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  1. Happy Birthday Scotters

    Happy Birthday Steve Dave & Louise
  2. OUT TODAY: Copies can be pruchased directly from the Soul Junction website: www.souljunctionrecords.co.uk or from all the usual stockists, Regards Dave SJ
  3. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Now let's see 'em do it in a swimming pool ! synchronized soul whatever next !!!!!! Dave
  4. Grumpy Soul is back!

    This is about the time when Dj's start eulogising over the propect of spinning their latest aquisitions, well after being battered into submission by e-bay, I ain't got nothing new to shout about but! and there is a but I have restocked my Dj box but not wih vinyl but with an assortment of glove puppets wearing tee-shirts with F**King Tune on their vests, forget Djing it's a Punch and Judy Show all the way Hopefully this will add a touch of variety to complement Carl's vocal performance if not he can join the act as the crocodile puppeteer, that's the way to do it !!!! Dave
  5. Rare Revolution and Simon Hunts No More Doggin

    And not forgetting the Haribo Starmix selection !!! Dave
  6. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Which one would you like Chris,the blue one with the red inside or the red one with blue inside ? Dave
  7. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Sleeping Bags will be provided for the lightweights who can't keep their eyes open after 1am Dave
  8. Lars Bulnheim - contact email please.

    Lars's details sent Trev But be warned nobody accept's Green Shield Stamps anymore ! Dave
  9. Appreciate all the positive feedback guys Dave SJ
  10. Gucci Does Northern soul

    It will all be available in TKMAX for a knock down price in 6 months time ! Dave
  11. Out To Day: Available from all the usual stockists or direct from the Soul Junction website: www.souljunctionrecords.co.uk Thanks to those who have already purchased it and the positive feedback Dave SJ
  12. Complete Major Lance on Okeh double CD out

    YES But there appears to be more tracks on the new one. Dave
  13. Bedford Modern Soul Allnighter

    Even the 100 Club ran 3 modern soul nighters !!!! Dave
  14. Chairman Of The Board

    Hi Guys Soul Junction are just helping out with the promotion of the new Chairman Of The Board track, the song is a colaboration between McKinley Jackson and Melvin and Marvin Steals (Of The Four Perfections Fame) under their own MoPhilly International l...
  15. And for once I totallly agree with my ole' Brummie Chummy Dave