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  1. Louise


    I'd just like to apologize profusely for not knowing who Frank Wilson was and for throwing my reading glasses at the decks ! Dave
  2. 28 x 60’s R&B Soul Classic 45’s For Sale: Ray Charles I Don’t Need No Doctor ABC VG++ £20.00 Betty Everett I Can’t Say ABC Mint £20.00 The Tams Silly Little Girl/Weep Little Girl ABC-Paramount Mint- £15.00 Al Perkins Ain’t Nothing Impossible With Love Atco W/D Mint £15.00 The Icredibles I Can’t Get Over Losing Your Love/(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons Audio Arts Mint £25.00 The Incredibles All Of A Sudden/Standing Here Crying Audio Arts VG ++ £10.00 The Exciters Weddings Make Me Cry Bang W/D Mint- £15.00 Barbara Acklin Just Ain’t No Love Brunswick Demo VG++ £20.00 Ruben Wright You’ve Done Me Wrong Capitol VG++ £20.00 Marion Love Walk Proud And Pretty Capitol Demo Mint- £15.00 Rueben Wright Crazy Baby Capitol Mint £20.00 Deon Jackson Love Takes A Long Time Growing Carla W/D Mint- £20.00 Eve Barnum We Go Together Checker Mint- £15.00 Maurice Williams Don’t Be Half Safe/How To Pick A Winner Deesu W/D VG++ £20.00 Junior Parker These Kind Of Blues Duke VG++ £15.00 Dee Irwin I Can’t Stand The Pain Imperial Demo Mint £15.00 Z.Z. Hill Have Some Mercy/Someone To Love Me Kent Mint £15.00 Marvin And Johnny Baby You’ve The One/Dear One Kent W/D Mint £20.00 Timi Yuro Insult To Injury Liberty Demo Mint £10.00 Bobby Freeman Soulful Sound Of Music Loma Demo Mint £20.00 Alvin Cash & The Registers Let’s Do Some Good Timing Mar-V-Lus Mint £15.00 (Recent All Nighter Rectivation) Prince Harold Baby You’ve Got Me/Forget About Me Mercury W/D Mint £20.00 (Same backing as the Sapphires “Baby Do The Slow Fizz) Jerry Butler Moody Woman Mercury VG++ £10.00 Spyder Turner You’ve Good Enough For Me/Stand By Me M-G-M VG++ £15.00 (Great Detroit Dancer) Ed Townsend Who Would Deny Me M-G-M Mint £20.00 (Great Beat Ballad, right up there with the best of ‘em) Mary Love Let Me Know/Move A Little Closer Modern VG++ £10.00 Cosmo Small Town Gossip Sound Stage 7 W/D Mint- £20.00 Garnet Mimms Stop And Think It Over Verve Mint- £15.00 Postage: 1-3 45’s £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK) Overseas at cost. To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk
  3. Louise


    Have i missed something ?
  4. Louise


    Passing one's 11+ this was a water shed moment in my life, the choices being a) Pass your 11+ and have to get up at 7.30am in the morning to catch a bus to the nearest Grammer School b) Fail and lie in bed till 8.45am and take a casual stroll down to the local Secondary Modern, sneak through a hole in the fence and hang out in the bogs with other like minded souls, then merge into the crowd as they vacated the assembly hall, while dogging those future police informers and christian do gooders commonly known as Prefects ! B won and as so i was doomed to become yet another of life misfits, a disciple of the northern soul scene LOL!!!!! Let's hear it fot Grumpy's !!!!!!!!! Dave
  5. For Sale: Leroy Taylor The Marrying Kind/Baby I Love You Federal Green P/S £12.00 Plus Postage £3.00 (1st recorded, UK) To reserve PM
  6. Louise


    Grumpy Soul is fast become the online Encyclopedia Britannica of the northwest, pill heads to intellectuals who'd have ever of thought that !!!
  7. Louise

    Oh dear

    Amen Brother Gilly.
  8. Louise

    Oh dear

    The scene's a monster that unfortunately has eaten it's self. Too many (for chiefs read Dj's) and not enough (for Indians read punters). Everybody wants to be a DJ these days it's the 15 minutes of fame scenario. Therefore to achive their 15 minutes of notoriety their cunning plan is to blast away on e-bay on shagged well known played out records in persuit of instant adulation. Simple not quite, theirs hundreds of others with the same aspirations, bugger, they need a new plan. Dah! Dah i ureka ! plan B they start their own do and so it goes on and on. You here stories of people begging for DJ spots and even paying promotors for the pleasure of DJing doh! Aspiring Dj's aside, we come to the audience mostly 50 to 60 olds who flirted with the scene for a couple of months in the 70's and who are trying to relieve their youth, when the top 500 shrinks to the top 150 (at best) then you know your in trouble. A recent FB post had a guy expressing his shock at clearing a dancefloor with George Blackwell "Can't Lose My Head" (the bottom has finally been reached). I'm afraid to say to get back to a thriving upfront scene you need proper Dj's who can be allowed to express their different styles and taste and a recieptive audience to both appreciate and encourage them, not aload of e-bay overspending wannabees who think that they can do better. Progression was always the engine room of the scene, no engine and eventually your left with a stationary rusty old heap ! ring any bells ? Dave
  9. Louise


    How Rude !!!!
  10. Louise


    Thong and Willy Warmer variants coming soon, one size only to allow for sudden expansion mainly due to a crackly old acetate these days !, Unfortunately Phil refused to model these (poo-bag), mybe Mr Cunliffe can be persauded on his next trip to Benidorm ? They don't call Mr Baywatch for nought !
  11. Louise

    Oh dear

    One each then !
  12. Louise


    Pre-Orders now being taken on the above 'Oh So Pretty' garment. Who'd have thought when Phil Threlfall's illustrious cricket career came to a end he would one day be back in the public eye as a catalogue model ? We thought of asking Joan but thought it might clash with the colour of her eyes as well as her sleeve tattoo, but hey ! Dave
  13. Louise


    Fair enough Steve your gonna be the required psychotic fire marshall, so Phil can go back to being the heavy smoking carpark attendant and sound engineer to ye old pub crooner Carl (Wave YourHands In The Air) Fortnum, sorted bro ! Dave
  14. Louise


    How profound ! well we'll get that Threlfall chappy a hi-viz jacket with 'Fire Marshall' on the back that should suffice !! Burn Baby Burn !!!


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