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  1. Thrills and chills/I am controlled by your love"NICE VG+/VG++ VSLD" $200.00 USD+Ship
  2. Chess1458

    Stack Of Cheapies

    Louis Blair"Dinner Man/More Than The World"Colt VG++ $60.00 Erma Franklin "Gotta Find Me A Lover/Change My Thoughts From You"Brunswick Stock issue with orig sleeve VG++ $40.00 Helene Smith"Like A Baby/A Woman Will Do Wrong"Deep City Issue Clean and Glossy VG/VG+ $35.00 The Sensational Bells Of Joy"Hold On/My Testimony B-J"VG $30.00 Communicators and Black Experience Band"One Chance/Is It Funky Enough"Turbo Isssue G+ scuffs wear plays through fine with minimal background noise $30.00 Freddie Gorman"In A Bad Way/There Can Be Too Much"Solid VG Ric-Tic $25.00 Google Rene"Needing You/Smokey Joe's La La"Class demo copy VG++ $20.00 The Valentine Brothers"Money's Too Tight/instru "VG+ Valentine $20.00 The Hightower Brothers"Runnin For Jesus/Child Of The King"Peacock "VG+ $20.00 The Uptowns"Loud and Clear" PT2/Where Have You Been"Shangri=La VG- $20.00 Bunker Hill"Hide and Go Seek/Pt 2 "Mala SOLID VG $15.00 Don Covay"40 Days=40 Nights/The Usual Place"Atlantic Demo"$15.00 VG The Vanguards"Somebody Please/I Can't Use You Girl "Whiz VG++ $15.00 All prices in USD Shipping in the U.S is $4.00.Anywhere else in the world $14.00 for up to 3 disc....All 45's are shipped as gift with low value
  3. Yes still have it M8..Inboxed you
  4. D.C Blossoms"Hey Boy/I Know About Her"Shrine Orig U.S issue VG+ (Taking Offers) Luther Ingram"If It's All The Same To You Babe/Exus Trek HIB Demo VG++ $1200"SOLD" Tony Daniels "I Won't Cry/Drip Drop" Beval VG++/M- $800 Jo Ann Courcy "I Got The Power/I'm Gonna Keep You"Twirl Demo looks VG-/VG but plays VG+ good for dj spins $750.00"SOLD" minters are going £1000-1200. Herbert Milburn and the LeSabres"They Say/The Snake"EXTREMELY Rare Texas R&B on Zebra VG++ $600.00 The Flint Emeralds"It's All A Bad Dream/You Don't Know That I Love You"Coconut Groove"VG++ $250.00"SOLD" Ray Coleman" I Love You/My Rock and Roll Baby"RARE Pennsylvania Rockabilly Rarely turns up"Saliano VG $150.00 The Fabalistics"Nothing But Determination/Ooh-This is love "Great Potential"KILLER D.C 2 sider G copy has edge warp that requires extra tracking $80.00 Babe Wayne"That's Where It's At/There'll Never Be Kidding Time"VG+ EXTREMELY hard to find upstate BY black r&b rocker.From the same label that brought Jimmie Raye's Philly dog $75.00 Nelson Sanders"This Love Is Here To Stay/Tired Of Being Your Fool"La Beat G copy with crack halfway through but plays with no jumps"Good filler $60.00 The Dontells"I Can't Wait/Gimmie Some"Ambassador G- copy plays with no skips but lots of background noise in passages good for a filler $60.00 Calvary Spiritual Singers"Joy Of My Life/Power"Great upstate NY gospel soul/funk Progressive Sound Inc VG+ $50.00 Heavenly Kings"Why Bless Me/I'm So Glad" SUPER windy city gospel soul double header NCAO VG++ $45.00 The Six Teens"My Secret/Stop Playing Ping Pong"RARE Flip demo VG+ $40.00 Steve Alaimo and the redcoats"I Want You To Love Me/Blue Skies"One of Steve's earlier disc on the Florida based marlin label VG+ $40.00 The Globeliters"See How They Run/The Way You Do"GORGEOUS Philtown Demo VG++ $40.00 Joe Villa "Mona Lisa/Blanche"MJ WLP VG/VG+ $35.00 Len Barry"Put Out The Fire/Spread It On Like Butter" Scepter demo VG- $25.00 The Hi-Fashions"Billy Knows/Mr.Policeman "Dynovoice VG++ has radio station promoter stamp on label $20.00 Gerry Granger" You Must Me Doing Something Wrong/I Cried"Double L VG++ $20.00 Gil Hamilton"Tell Her/I'm Time"Capitol VG-$15.00 Shipping within the U.S is $4.00 for as many disc as you like.$14.00 worldwide for up to 3 disc.Will throw in FREE worldwide ship on orders of $200.00 or more.All prices are in USD.May entertain trades"All discs are shipped as gift with low dec
  5. Chess1458

    A Few To Go

    Otis Brown"Somebody Help Me/Sound Of The Wind"VG++ $60.00"OLE James Dee"Loving More Than Gold/The Flame"VG+ $65.00"Sound-Rite The Cobras IV"Are You Ready/Be True To Me"VG-/VG $55.00 Snap The Exquisites"Stick Your Foot Out And Dance/PT 2 CLEAN VG/VG+ Crow $50.00 The Precisions"A Place/Never Let Her Go"WLP Drew VG++ $35.00 Maureen Gray"Come On And Dance/I Don't Want To Cry"Chancellor Demo CLEAN VG $30.00 The Pearlettes"He's Gone/Just In Case"Craig VG $25.00 All prices in USD $4.00 ship within the U.S $14.00 Anywhere else can ship up to 3 for the same price
  6. Sold a dupe of the shades to someone on fb a few months ago..Good spin
  7. I got the power/Im gonna keep you"Twirl demo CLEAN VG-/VG but plays VG+ Perfect copy for dj spins plays FABULOUS price reduced to £750.00 before it goes off to the swap meet this week may possibly consider trade"Scans/clips avail upon request
  8. Chess1458

    JoAnn Courcy"I Got The Power"Twirl Demo

    Last call @ £750.00
  9. I got the power/Im gonna keep you"Solid and VERY clean VG-/VG plays VG+/VG++" More Sound clips/scans avail £850.00 will entertain trades+cash/Price includes FREE worldwide international registered shipping Video at bottom is actual disc being sold
  10. Ooh This Is Love/Nothing But Determination"Great Potential"G copy wol has some scuffs has a slight edge warp that requires extra tracking plays fine at 1.5. $100.00 USD+Ship
  11. Gotta Find Me A Lover/My Thoughts From You"GORGEOUS VG+/VG++ from a jukebox distributor warehouse...This is my last one $40.00 USD+Ship
  12. Chess1458

    WANTS: Zenobia, Johnnie, Tony, Daniel ...

    David Pinches had a Tony Daniels a few weeks ago
  13. Chess1458

    The Ster-phonics on Mas-Tok

    Been after the Cha-Tok disc myself for quite sometime now..Both seem to be non existant.....Good luck in your hunt Mike
  14. Chess1458

    Mixed Batch"Sweet Soul,Funk,R&B Gospel etc

    Helene Smith Enchanting Enchanters Mandells are all sold
  15. The Enchanting Enchanters"No One In This World/Boss Action"BenMoKeith" VG+ Major 2 sider"Price reduced $225.00"SOLD" The Perfections"So Lonely/Baby Please Don't Go"Big B"G copy has tiny edge crack"So lonely side plays decent for the grade,flip side has a nasty scuff which cause loud clicks last 25-30 secs hard to find in ANY condition"Price reduced last call before taking it to the swap meet this week" $175.00 "Baby Dave Greenlee"We Need Love/Bout My Baby's Love"Steel City VG++ $175.00 The Mandells"Think Back/I Miss You Baby"Trans World Sound VG-/VG killer windy city sweet soul that is getting harder to find and is going up in price $125.00"SOLD" The Golden Crowns"You Pray For Me,Ill Pray For You"I'm So Glad He Did"Memorial"KILLER Syracuse gospel soul gorgeous VG++ $125.00 Helene Smith"I'm Controlled By Your Love/Thrills and Chills"Spine tingling miami sweet soul"Lloyd VG++ $90.00" ON HOLD" The Majors"Lost In A City/Say You'll Be Mine"Big Three"G copy good for a filler plays with lots of backround noise $80.00 Clyde McPhatter"Crying Won't Help You Now/I Found My Love"AWESOME sweet soul that is getting harder to find clean"Mercury VG++ $75.00 Holly Maxwell"Only When Your Lonely/Let Him Go For Himself"Constellation G+ has label wear plays decent for the grade $70.00 The Cobras IV"Are You Ready/Be True To Me"Snap VG- great northern/garage double header out of Tn $70.00 Otis Brown"Somebody Help Me/Sound Of The Wind"Ole VG++ $60.00 The Utmost"What Made You Change Your Mind/My Girl"RCM Rite pressing Clean VG- good northern/psyche out of Ky $50.00 James Dee"Loving More Than Gold/The Flame"Sound Rite"VG+ $50.00 The Exquisites"Stick Out Your Foot And Dance/Pt 2"Crow VG+ $50.00 The Gospel Chariots"He's Using Me/Burdens To The Lord"Staff SUPER Indiana gospel soul"Bud Pressner Staff VG+ $50.00 The New Yorkers"Ain't That News/There's Going To Be A Wedding"Tac-Ful VG- plays better $50.00 The Dynamic Golden Stars"Yes I'm Going/Oh When I Come"SUPER Ohio gospel/soul Finch VG+ $40.00 4Th Generation"Revolution Phase/I'm So Happy" Illinois double header.Teen Town VG+ sld $40.00 Cosmo"Things I'd Like To Do/Small Town Gossip"Sound Stage 7 demo VG+ $35.00 The Mighty Wonders"He Heard My Cry/Good News"GREAT gospel soul out of wilmington del.Chavis G $30.00 (HARD ONE) Tomorrows Promise"He Dont Love You Like I Do/Good Love"Capitol Demo VG++ $30.00 All prices in USD i always give a discount for multiple purchases.Scans/Clips avail


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