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  1. When did the BBC seize control of the northern scene. Some of the producers wern't even born in the late 1960's- early 1970's and they'd probably treat the mention of a black bomber as a rascist commment ! Dave
  2. Question

    Yes DJ's should pay an entrance fee, and let the punters in for nothing after all these days there's more Dj's than punters and the promotors make make a few quid !
  3. The Sonatas

    My Copy is mint but as previously mentioned plays lo-fi, but hey thats part of the charm of obscure independent labels. If everything was perfect we'd have nothing to talk about. My copy was used on the Grapevine cd album "The Northern Soul Of New ...
  4. Agreed Steve Brandon Stevens talents extend beyond that of a vocalist as it he who is reponsible for the design of the above album cover. Dave
  5. Hi Guys Many thanks for your kind comments, spent all day since 7am packing yours and others orders (please feel slightly guilty and promise to buy me a pint if it eases your consciences ) no but seriously many thanks for your continued support of SJ pro...
  6. Grumpy Soul

    Hey Dale it would be one helva big senior moment for me to give Ree Flores away for nought!, flatery will get you nowhere mate. Saturday night was a mighty fine hoedown, a scene of much joy and gaiety, with deep and meaningful conversations involving ZSTC numbers (George Sharp) and honey monster sightings in Stoke (ask Jackie Sharp) oh and the bloody demented dancin' cat !!!, then like a bolt of lightening you find something out that changes your opinion of a friend forever, what and whoever could this be I hear you all cry, well I tell you The might Philip (Pip) T who's huge hands used to weld a lump of willow violently against 6 ounces of the finest English leather albeit only on a total of 3 occasions during his entire first class cricketing career has actually taken up the noble art (well girlie hobby) of Embriodery like a duck (and he's had a few of those) to water !!!!!!!! It was a master stoke adding Johnny Manship to the DJ line-up not only for the excellent tunage he spun but for once I wasn't the oldest DJ on th bill. Dave
  7. Grumpy Soul

    A slightly sinister cat, sounds like a lost episode of The Twilight Zone (let's hear it for The Astors) what ever next a female Doctor Who !
  8. Happy Birthday Scotters

    Happy Birthday Steve Dave & Louise
  9. OUT TODAY: Copies can be pruchased directly from the Soul Junction website: www.souljunctionrecords.co.uk or from all the usual stockists, Regards Dave SJ
  10. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Now let's see 'em do it in a swimming pool ! synchronized soul whatever next !!!!!! Dave
  11. Grumpy Soul is back!

    This is about the time when Dj's start eulogising over the propect of spinning their latest aquisitions, well after being battered into submission by e-bay, I ain't got nothing new to shout about but! and there is a but I have restocked my Dj box but not wih vinyl but with an assortment of glove puppets wearing tee-shirts with F**King Tune on their vests, forget Djing it's a Punch and Judy Show all the way Hopefully this will add a touch of variety to complement Carl's vocal performance if not he can join the act as the crocodile puppeteer, that's the way to do it !!!! Dave
  12. Rare Revolution and Simon Hunts No More Doggin

    And not forgetting the Haribo Starmix selection !!! Dave
  13. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Which one would you like Chris,the blue one with the red inside or the red one with blue inside ? Dave
  14. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Sleeping Bags will be provided for the lightweights who can't keep their eyes open after 1am Dave
  15. Lars Bulnheim - contact email please.

    Lars's details sent Trev But be warned nobody accept's Green Shield Stamps anymore ! Dave