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  1. Quite agree with your comment regards the records being taken out of the realms of working class peoples budget Baz A slippery slope many have chosen to tread i'm afraid ,Amigo
  2. Your not much fun collecting these days comment is oh so very true young Carl. Regards Dave
  3. Tim you failed to mention Knitting in your list of chores Dave
  4. A very thought provoking and subjective article, which has certainly stirred up the great unwashed, different people will have different thoughts of their own (based on personal taste and preferences) as to their own admissions/omissions. But i feel a few people have not quite understood the loose criteria in the preface to Butch's list, perhaps another read through is in order ? Dave
  5. Modern, 70’s & Crossover Soul 45’s For Sale (M) Ace Spectrum Don’t Send Nobody Else Atlantic VG++ £20.00 SOLD (Writing on label) Frank Everette Spellbound Big Smoky VG+ £20.00 Beverley & Duane You Belong To Me/Love Brown Bomber Mint £75.00 Tapestry Life Is What You Make It Capitol W/D Mint £10.00 David Sea Night After Night Crown Ltd Mint £60.00 Charles Johnson Good Good Lovin’/Don’t Lose The Groove Mint £30.00 SOLD Skip Mahoney & The Casuals Town Called No-Where D.C. International Records Inc Mint £35.00 Tuxedo Please Don’t Leave/If You Can’t Please Your Woman Hi Demo Mint £30.00 Bobby McClure Was It Something I Said/Love Trap Hi Demo Mint £15.00 Philip Mitchell Ain’t No Love In My Life Hi Mint £20.00 Ann Peebles Dr. Love Power Hi Demo Mint £15.00 Edee Make It Last ICA Mint £75.00 Freddie Hughes & The Chevelles I Just Found Out/I’ve Got My Own Mind Janus W/D Mint £60.00 SOLD Recommended New Modern Soul Release: Impulse I Really Love You/Get The Funk Off My Back Kandi Mint £12.00 (Quite possibly the hottest modern soul 45 at this moment, limited press) I also have a very small handful of their first release from last year. Impulse You Changed Me/What’s That Sound Kandi Mint £12.00 The Originals Good Lovin’ Is Just A Dime Away Motown W/D Mint £20.00 Gene Taylor Don’t Go Away/You Got My Nose Wide Open Minit Demo Mint- £50.00 Bobby Womack It’s Gonna Rain Minit Demo Mint- £15.00 Wilton Crump Think It Through/Give Your Love To Me Olive Branch Mint £40.00 (Recommended Indiana Sweet Soul) Personal Touch It Ain’t No Big Thing (Part 1 & 2) P&P Mint £125.00 SOLD Jones Girls If You Don’t Love Me No More Paramount Mint- £15.00 Linda Foreman Let’s Get It Together/If I Ever Needed You Darling Public Demo Mint £15.00 Lillian Alexander A Dream Without You/Can You Feel It Reynolds Mint £75.00 Neo-Experience Paradise (Where My Baby Lies) Sahara Mint £75.00 (Great Leon Mitchell production that needs to emerge from the shadow of their other release) These Gents Yesterday Standing By Soulvation Army Mint £15.00 Little Hank Try To Understand Sound Stage 7 Demo Mint- £125.00 Sandy’s Gang Hungry Sunrise Records Inc Mint £100.00 Master Fleet Let Love Stand/Until Tomorrow Sussex Demo Mint £10.00 Segments Of Time Memories/Tears Keep Falling Sussex Demo Mint £15.00 Pat Sands & The Pebbles Loving Him/Hot Dog (I Love Him So) Sussex Demo Mint £30.00 Slick And The Family Brick When Love Is Gone/Making Love To Me Master Five VG++ £75.00 (Sweet Soul double sider) Willie Fisher You Said Call Me/Same Tigress Mint £40.00 West Coast Rivival It’s Gonna Be Hard U.A Demo Mint £15.00 Bobby Montgomery Tenders Tears/Time Brings About A Change Vault Mint £15.00 David Ruffin I Wanna Be With You Warner Bros Demo Mint £25.00 SOLD Postage 1-3, 45’s = £3.25 (1st/recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve, PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  6. All good things come to those that wait (there's a song title in there somewhere) Pete, from the amount of airplay virtual Dj's have given it this weekend i think you are being proved right ! Appreciate your comments Pete Regards Dave
  7. R.I.P Sue Louise & Dave
  8. Modern, 70’s & Crossover Soul (L) Troy Keyes & Norma Jenkins A Good Love Gone Bad/I Can Wait My Turn ABC W/D Mint £25.00 The Masqueraders Sweet Sweetening ABC W/D Mint £15.00 The Stringfield Family The Sounds Of Disco Arrest Mint- £10.00 Micheal Henderson Take Me I’m Yours/Let Me Love You Buddah Mint- £10.00 (Issue Copy) Jimmy Norman I Wanna Make Love To You Buddah Demo Mint £10.00 On Hold Bobby Sheen Come On And Love Me/Love Stealing Chelsea Mint £20.00 SOLD The Young Devines Deep In Your Heart Cotillion Mint £60.00 Garland Green Just My Way Of Loving You/Always Be My Baby Cotillion W/D £15.00 SOLD The Diamonettes Don’t Be Surprised Dig Mint- £80.00 SOLD (A couple of light ticks on the intro stops this being graded mint) Leon Peterson Don’t Squeeze The Sherm Fire Mountain Mint- £40.00 SOLD Johnny Baker Shy Guy/Donnie-O Fog City Mint- £35.00 SOLD Sunrise Movement Nothing Left But Love Ghetto Productions Mint- £25.00 SOLD Leslie Uggams I Want To Make It Easy For You Gordy VG++ £20.00 The Skull Snaps Didn’t I Do It To You GSF W/D Mint £100.00 Liberation Don’t Spread Your Love Around GSF W/D Mint- £35.00 Bill Cee Don’t Matter To Me GSF W/D Mint £20.00 Warren Raye & The Infernal Blues Machine Don’t Run From Love/If You Wanna Love Me London Mint £40.00 The Joneses I Can’t See What You See In Me Mercury Mint- £5.00 Gene & Eddie It’s No Sin Monca Mint £100.00 SOLD Willie Hutch Just Another Day/Party Down Motown Mint £10.00 Kathe Green Love City/What Kind Of Man Are You Motown Mint £15.00 (Issue with b-side) MVP I Don’t Stop To Stop Loving You MVR Records Mint- £75.00 Jones Girls Will You Be Here/I Need You Paramount Mint £60.00 SOLD (Issue, demo’s have Will You Be Here on both sides) Sweet Charles Why Can’t I Be Treated Like A Man/Soul Man People Mint £50.00 SOLD Oscar Perry Your Bionic Man (Part 1 & 2) Peri-Tone Mint £30.00 SOLD Oscar Perry Main String Peri-Tone Mint- £50.00 SOLD Oscar Perry Gimme Some/Come On Home To Me Phil-L. A Of Soul Mint £20.00 David Morris Snap, Crackle, Pop Plush Mint- £20.00 (Nice Philly Dancer) King Diamond A Message To The Black Woman/That’s All She Wrote Power House Mint £40.00 The Brothers Are You Ready For This RCA Mint- Demo £20.00 SOLD Barbara Jean English If This Ain’t Love/If It Feels This Good Royal Flush Mint £30.00 SOLD J. J. Johnson Don’t You Go Away Tec Mint- £30.00 Ronnie McNair Different Kind Of Love Tortoise International Demo Mint £20.00 The Green Brothers Lack Of Attention/Sweet Lovin’ Woman Tortoise Mint- £20.00 (Issue) Pat Lundi Party Music Vigor Mint- £10.00 SOLD Postage 1-3 45’s = £3.25 (1st Recorded ,UK), Overseas at cost: To reserve PM or e-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  9. Hi Neal you got 'em PM sent Dave
  10. Modern, 70’s & Crossover Soul (K) Bobby Hutton Loving You, Needing You Loving You, Wanting You ABC W/D Mint- £40.00 SOLD (Comes with ABC Promotional Release sheet) Reggie Garner Half A Cup ABC W/D Mint- £20.00 Changing Tymes You Live Only Once AMG Mint - £125.00 Allison I Got The Place, If You’ve Got The Time ANSAP VG++ £20.00 Jeff Perry Love Don’t Come No Stronger (Than Yours And Mine) Arista W/D Mint- £30.00 SOLD Debbie Taylor Just Don’t Pay/I Don’t Wanna Leave You Arista W/D Mint- £30.00 SOLD Bettye Jean Plummer How Can We Save It/Make It Better Bell Mint- £40.00 Honey And The Bees Has Somebody Taken My Place Bell Mint £30.00 Kim Tolliver I Don’t Know What Foot To Dance On Castro Records Mint- £30.00 SOLD Ben Munro Broken Home Daker Mint- £25.00 SOLD Jean Shy Love Had To Be You/Keep An Eye Daker W/D Mint- £50.00 Excellent crossover with uptempo dance flipside. Otis Leavill It Must Be Love/I Still Love You Daker Mint £25.00 SOLD (Nice issue copy , demo’s have “It Must Be Love” on both sides) Otis Leavill You Bought Out The Good In Me/I’m So Jealous Daker W/D Mint £30.00 (Two great sides) Donald Height A Mean Thing Daker W/D Mint- £25.00 Compliments Falling In Love Daker W/D VG++ £15.00 (Nice Detroit sweet soul) Sandra Richardson Waiting For The Last Goodbye/Love To Be Your Woman Dellwood Mint £30.00 SOLD (Has this Lady ever made a bad record, the answer definitely not !) The Kapp Ivory Project It’s Over Det Mi Mint- £100.00 ( Tough to find Detroit Modern, excellent Vocals) Four Sonics If It Wasn’t For My Baby JMC Mint- £50.00 SOLD The Solars Here Is My Heart/Nobody Knows But My Baby And Me King Mint- £50.00 (Great crossover) The Hamilton Movement Love Man/We’re Gonna Party Look Out Mint- £50.00 (Mid tempo with funk flip) Marvin Sims Dream A Dream Mercury W/D Mint- £25.00 (Nice midtempo floater) Marvin Sims Love Is No Sin/Love Is No Sin Mercury W/D Mint- £30.00 (Nice mid tempo with funk flip) Junei You Must Go On/Let It Ride Pharaohs Mint £125.00 SOLD Joey Gilmore Do It To Me One More Time/Somebody Done Took My Baby And Gone Phil-L.A Of Soul W/D Mint- £50.00 (Labels the right way around on this label release unlike the local Saadia release). The Gaslight Just Because Of You/It’s Just Like Magic Polydor Mint- £75.00 Charles Drain I’m Gonna Stay RCA Demo Mint £125.00 (Great version of the Willie Hutch song) John Brothers I Just Wanna Be Free/Try To Walk A Mile RCA Mint- £40.00 (Excellent double sider) Love, Peace & Happiness Strip Me Naked RCA Mint- £25.00 Bettye Jean Plummer Baby I Want You Back Salem Mint £15.00 Special Delivery This Kind Of Love/I’ve Got To Be Free Shield Mint- £75.00 SOLD Lifeforce What-Cha Gonna Do About Me Smokeout VG++ £30.00 SOLD Betty Everette Prophecy/Secrets Sound Stage 7 Mint £15.00 Pride Say What’s On Your Mind/Don’t Let The World Hold You Back Tabor Mint £125.00 (Nice 80’s Modern/Boogie, sold but not picked up from the last list) Lamont Johnson Masta Luva Tabu W/D Mint £15.00 ( Nice 80’s Dancer) SOLD Rhetta Hughes You’re Doing With Her When It Should Be Me Tetragrammaton Mint £40.00 SOLD Postage 1-3 45’s = £3.25 (1st Recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve PM or e-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  11. Grapevine 2000 Collectors List: All in mint condition. Electric Express Hearsay (Vocal & Instrumental) G2K 101 £10.00 Electric Express Hearsay (Vocal & Instrumental) G2K 101 Demo £20.00 Choice Of Colour Your Love/Love Is Gone G2K 102 Demo £40.00 SOLD (Love Is Gone was only previously available as a album track) Bobby Wayne Long Hard Road/Do I Love You Indeed I Do G2K 103 £10.00 The Magnetic’s (Feat: John McKinney) The Look On Your Face G2K 104 Demo £30.00 ( This version of “The Look On Your Face” was previously only on a one off acetate owned and played by Richard Searling) Matt Brown Thank You Baby/Sweet Thing G2K 107 £15.00 George Hobson Let It Be Real G2K 109 £15.00 Sex It’s You (Baby It’s You) G2K 113 £15.00 Sex It’s You (Baby It’s You) G”K 113 Demo £50.00 The Montclairs Hey You Don’t Fight It G2K-114 Demo £75.00 SOLD Archie Hodge I Really Want To See You Girl G2K 115 £15.00 The Servicemen Are You Angry/I Need A Helping Hand G2K 116 Demo £40.00 SOLD Bill Coday/Sandra Wright A Man Can’t Be A Man G2K 117 £15.00 Swiss Movement I Wish Our Love Would Last Forever G2K 118 £15.00 The Magnetics I’ll Keep Holding On G2K 119 £20.00 The Springers Nothings Too Good For My Baby/I Can’t Believe G2K 121 £30.00 SOLD (”I Can’t Believe was a previously unissued track exclusive to this 45 release) The Four Dynamics Things A Lady Ain’t Supposed To Do G2K 122 £25.00 The Jones Brothers Good Old Days/Lucky Lady G2K 123 £15.00 (Shares the same backing track as Nathan Williams “What Price”). Melvin Brown & James Mathews Love, Stormy Weather G2K-124 £25.00 Melvin Brown & James Mathews Love, Stormy Weather G2K-124 Demo £50.00 C.P Love Trick Bag/Plenty Of Room For More G2K 127 £15.00 (C.P’s previously unissued version of Earl King and The Excuses dancer Trick Bag backed with Southern Soul favourite “Plenty Of Room For More”). L.V. Johnson Trying To Hold On G2K 129 £15.00 Percy Stone & The Explosions Chained GSK 132 Demo £40.00 Matt Brown Everyday (I Love You Just A Little Bit More) G2K 133 £15.00 Eddie Holman Hold Me In Your Arms/Diggin It G2K Demo 138 £150.00 Bobby Rich There’s A Girl Somewhere (For Me) G2K 139 £20.00 Sly Johnson All I Need Is Someone Like You/Do You Know What Love Is G2K 140 £20.00 SOLD (Previously unissued track that shares the same backing as Nate Evans Main Squeeze, b/w Sly’s classic northern dancer). Willie Tee Teasing You Again/Teasing You G2K 142 Demo £50.00 SOLD The Vines After The Rain/So Be It G2K 146 £15.00 Two previously unissued Lee Silver produced sides, “After The Rain” shares the same backing track as the currently popular Minnie Jones “Shadow Of A Memory”) Johnny Moore Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow/Come Fly With Me G2K 147 £15.00 (Two fantastic , previously unissued crossover /modern soul sides once exclusive to Richard Searling on a one offacetate. The Saints/Cal Brandon I Let You Slide/I Kept Smilin’ G2K 148 £15.00 The Saints/Cal Brandon I Let You Slide/I kept Smilin’ G2K 148 Demo £40.00 SOLD Eddie Holman She’s Wanted (In Three States) G2K 150 £50.00 Jerry Williams When You Move You Lose G2K 151 £15.00 (Jerry’s previously unissued northern dancer) Jerry Williams When You Move, You Lose G2K 151 Demo £30.00 Chuck Brookes/Anita Robbins Last Minute Plans/I Can Stand A Little Bit More G2K 153 Demo £50.00 (Two previously unissued Malaco sides, that rocked the modern room dance floors on it’s release). The Masqueraders That’s The Same Thing/How Big Is Big G2K 157 £25.00 SOLD Gorgeous George You Can’t Stop A Woman/Get Up Off It/It’s Not A Hurtin Thing G2K 159 £25.00 SOLD (3 track single which contains the brilliant previously unissued crossover dancer “You Can’t Stop A Woman” plus both sides of his Peachtree 45 rarity). Eddie Holman Sweet Memories Are Haunting Me/Grooving At The Go-Go G2K 160 £15.00 (Previously unissued as a 45). The Detroit Magnificents Is This A Woman’s Way G2K 161 £15.00 The Detroit Magnificents Is This A Woman’s Way G2K 161 Demo £40.00 (Previously unissued northern dancer which shares the same backing track as Youngblood Smith’s “You Can Split”) AL Williams Try Them (Vocal & Intrumental) G2K 162 £50.00 (The original release of this previously unissued Detroit masterpiece) SJ100 Series: Ron Henderson & The Choice Of Colour Nobody Will Ever Take Your Love From Me/Hooked On Your Love SJ 104 Demo £25.00 (Two brilliant previously unissued modern soul dancers that deserve more airplay) Jimmy Ruffin Leading Lady/Take My Hand SJ 105 Demo £20.00 (Ditto, re comment above) Postage: 1-3 records £3.25 (1st recorded, UK) Overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  12. Soul 45’s At £2.00 Many Bargains To Be Found. Quincy Jones Midnight Soul Patrol A&M mint SOLD (Great Jazz Funk) Booker T. I Want You A&M Mint SOLD Angelo Bond I Love You For What You Are ABC Mint SOLD The Four Tops The Well Is Dry ABC UK Mint SOLD Buster Pearson Band Pretty Woman/Big Funk Action Mint- SOLD Chuck Jackson I’ Needing You, Wanting You All Platinum Mint SOLD Bobby Pattterson Right Place, Wrong Time All Platinum Mint SOLD Bettye Wright If I Ever Do Wrong Alston W/D Mint SOLD Herman Kelly Dance To The Drummers Beat Alston Mint SOLD Black Ice Girl That’s What I Call Love Amherst Mint SOLD Aretha Franklin/George Benson Love All The Hurt Away Arista Mint SOLD Bettye Swann Heading In The right Direction Atlantic Mint SOLD Archie Bell & The Drells Don’t Let The Music Slip Away Atlantic VG+ SOLD Archie Bell & The Drells Here I Go Again Atlantic UK Mint- SOLD Alfie Khan Sound Orchestra Law Of The Land Atlantic UK Mint SOLD The Boogie Man Orchestra Lady, Lady, Lady (Are You Crazy For Me) Boogie Man Records VG SOLD Chocolate Syrup We’ve Got To Be Together Brown Dog W/D Mint SOLD Life U.S.A Foxy Trot (Part 1&2) Budda Mint SOLD Peabo Bryson Just Another Day Bullet Mint SOLD Cheryl Lynn Star Love CBS W/D Mint UK SOLD Cheryl Lynn Got To Be Real CBS Mint UK SOLD Philly Devotions I Was A Lonely Man CBS Mint- SOLD Bobby Wilson Here Is Where The Love Is Chain Mint SOLD Stuff ‘N’ Ramjett It’s Been A Long Time Chesea Mint- SOLD Bo Kirkland And Ruth Davis Gonna Get Next To Me Claridge Mint- SOLD Johnny Taylor You’re The Best In The World/Disco Lady Columbia Mint SOLD Tommie Young Do You Still Feel The Same Contempo Mint- UK SOLD Leroy Hutson/Free Spiit Symphony Feel The Spirit Curtom Mint- UK SOLD King Tutt Keep On Dash Mint SOLD Solaris Right In The Middle Of Falling In Love/Before The Dawn Dana Mint SOLD Sherman Hunter Sweet Thing Dealers Choice Mint SOLD Dee Deee Bridgewater One In A Million (Guy) Elektra W/D Mint SOLD Wilson Pickett I Want You EMI Mint SOLD Bo & Ruth Easy Loving EMI UK SOLD (Comes With Picture Sleeve) The Ebonys Sexy Ways/It’s Forever Epic Mint- UK SOLD WayneStevenson I Just Can’t Live Without Your Love Essar Mint SOLD Jeanie Tracy Your Old Standby Fantasy Mint SOLD Two Tons ‘O’ Fun Just Us/I Got The Feeling Fantasy Demo Mint- UK SOLD Roger Collins You Sexy Sugar Plum (But I Like It) Fantasy Mint0 UK SOLD Valentino I Was Born This Way Gaiee Mint Dennis Edwards I Thought I Could Handle It Gordy Mint SOLD The Checkmates I’m Laying My Heart On The Line Greedy Mint- SOLD Freddie Hughes Don’t You Leave Greg-UH –Rudy Mint SOLD Barbara Carr Messing With My Mind Gino’s Mint SOLD Tony Jackson As If By Magic GTO Records Mint UK SOLD Milt Mathews Trust Me/Oh I Can’t Believe Your Gone H&L Mint SOLD Sandy Mercer You Are My Love H&L Mint SOLD Margie Joseph Come And Make Love With Me/Give It To Me HCRC SOLD Chapter One Money Won’t Do It, Love Will Heritage Mint SOLD Honey Cone Somebody Is Always Messing Up A Good Thing Hot Wax Mint- SOLD Simtec Simmons Some Other Time Innovation II Mint SOLD General Johnson I’m In Love Darling Invictus Mint SOLD The Whispers Does She Care Janus W/D Mint SOLD The Controllers Feeling A Feeling Juana Mint- SOLD The Whispers P.O.W – M.I.A/Does She Care Janus W/D Mint SOLD Celest Hardie You Touched The Inner Part Of Me Loadstone Mint SOLD Pierre If YouGet A Good Thing Malibu Mint SOLD Al Johnson It’s Not Too Late Marina Mint SOLD The Jones Hey Babe (Is The Gettn’ Still Good) Mercury Mint- UK SOLD Ann Sexton I Want To Be Loved Monument Mint- SOLD Doug Gibbs Cloudy Day OakMint SOLD Freddie Waters I’m Afraid To Let You Into My Life October VG++ SOLD (Water stain on label) Arthur Prysock When Love Is New/All I Need Is You Tonight Old Town SOLD Gentle Persuasion Dynamite Expldes People Mint- UK SOLD The Coup DE Villes When Times Are Hard (We Turn To Love) Philly Groove Mint SOLD (Edge crack does not effect play) Dee Dee Sharp Gamble Breaking And Entering P.I.R W/D Mint SOLD Carolyn Crawford Good & Plenty P.I.R W/D Mint SOLD Carolyn Crawford It Takes Two To Make One P.I.R W/D Mint SOLD Harold Melvin/Blue Notes Be For Real/Ebony Woman/Let It Be You P.I.R SOLD (track EP with Picture Sleeve) The O’Jays Use To Be My Girl P.I.R Mint SOLD (Italian release with Picture Sleeve) Chapter Three I’ll Never Be The Same Polydor Mint- SOLD (Canadian copy) Ronnie McNair Saggitarian Affair Prodigal VG+ SOLD Charles Drain When You Say You Love Me Professors’ 50/50 Mint SOLD The Packers Hole In The Wall/Go’Head On Pure Soul Music VG+ SOLD Magic Man Sweet Rain RCA Demo Mint- SOLD Dream Machine All My Love RCA Mint SOLD Marion Jarvis Hell Of A Fix Roxbury Mint SOLD Curtis Mayfield You’re So Good To Me RSO Mint- Uk SOLD Anacostia Love Is Never Wrong Roulette Mint SOLD Marion Jarvis Hell Of A Fix Roxbury mint SOLD Snoopy Dean Shake ‘N’ Bump Seville Mint SOLD The Whispers Im The One Soul Clock Mint SOLD Ann Sexton It’s All Over But The Shouting SS7 Mint SOLD Freedom Express Stolen Pleasures (Part1 & 2) Spirit Mint SOLD Daltry Martin Everybody Dance Spring W/D Mint- SOLD Garland Green Bumpin’ And Stompin’/Nothing Can Take You From Me Spring Mint- sOLD The Newcomers Keep An Eye On Your Close Friends Stax Mint- UK SOLD Class Do You Love Me T-Jaye Mint SOLD Sandra Wright (It’s Love Baby) 24 Hours A Day T-Jaye Mint SOLD Darrell Nulisch Handle It With Care Soul Togetherness Mint SOLD Black Ivory Don’t Turn Around Today Mint SOLD Instant Funk It Ain’t Reggae (But It’s Funky) TSOP Demo Mint SOLD Kaleidoscope We’re Not Getting Any Younger TSOP Demo Mint SOLD Linda Jones Stay With Me Forever Turbo Mint SOLD Tyrone Ashley Looks Like Love Is Here To Stay U.A. Mint UK SOLD The Independents It’s All Over Wand Mint SOLD The LTG Exchange Waterbed (Part 1 & 2) Wand Mint- SOLD Tower Of Power What Is Hip/Clever Girl Warner Bros Mint SOLD The Bang Gang Who Said Honky’s Got No Soul Warner Bros Demo Mint- Citations Truth Wiggins Mint SOLD Ellerine Harding Tonight, Let The Other Woman Cry Alone/Inside Out IX Chains Mint SOLD J.G. Lewis What Am I Going To Do IX Chains Mint- SOLD The Imaginations Sweet Mona 20th Century Mint SOLD The Exciters Swallow Your Pride 20th Century Demo Mint UK SOLD Postage: 1-3 45’s + £3.25 (1st recorded, UK), Overseas at cost: To reserve PM or e-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk

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