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  1. Modern, 70’s & Crossover Soul 45’s For Sale ( Part 5) Rock’N Co You Live Only Once AMG Mint- £125.00 Donny Elbert In Between The Heartaches Atco W/D Mint- £25.00 Paulette Reaves Let Me Wrap You In My Love Blue Candle Mint £10.00 Sherm (Reb) Nesbary Don’t Make Me Sorry (For Loving You) Cheri Mint- £25.00 The Intrepids After You’ve Had Your Fling (Get Down etc) Columbia W/D Mint- £10.00 SOLD The Dynamics We Found Love Columbia W/D Mint £10.00 Sharlotte Shaw Happy With The One That I Love/Say It To Me Detroit St Service VG++ £50.00 SOLD (Excellent Mid-tempo Detroit Double Sider, slight label tear on Happy side) The Chimes The Beginning Of My Life Down To Earth Mint £25.00 Chosen Few I’m Alone Eales Mint £80.00 Hoodoo Rhythm Devils Gotta Lot Of Love In My Soul Fantasy Demo Mint £25.00 The Checkmates Take All The Time You Need Fantasy Demo Mint- £15.00 Water And Power Mr Weatherman Fantasy Demo Mint- £25.00 SOLD Liberation Don’t Spread Your Love Around GSF Demo VG++ £35.00 Now Chained Hit City Mint £25.00 Ida Sands Start All Over Again How Big Mint- £75.00 Chocolate Syrup You’re Off An Runnin’ Ira VG++ £60.00 Freddie Hughes Will You Be Here Janus W/D Mint £15.00 ON HOLD Ray Alexander Let’s Talk Lu Jun Mint £75.00 (Chris Bartley on lead vocals) Hazel Martin Out Of My Life Marco Mint £40.00 The Devastating Affair You Don’t Know (How Hard It Is To Make It) Motown Mint £20.00 (Vocal & Instrumental) Cuba Gooding Mind Pleaser Motown W/D Mint £10.00 David Morris Snap Crackle Pop Plush Mint £25.00 (Philly Dancer) Freddie Lowe I’m Slowly Losin’ My Mind Polydor Demo Mint £10.00 Innervision Honey Baby (Be Mine) Private Stock Mint £30.00 The Holidays Procrastinate (Why Do We) Ron-Hol Mint £50.00 Spice Sweet Norma Jones/Can’t Wait Till The Morning Comes Sound Gems Mint £15.00 Carter And Chanel Together Forever/Don’t Let Love Go Sweet City Mint- £40.00 Darrow Fletcher Changing By The Minute/When Loves Calls Uni Mint £30.00 Postage: 1-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK) overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  2. Louise

    Nancy Wilson R I P

    Always rated the flipside to "The End Of Our Love" , "Face It Girl ,It's Over" RIP Nancy Dave
  3. Group, Harmony, Sweet Soul 45’s For Sale (Part 3): Barbara Mason Oh, How It Hurts Arctic W/D Mint- £10.00 SOLD Barbara Mason Sad, Sad Girl/Come To Me Mint- £12.00 SOLD The Four Pennies You Have No Time To Love/You’re a Gas Brunswick Demo Mint- £15.00 The Majestic Arrows Another Day/Doing It For Us Bandit Mint- £10.00 The Manhattans Baby I Need You Carnival Mint- £10.00.00 The Twentie Grans Giving Up Your Love Is Like (Giving Up The World)? Guilty Columbia W/D VG++ £20.00 Fabulous Shalimars Playing A Losing Game Cotillion W/D VG+ £20.00 SOLD The Summits Let Me Love You Again/It Takes Two DC International Mint £10.00 The Donations I’m Gonna Treat You Good Dee’os Mint £25.00 The Presidents I Want My Baby/Goldwalk Deluxe Mint £25.00 The Perfections Don’t Take Your Love From Me/Since I Lost My Baby Drumhead Mint £20.00 SOLD 125th Street Candy Store Silent Heart/Hey Girl Fania Mint- £100.00 SOLD The Five Crowns Just A Part Of Life (Vocal & Instrumental) Five-0 VG++ £35.00 Soul Gents Wonders Of Love/If I Should Win Your Love Fros Ray Mint £100.00 The Right Kind (Tell Me)Why Do You Have To Lie/I’ve Been Changed Galaxy W/D Mint £25.00 The Gaslight I Can’t Tell A Lie/Here’s Missing You Grand Junction Mint £8.00 L.H. & The Memphis Sounds Double Up/House Full Of Rooms Hollywood Mint- £20.00 L.J. Reynolds & Chocolate Syrup Let One Hurt Do Law-Ton Mint- £8.00 SOLD The Confidentials Does He Really Love You Masterpiece Mint £75.00 SOLD Stage IV Just Another Guy/Our World Millie Mint- £20.00 Wilton Crump Think It Through/Give Your Love To Me Olive Branch Mint £40.00 Richmond International If You Should Ever Red Coach W/D Mint- £8.00 SOLD The Thoughts Plain As The Nose On Your Face S.O Mint- £40.00 The Notations I Can’t Stop/I’m Still Here Twinight Mint- £25.00 The Intentions Time/Cool Summer Night Uptown Mint £50.00 The Chanteurs You’ve Got A Great Love Vee Jay Mint £15.00 (Some of the Chanteurs latter became The Chi-Lites) Postage: 1-3 records £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  4. Soul 45’s For Sale At £3.00 Each Ronnie Miller Make Sweet Love Boblo Mint The Ohio Players The Star Of The Party Broadwalk Mint Jimmy Jackson Footsteps In The Shadows Buddah Mint- Future Flight Hip-notic Lady Capitol Mint SOLD Essence Relax, It’s Just Like Dancin, Epic Mint- Latimore Just One Step Glades The Checkmates Ltd I’m Laying My Heart On The Line Greedy Mint The Checkmates Make Love To Your Mind Greedy Mint L. V. Johnson I Love You, I Want You, I Need You ICA VG+ SOLD Jaisun I Fall In Love Everyday Jettsett Mint Epicenter (Feat: Sandra Feva) You Can’t Come Up In Here No More Krisma SOLD Jackie Moore Puttin’It Down To You Kayvette Mint Specail Delivery Come Back With Your Love Part 1& 2) Mainstream Mint Terry Huff Where There’s A Will (There’s A Way) Mainstream Mint Gemini (You’ve Got) Something Special M&M Mint Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes If You Don’t Know Me By Now Philadelphia Int Mint- James Lovejoy This Will Always Be, My Baby’s Tune RCA Demo Mint Geraldine Hunt You Bought Joy Roulette Mint Naked Truth You’re The One I Love (Part1 &2) Sound Stage 7 Mint- Milton Hamilton Crystalized My Love Supreme TR Mint SOLD Brockington Sisters Stretch Out TSOP Mint Brighter Side Of Darkness I Owe You Love 20th Century Mint Leon Haywood Keep It In The Family 20th Century Mint Brighter Side Of Darkness Love Jones 20th Century Mint Carl Carlton This Feeling’s Rated X-Tra 20th Century Mint- Postage 1-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st, recorded, UK) overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  5. Louise

    Timmie Williams - Who was/ Is he

    How about Timmy Willis Mr Soul Satisfaction on Sidra/Veep and I Finally Found A Woman and I'm A Man on Jubilee ? Dave
  6. Modern, 70’s & Crossover Soul For Sale (4) Eddie Kendricks (Oh i) Need Your Lovin’ Atlantic W/D Mint £15.00 Bobby Hutton That’s How Heartaches Are Made/Ooo Baby Blue Rock Mint £25.00 (Great Cover Version of the Baby Washington classic) Johnny Moore Just Be For Real/Spend The Rest Of My Life Brunswick W/D VG++ £35.00 Bobby Wilson Here Is Where The Love Is Chain W/D Mint- £10.00 Maxine Brown I Can’t Get Along Without You Commonwealth Mint- £10.00 Ray Batts Love Me Eales Mint £60.00 Ujima I’m Getting Hip (To Your Ways & Actions) Epic W/D Mint £40.00 Heywood Cash Your Messing Up A Good Thing/Give It Up Epic Mint- £125.00 (Rare Issue, b-side VG++) Rena Scott La-Te-Da (This Girl’s In Love) Epic W/D Mint £15.00 Sonny Munro I’m Never Gonna Hurt You Again Epic W/D VG++ £10.00 Dillard & Johnson Here We Go , Loving Again Epic W/D Mint £30.00 Roscoe Robinson Don’t Pretend (Just Be Yourself)/What Colour Is Love Fame Mint £40.00 Love Committee Cheaters Never Win Gold Mind Mint- £10.00 L.V. Johnson I Love You, I Want You, I Need You ICA VG++ £10.00 Jon Pierre Gee So Good To Me Kandi Mint £20.00 (Great 80’s Dancer with Picture Sleeve) Deniece Chandler Mama, I Wish I Stayed At Home Lock VG++ £45.00 Masters Of Soul Sad Face Ovide Mint £25.00 The Entertainers Why ?/Po Boy Ovide Mint £20.00 Bobo Mr. Soul Hitch Hike To Heartbreak Road Ovide Mint £15.00 SOLD T.S.U Toronados Only Inside/Nothing Can Stop Me Ovide Mint £40.00 SOLD Chaz You Can’t Hurry Love, But Hurry Love Pen-Wit Mint £15.00 Lynn August One Way Ticket Preview Mint £40.00 Alice Clark Say You’ll Never (Never Leave Me) Rainy Day Mint £40.00 (Recommended Crossover with Sister Funk Flip) Satyr Pity A Fool/Free & Easy RCA VG+ £15.00 (Issue) J.R Bailey The Eyes Don’t Know The Feeling RCA Demo Mint £50.00 John Brothers I Just Wanna Be Free/Try To Walk A Mile RCA Mint £50.00 (Great Double Sider) K. McArthur Give Me Your Love Sagittarius Mint £40.00 New Testament Band Say Yes/Get Testa-mized Tablet VG £25.00 (Plays great) James Gadson Go By What’s In Your Heart UA Mint £30.00 Hewitt Is It Me (Part 1 & 2) Wee Mint £20.00 Postage 1-3, 45’s = £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK), overseas at cost. To reserve, PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  7. 10 Northern Soul 45’s For Sale: Carl Burnett Jerk Baby Jerk Carmax W/D Mint £80.00 Ruby Winters Better/I Want Action Diamond Mint £100.00 Jackie & The Tonettes The Proof Of Your Love/Steady Boy D-Town Mint £100.00 The Rotations A Changed Man Frantic VG++ £300.00 (Yellow Issue) The Tiffanies It’s Got To Be A Great Song KR Mint- £50.00 (Rare Original) Edward Hamilton & The Arabians Now I Have To Cry Alone/I Love You So Lanrod Mint- £75.00 Edward Hamilton & The Arabians Thank You Mother Mary Jane Mint £30.00 (Vocal & Instrumental) Kenny Carter Don’t Go RCA W/D Mint- £50.00 (Sticker Mark On Label) The Bobbettes Having Fun/I’ve Gotta Face The World RCA W/D Mint- £100.00 Willie Hutch Can’t Fight The Power Soul City Mint £40.00 (Great Uptempo Dancer and current Andy Dyson spin) Postage: 1-3 45’s £3.00 (1st Recorded, UK) , overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  8. Modern, 70’s & Crossover Soul (No 3) Margie Joseph Ridin’ High Atlantic Mint- £10.00 SOLD Jeanie Reynolds You Ain’t The Only Man (God Created)/I Know He’ll Be Back Someday Chess Mint- £25.00 George E. Smith Don’t Find Me Guilty Conclave Mint £20.00 ON HOLD Skip Mahoney & The Casuals Town Called No-Where DC International Mint £35.00 SOLD Felton Burks I’ll Always Love You De-Lite Mint- £30.00 (Great cover version of the Sam Moultrie classic). Johnny Washington Oh Girl De-Lite Mint £25.00 Bobby Jonz Thought You Were Loving Me Expansion Mint £15.00 Debbie Taylor Never Gonna Let Him Go GWP Mint £25.00 Honey Cone If I Can’t Fly Hot Wax Demo Mint £20.00 Barbara Lynn I’m Still The Same Jam Stone Mint £30.00 SOLD Jimmy Delphs Almost/Don’t Sign The Paper Baby Karen Mint £25.00 Lee Morris I Can’t Believe You’re Loving Me Lee & Co Mint £15.00 Jerry Butler You Walked Into My Life Mercury Mint- £10.00 Miss Louistine I Don’t Want To Love Nobody/Tired Of Being Alone NWE Mint £25.00 Jimmy J. Barnes I Think I’ve Got A Good Chance Organic VG++ £175.00 SOLD Bobby Hutton I’ve Got A Memory Philips Mint £20.00 Magnetic Force Is It Wrong Pickin’ Post Mint £40.00 Jimmy Graham Love Can’t Be Modernized Revue VG++ £25.00 Lee Charles Someone, Somewhere/Wrong Number Revue Mint £15.00 The Holidays This Is Love/The Love We Share Rob-Ron Mint- £50.00 (Two great Detroit sides) Jeff & Aleta Love Touch SRI Mint £15.00 Inner Space Break The Chains Sweet Fortune Mint £15.00 Direct Current When It’s Love Tec W/D Mint- £10.00 The Green Brothers Lack Of Attention/Sweet Lovin’ Woman Tortoise Mint £15.00 (Issue) The Ballads I Wish I Knew Venture Mint £20.00 (Earlier release before Music City) Kim Weston Little By Little And Bit By Bit Volt Mint £15.00 John Byrd I Can’t Stop Loving You, Girl 20th Century Demo Mint- £20.00 Postage 1-3 45’s £3.00 (1st recorded, UK), Overseas At Cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  9. Louise

    PY the pork pie PETER YOUNG sad news

    R.I.P Pete Young The soul world is a sadder place without a true gent and DJ like Pete. A wealth of knowledge and passion without the slightest hint of a ego. Dave Soul Junction
  10. Louise

    6TS Weekenders Under New Management

    Keep those modern/real soul heathen's happy LOL!
  11. Louise

    6TS Weekenders Under New Management

    I hope Willie (Where's My Money) Jones will be singing some of his McArthur (Brown Dog) and 21st (Joy) recordings amongst his 60's repertoire ? Dave
  12. Louise

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Have you got'em insured against Earthquakes Phil ?
  13. Modern, 70s & Crossover Soul Al Hudson & Soul Partners I’m About Loving You Atco VG £65.00 SOLD (Plays Perfect) Bettye Jean Plummer You Don’t Know Bell VG++ £50.00 Tony & Lynn I’m Hip To You Baby Blue Rock Mint- £25.00 Jimmy Jackson Footsteps In The Shadows Buddah Mint- £7.00 Donnie Elbert I Got To Get Myself Together/Can’t Get Over Losing You Bullet Mint £20.00 Randy Hart The Other One/Excuse Me Brunswick Demo Mint £50.00 Noah Got To Get Away Cand-Stix Mint £8.00 Tommi Johnson Something’s Never Change Capitol W/D Mint- £20.00 Dave Carboni Magic Lady Doi’t Box Mint- £100.00 21ST Century Every Little Heartache/Got No Reason Dot Mint £50.00 (Two great Lee Silver sides) The Checkmates Ltd Take All The Time You Need Fantasy Demo Mint- £15.00 Billy Scott Come And Get My Love Flipside Mint £30.00 (Billy Scott of The Prophets) Milt Mathews Trust Me H&L Mint £10 Ann Peebles Mon Belle-Armour Hi Mint £15 Ann Peebles Dr Love Power Hi Demo Mint £15.00 Nancy Butts Letter Full Of Tears/Only One Love Jar-Val VG++ £50.00 (Rarer first label before King) Jesse Gomez Lace/Baby I’m Coming At You Mankind Mint- £40.00 Clifford McClain I Can’t Fight It McClain Mint- £125.00 Alice Clark Say You’ll Never (Never Leave Me)/You Got A Deal Rainy Day Mint £40.00 (Recommended Crossover with sister funk flip). Garland Green Don’t Let Love Walk Out On Us RCA Mint- £50.00 (Sticker on Label) Charisma Let Love In Your Life Rock Mill VG+ £60.00 SOLD George Smallwood You Know I Love You Smallwood Productions Mint £60.00 SOLD Tommie Young Hit & Run Lover Soul Power Mint- £90.00 SOLD Ann Sexton You Got To Use What You Got/I’m His Wife (You’re Just A Friend) Sound Stage 7 Mint- £15 Bobby Montgomery Tender Tears Vault Mint- £15.00 (Bobby Montgomery aka Bobby Adeno, this guy’s never made a bad record) George Jackson I Found What I Wanted/Love Hijacker Verve Mint £50.00 James Jones Whatever It Is You Got It/A Little Love Goes A Long Way Virgo Mint £100 (A.K.A Jimmy Jones on Capitol, Deke and Twinight etc) Roz Ryan You’re my Only Temptation Volt W/D VG++ £80.00 SOLD The Classic Sullivan’s Paint Yourself In The Corner Kwanza VG++ £8.00 J.G. Lewis What Am I Going To Do IX Chains Mint £8.00 Calvin Arnold Satisfy My Woman/You’ll Do It IX Chains Mint £10.00 Steptones Let The People Talk/Don’t You Want To Fall In Love IX Chains Mint £20.00 SOLD Postage: 1-3 45’s, £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK), Overseas At Cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  14. Louise


    I'd just like to apologize profusely for not knowing who Frank Wilson was and for throwing my reading glasses at the decks ! Dave
  15. 28 x 60’s R&B Soul Classic 45’s For Sale: Ray Charles I Don’t Need No Doctor ABC VG++ £20.00 Betty Everett I Can’t Say ABC Mint £20.00 The Tams Silly Little Girl/Weep Little Girl ABC-Paramount Mint- £15.00 Al Perkins Ain’t Nothing Impossible With Love Atco W/D Mint £15.00 The Icredibles I Can’t Get Over Losing Your Love/(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons Audio Arts Mint £25.00 The Incredibles All Of A Sudden/Standing Here Crying Audio Arts VG ++ £10.00 The Exciters Weddings Make Me Cry Bang W/D Mint- £15.00 Barbara Acklin Just Ain’t No Love Brunswick Demo VG++ £20.00 Ruben Wright You’ve Done Me Wrong Capitol VG++ £20.00 Marion Love Walk Proud And Pretty Capitol Demo Mint- £15.00 Rueben Wright Crazy Baby Capitol Mint £20.00 Deon Jackson Love Takes A Long Time Growing Carla W/D Mint- £20.00 Eve Barnum We Go Together Checker Mint- £15.00 Maurice Williams Don’t Be Half Safe/How To Pick A Winner Deesu W/D VG++ £20.00 Junior Parker These Kind Of Blues Duke VG++ £15.00 Dee Irwin I Can’t Stand The Pain Imperial Demo Mint £15.00 Z.Z. Hill Have Some Mercy/Someone To Love Me Kent Mint £15.00 Marvin And Johnny Baby You’ve The One/Dear One Kent W/D Mint £20.00 Timi Yuro Insult To Injury Liberty Demo Mint £10.00 Bobby Freeman Soulful Sound Of Music Loma Demo Mint £20.00 Alvin Cash & The Registers Let’s Do Some Good Timing Mar-V-Lus Mint £15.00 (Recent All Nighter Rectivation) Prince Harold Baby You’ve Got Me/Forget About Me Mercury W/D Mint £20.00 (Same backing as the Sapphires “Baby Do The Slow Fizz) Jerry Butler Moody Woman Mercury VG++ £10.00 Spyder Turner You’ve Good Enough For Me/Stand By Me M-G-M VG++ £15.00 (Great Detroit Dancer) Ed Townsend Who Would Deny Me M-G-M Mint £20.00 (Great Beat Ballad, right up there with the best of ‘em) Mary Love Let Me Know/Move A Little Closer Modern VG++ £10.00 Cosmo Small Town Gossip Sound Stage 7 W/D Mint- £20.00 Garnet Mimms Stop And Think It Over Verve Mint- £15.00 Postage: 1-3 45’s £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK) Overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk


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