011 The Holidays Getting Kind Of Soulful SJCD 5012 Various We Got A Sweet Thing Going On (Volume 3) SJCD 5014 The Intrigues Mini Album: The Intrigues If The Shoe Fits SJLP 5013 £10..00 The Intrigues If The Shoe Fits SJCD 5013 £6.00 Please note to reserve any of the above LP and CD titles you will have to either PM me or e-mail: sales@souljunctionrecords.co.uk as the vinyl albums and cds are at a special price which is different to the one’s on the website. Website: www.souljunctionrecords.co.uk Postage: 45’s 1-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st recorded, UK), overseas at cost 4-6 45’s = £4.00 (1st recorded, UK), overseas at cost Albums/Cd’s 1 = £4.00 (1st recorded,UK), overseas at cost Best Regards Dave Soul Junction
  2. R &B/60’s S0ul 45’s Sales List: Jimmy Williams I’m Stung Out Over You Baby ABC-Paramount W/D Mint £20.00 The Impressions Sometimes I Wonder/Don’t Cry My Love ABC Mint £10.00 Al Perkins Ain’t Nothing Impossible With Love Atco W/D Mint £15.00 The Fanatics Dancing To The Shotgun/You’re Moving Too Fast Back Beat Mint- £20.00 Jackie Wilson With These Hands/Do Your Thing Brunswick Mint £10.00 Young-Holt Unlimited Soulful Strut Brunswick Mint £10.00 Patrice Holloway Stay With Your Own Kind/That’s All You Got To Do Capitol Mint £20.00 (Class) Rueben Wright You’ve Done Me Wrong Capitol Vg++ £20.00 Rueben Wright Crazy Baby Capitol Mint £20.00 (Both Rueben Wright 45’s are excellent dancers) Danny White You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down/Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Decca Demo Mint £15.00 Warren Lee Climb The Ladder/Ever Since I’ve Been Loving You) Deesu Mint £10.00 Junior Parker These Kind Of Blues Duke Mint- £15.00 Bobby Bland Ain’t Nothing You Can Do Duke Demo Mint- £20.00 Clarence & Calvin I Like It Duke Demo Mint £30.00 Willie Mitchell Percolatin’ Hi Demo Mint £25.00 Vernon & Jewell That’s A Rockin Good Way Kent Demo Mint- £15.00 Z. Z. Hill Don’t Make Promises (You Can’t Keep) Kent Demo Mint- £25.00 Jimmie (Preacher) Ellis Put Your Hoe (To My Roe) Kris Mint £60.00 Jackie Burns & The Bo-Bells I Do The Best I Can M-G-M VG+ £30.00 Marie Franklin You Ain’t Changed/Don’tcha Bet No Money Maverick Mint £30.00 (Double sided dancer) Lee Tillman All These Things/One More Time Michelle W/D Mint £60.00 Peggy Paxton It Ain’t What I Do Paula W/D Mint- £75.00 Leevert Allison I Want To Give My Heart To You Poncello Mint- £20.00 The Soul Four Misery Ringo W/D Mint- £30.00 Lou Courtney You Ain’t Ready Riverside Mint £25.00 (Another great dancer from Lou) The Dynatones The Fife Piper St. Clair Mint- £20.00 Barbara Lynn Club A-Go-Go Tribe Mint- £30.00 (Attention DJ’s, another Uptempo Dancer from Barbara) The Chanteurs I’ve Got A Great Love Vee-Jay Mint- £15.00 (Early Chi-Lites) Oz & The Sperlings Mo Jo Hanna/The Broadway Earthquake Villa Mint- £75.00 Postage: 1-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve: PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  3. Released Today: You can make your purchase direct through the Soul Junction website: www.souljunctionrecords.co.uk using the 'Buy Direct' function on the toolbar at the top of the page. Or through any of the usual retail outlets. Thanks for your continued support. Dave SJ
  4. When i spoke with Richard Moore a couple of years ago he furnished me with the other Paragon's members names, Raymond Sanders, Ulysses Mason (lead singer) and Billy Witt (Bass/Baritone). Witt was also a member of The Velours and The Limelights.
  5. One or two of the Pargon's also sang with Eddie & The Starlights
  6. The Paragons were a New York group Dave
  7. Sales List Of Epic Proportions: Heywood Cash You’re Missing Up A Good Thing/Give It Up Epic Mint- £100.00 Randy Jackson How Can I Be Sure Epic W/D Mint £30.00 Sons Of Robin Stone Let’s Do It Now Epic W/D Mint- £20.00 Betty LaVette You Made A Believer Out Of Me/Thank You For Loving Me Epic Mint- £40.00 SOLD Ujima A Shoulder To Lean On Epic W/D Mint £10.00 Billy Proctor And Love System Keeping Up With The Jones Epic W/D Mint- £75.00 SOLD Rena Scott La-Te-Da (This Girls In Love) Epic W/D Mint £15.00 Sonny Munro Open The Door To Your Heart/Tears Can Only Make The Problem Wet Epic Mint £75.00 Ujima I’m Gettin’ Hip (To Your Ways & Actions) Epic W/D Mint- £30.00 Belita Woods I Just Love You/Who’s Fooling Who Epic Mint £30.00 Sonny Munro I’m Never Gonna Hurt You Again Epic W/D VG++ £10.00 Bill Coday A Man Can’t Be A Man/I Don’t Want To Play This Game Epic Mint- £200.00 Doc Severinsen I Wanna Be With You/The World’s Gone Home Epic Mint- £25.00 The Jones In Love Again Epic W/D Mint- £15.00 Sons Of Robin Stone Let’s Do It Now/It Only Happens In The Movies Mint- £50.00 (Two excellent Philly Soul sides) Fontella Brass You Can Betcha In Love/Soon As I Touched Him Epic Mint £25.00 SOLD (Two excellent southern soul sides) Final Touch I’m Ready To Give Up My Love Epic W/D Mint £25.00 Essence I Ain’t Much, But I’m All I Got Epic W/D Mint £15.00 Jeff Perry Call On Me Epic (Vocal & Instrumental) Epic Mint- £50.00 Annette Snell It’s All Over Now Epic W/D Mint- £30.00 Postage: 1-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve: PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  8. UK 70’s & Modern Soul Release 45’s Billy Davis Three Steps From True Love ABC Mint- £4.00 Mel Carter Love Test Airwave Mint- £22.00 Margo Thunder Expressway To Your Heart Capitol Demo Mint- £8.00 (Same song as the Soul Survivors) Bobby Womack & Brotherhood Home Is Where The Heart Is CBS Demo Mint £100.00 (infinitely rarer than the U.S Demo) Free Spirit Love You Just As Long As I Can Chess Mint £6.00 Tommie Young Everybody Got A Little Devil In Their Soul Contempo Mint £4.00 Roy Hamilton Sweet Sweet Music DJM Mint £8.00 SOLD Moon Williams I Wanna Make An Honest Woman Out Of You DJM Demo Mint £20.00 SOLD (Complete with Promotional Picture sleeve) Moon Williams Everytime I Take The Time Mint £10.00 SOLD Horace Faith I Can’t Understand It DJM Demo Mint £20.00 (Complete with Promotional Picture Sleeve) The Ebonys It’s Forever/Sexy Ways Epic £4.00 Two Tons Of Fun Just Us Fantasy Demo Mint- £5.00 Hoodoo Rhythm Devils Gotta Lot Of Love In My Soul Fantasy Mint- £10.00 The Carstairs It Really Hurts Me Girl Inferno Mint- £6.00 SOLD Gil Scott Heron/Brian Jackson The bottle Inferno Mint- £6.00 The Crow Your Autumn Of Tomorrow Inferno Mint- £8.00 Brian Holland I’m So Glad Invictus Mint- £6.00 SOLD Jesse Fisher Put Your Lovin' On me Jama VG++ £25.00 SOLD Krystal Generation Wanted Dead Or Alive Mercury Mint £15.00 Freddie Waters Groovin’ On My Baby’s Love Mint Mint- £8.00 Flavor Don’t Freeze Up Motown Demo Mint- £8.00 Gentle Persuasion Dynamite Explodes People Mint- £4.00 Black Ivory You Turned My Whole World Around Power Exchange Demo Mint £5.00 Whirlwind Do Let Him Get The Best Of You Pye International Demo £8.00 Charles Drain Is This Really Love RCA Demo Mint- £20.00 SOLD Millie Jackson This Is It Spring Mint- £4.00 (Excellent Dancer) The Newcomers Keep An Eye On Your Close Friends Stax Mint- £5.00 The Temprees At Last Stax Mint- £6.00 Sisters Love I’m Learnining To Trust My Man Tamla Motown 1002 Mint £6.00 SOLD Bill Harris Uptown Saturday Night Warner Bros Mint- £5.00 Postage: 1-3 45’s £3.00 (1st recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve: PM or e-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  9. Struggled to see the actual point/reason for this show, i mean the BBC can't afford to shell out for TV licenses for pensioners but they can afford to pay for Stuart Maconie and camera and sound man to ride around the country to film what to me was a pointless piece of journalism (and i use that term very loosely) Dave
  10. UK Label Soul 45’s For Sale: The World Column So Is The Sun Capitol Demo Mint- £25.00 The Gladiators Girl Don’t Make Me Wait Direction VG+ £10.00 SOLD (Excellent UK cover version of the Bunny Sigler classic) Richard “Popcorn” Wylie Rosemary What Happened Grapevine Mint- £10.00 The Crow Your Autumn Of Tomorrow Inferno Mint- £10.00 Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson The Bottle Inferno Mit- £8.00 Jackie Lee Oh My Darling Jayboy Mint- £40.00 Bobbby Paris/Yvonne Baker Night Owl/You Didn’t Say A Word London Mint £45.00 (Rarer solid centre press) SOLD Barbara Acklin Love Makes A Woman MCA 1102 Mint- £6.00 (Blue Label) Edwin Starr S.O.S/I Have Faith In You Polydor BM 56702 VG+ £16.00 SOLD (Name on label) Mary Wells My Guy Stateside Mint- £6.00 Johnny Daye Stay Baby Stay Stax Mint £6.00 SOLD Brenda Lee Jones You’re The Love Of My Life/Thread Your Needle UK Mint- £6.00 The Supremes The Happening TMG 607 Mint- £5.00 Marvin Gaye/Km Weston It Takes Two TMG 590 Mint- £5.00 Marvin Gaye/Tammy Terrell Your All I Need Yo Get By/Two Can Have A Party TMG 668 Mint- £5.00 The Elgins Put Yourself In My Place TMG 787 Mint- £5.00 SOLD San Remo Strings Festival Time TMG 795 Mint- £5.00 Sisters Love I’m Learning To Trust My Man TMG 1002 Mint £6.00 Barbara Randolph I Got A Feeling TMG 788 Mint- £25.00 Postage: i-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  11. 2nd Issue Northern Soul 45’s For Sale: Gwen Owens Just Say You’re Wanted (And Needed) Mint- £25.00 SOLD N.F. Porter Keep On Keeping On Lizard Mint £15.00 (2nd press with small text on label credits) Keanya Collins It Ain’t No Secret/I’ll Get Over It Blue Rock Mint- £15.00 SOLD (Sky Blue label with Black Label credits) Towanda Barnes Love Slipped Through My Fingers Jo-Mar Mint- £10.00 ON HOLD Rock Candy Alone With No Love/I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Love Another Dontee Mint- £20.00 SOLD The Poppies Do It With Soul Epic Mint- £10.00 SOLD (Orange label). Postage: 1-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  12. Group (1), Harmony, Sweet Soul & Lowrider 45’s For Sale: God’s Gift To Women Let Your Heart Be The Judge A-1 Records Mint- £100.00 The Impressions Sometimes I Wonder ABC Mint £10.00 The Futures Breaking Up/Our Thing Amjo Mint- £30.00 Chocolate Syrup Stop Your Cryin’/The Goodness Of Love Avco Mint £20.00 The Profiles Got To Be Love Bamboo W/D VG++ £15.00 The Natural Four Why Should We Stop Now Boola-Boola Mint £30.00 The Pacesetters Don’t Hurt Love (Part 1& 2) Boola-Boola Mint £75.00 The Vegas I Need Your Love Cle An Thair Mint £80.00 Lou Ragland & Hot Chocolate I Can’t Take It?Just What The Doctor Ordered Co-Co Mint- £30.00 The Dynamics We Found Love Columbia W/D Mint £15.00 Danny White Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye/You Can Never Keep A Good Man Down Decca Demo Mint £15.00 The Donations I’m Gonna Treat You Good Dee’os Mint £25.00 The Presidents I Want My Baby/Goldwalk Deluxe Mint £25.00 SOLD The Superbs Baby’s Gone Away Dore Demo Mint £40.00 Phase V Woman Of The Street/Ther’s Got To Be Me Dynamo Mint- £30.00 The Five Crowns Just A Part Of Life (Vocal & Instrumental) Five-0 VG++ £20.00 Soul Gents Wonders Of Love/If I Should Win Your Love Fros Ray Mint £100.00 Star-Tels What More Can I Ask For Lamarr Mint- £10.00 Sam Dees It’s All Wrong (It’s All Right) Lo Lo W/D Mint- £15.00 Special Delivery I Destroyed Your Love (Part 1&2) Mainstream Mint- £10.00 Wilton Crump Think It Through/Give Your Love To Me Olive Branch Mint £40.00 Pendulum Swingers Never Should Have Loved You Baby Pendulum VG+ £35.00 Magnetic Force Is It Wrong Pickin’ Post Mint- £35.00 SOLD Lifeforce What’cha Gonna Do About Me Smokeout VG++ £35.00 9th Street Exit Let’s Make Sweet Harmony Solid Foundation Mint £40.00 Bobby & The Premiers Gotta Have A Reason/Man About Town Souled Out Mint- £50.00 The Thoughts Plain As The Nose On Your Face S.O Mint- £40.00 These Gents Yesterday Standing By Soulvation Army Mint- £15.00 Train Robbers Tricky Dick St. Simons VG++ £75.00 The Notations I Can’t Stop/I’m Still Here Twinight Mint- £25.00 The Intentions Time/Cool Summer Night Uptown Mint £40.00 The Chanteurs You’ve Got A Great Love Vee Jay Mint £15.00 (Some of the Chanteurs latter became The Chi-Lites) Postage: 1-3 records £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  13. Soul 45’s At £5.00 Or 5 for £20.00 Quincy Jones Midnight Soul Patrol A&M mint (Great Jazz Funk) Chuck Jackson I’ Needing You, Wanting You All Platinum Mint Bobby Pattterson Right Place, Wrong Time All Platinum Mint Bettye Wright If I Ever Do Wrong Alston W/D Mint Aretha Franklin/George Benson Love All The Hurt Away Arista Mint Bettye Swann Heading In The right Direction Atlantic Mint Archie Bell & The Drells Don’t Let The Music Slip Away Atlantic VG++ Ronnie Miller Love Has It’s Price/Make Sweet Love Boblo W/D Mint SOLD The Boogie Man Orchestra Lady, Lady, Lady (Are You Crazy For Me) Boogie Man Records VG Peabo Bryson Just Another Day Bullet Mint Final Decisions Keep On Walking Bumpshop VG+ (Label Ring Wear) Bobby Wilson Here Is Where The Love Is Chain Mint Knight Brothers I owe Her My Life/I’m Never Gonna Live It Down Checker W/D VG+ Bo Kirkland And Ruth Davis Gonna Get Next To Me Claridge Mint- Johnny Taylor You’re The Best In The World/Disco Lady Columbia Mint King Tutt Keep On Dash Mint Solaris Right In The Middle Of Falling In Love/Before The Dawn Dana Mint Starbright The Language Of Love Dore Mint SOLD Dee Deee Bridgewater One In A Million (Guy) Elektra W/D Mint Valentino I Was Born This Way Gaiee Mint The Checkmates I’m Laying My Heart On The Line Greedy Mint- Freddie Hughes Don’t You Leave Greg-UH –Rudy Mint Barbara Carr Messing With My Mind Gino’s Mint Milt Mathews Trust Me/Oh I Can’t Believe Your Gone H&L Mint Sandy Mercer You Are My Love H&L Mint Margie Joseph Come And Make Love With Me/Give It To Me HCRC Honey Cone Somebody Is Always Messing Up A Good Thing Hot Wax Mint- Simtec Simmons Some Other Time Innovation II Mint The Controllers Feeling A Feeling Juana Mint- The Whispers P.O.W – M.I.A/Does She Care Janus W/D Mint Lew Kirton Come On With It Marlin Mint SOLD Al Johnson It’s Not Too Late Marina Mint Magic Disco Machine Control Tower Motown W/D VG++ Willie Hutch Get Ready For The Get Down Motown W/D Mint SOLD Freddie Waters I’m Afraid To Let You Into My Life October VG++ (Water stain on label) Arthur Prysock When Love Is New/All I Need Is You Tonight Old Town The Coup DE Villes When Times Are Hard (We Turn To Love) Philly Groove Mint (Edge crack does not effect play) Dee Dee Sharp Gamble Breaking And Entering P.I.R W/D Mint Carolyn Crawford Good & Plenty P.I.R W/D Mint The O’Jays Use To Be My Girl P.I.R Mint (Italian release with Picture Sleeve) Ronnie McNair Saggitarian Affair Prodigal VG+ Charles Drain When You Say You Love Me Professors’ 50/50 Mint The Packers Hole In The Wall/Go’Head On Pure Soul Music VG+ Magic Man Sweet Rain RCA Demo Mint- Anacostia Love Is Never Wrong Roulette Mint Marion Jarvis Hell Of A Fix Roxbury mint The Whispers Im The One Soul Clock Mint Freedom Express Stolen Pleasures (Part1 & 2) Spirit Mint Daltry Martin Everybody Dance Spring W/D Mint- Garland Green Bumpin’ And Stompin’/Nothing Can Take You From Me Spring Mint- Class Do You Love Me T-Jaye Mint Sandra Wright (It’s Love Baby) 24 Hours A Day T-Jaye Mint Darrell Nulisch Handle It With Care Soul Togetherness Mint Instant Funk It Ain’t Reggae (But It’s Funky) TSOP Demo Mint Kaleidoscope Thank You TSOP Demo Mint SOLD Kaleidoscope We’re Not Getting Any Younger TSOP Demo Mint Linda Jones Stay With Me Forever Turbo Mint The Independents It’s All Over Wand Mint The LTG Exchange Waterbed (Part 1 & 2) Wand Mint- Tower Of Power What Is Hip/Clever Girl Warner Bros Mint Ellerine Harding Tonight, Let The Other Woman Cry Alone/Inside Out IX Chains Mint Spring Look To Me Baby IX Chains W/D VG++ SOLD J.G. Lewis What Am I Going To Do IX Chains Mint- Postage: 1-3 45’s + £3.00 (1st recorded, UK), Overseas at cost: To reserve PM or e-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  14. Used Modern & Crossover 45’s For Sale: Allison I Got The Place If You’ve Got Toe Time ANSAP VG+ £12.00 Ace Spectrum Don’t Send Nobody Else Atlantic VG++ £20.00 (Some Writing on label) The Profiles Got To Be Love Bamboo W/D VG+ £15.00 Frank Everette Spellbound Big Smoke VG+ £15..00 The Boogie Man Orchestra Lady, Lady, Lady(Are You Crazy For Me) Boogie Man Records VG £7.00 Bobby Dukes Just To Be With You Calla VG £35.00 Perfect Touch Keep On Loving You Creative Profile Mint £25.00 (Edge Warp) Tomorrow’s Edtion Be Real Gang W/D VG+ £15.00 SOLD Charles Montgomery I Don’t Think (I’ll Do That Anymore) Ladera VG + SOLD Johnny Moore Thank You Baby Mercury VG+ £10.00 The Coup De Villes When Times Are Bad (We Turn To Love) Philly Groove Mint £5.00 (1/2” edge crack but plays fine) David Morris Snap, Crackle, Pop Plush VG++ £15.00 (Ignore the title this is a very good Philly dancer) Ponnie McNair Saggitarian Affair Prodigal VG £5.00 J.R. Bailey The Eyes Don’t Know The Feeling RCA Demo VG+ £20.00 (Some label ring wear) Kenny Young Ain’t It Funny What Love Can Do/Leave Those Young Girls Alone Share VG+ £10.00 New Testament Band Say Yes/Get Testa-Mized Tablet VG £20.00 The Energetics Me And My Girl Top-Top Mint- £20.00 (Edge warp) Reflection Just Realized/Never Thought (I’d Find Someone To Love) Wand VG+ £35.00 (Someone has written a number on the sleeve in felt pen and the ink seeped through onto the vinyl, but this does not effect how the 45 plays). Postage 1-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve PM or e-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk

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