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  1. Looking for 2 this evening

    The Individuals"May I"Fresh The Superlatives"Won't You Please Be My Baby"Dynamics VG or better will accept lesser grade...Please no crazy ebay prices..Cash/Trades waiting
  2. Very Small Stack Of Dupes

    The Dynamic Spiritual Airs"Who Died On The Cross/It's Time To Serve The Lord"Dynamic 100"VG-/VG $75.00 The Dontells"Nothing But Nothing/In Your Heart"VJ 666 VG++/M- Orig Sleeve $30.00 Frank Curt"Sugar and Spice/Stay With Me"Right On 107 VG+ $30.00 ...
  3. 1.Eddie Holman"Am I A Loser/You Know That I Will"Parkway Demo Rubber Date Stamp O.L VG- 2.Bobby Womack-Just My Imagination/Where Do We Go From Here VG++ 3.The Electric Express'Its The Real Thing Pt 1/2"Linco VG-/VG 4.The Jive Five"You'll Fall I...
  4. The Creations"RARE Sweet Soul

    Everything's Coming Up Love/Same BEAUTIFUL VG+ RARELY turns up $75.00 USD+Ship
  5. The Cobras IV"Are You Ready"Snap

    Are you ready/Be true to me VG- $100.00 USD Price includes worldwide shipping
  6. Small Stack Of Fillers

    Betty Everett"Prince Of Players/By My Side"WLP Vee-Jay G+/VG- £15.00 Dakota Stanton"Abracadabra/I Never Dreamt"WLP Capitol VG- £15.00 Tommy Hunt"Never Love A Robin/The Biggest Man"Yellow Dynamo VG- a few noticeable scuffs plays good £15.00 Bobb...
  7. Small List For This Evening

    1.The Natural Four"You Did This For Me/Why Should We Stop Now"Solid VG £35.00 2.The Dontells"Nothing But Nothing/In Your Heart"WLP VG++ With Original Sleeve.£35.00 3.Communication Breakdown"On My Mind/Lowdown Dirty Music"VG £30.00 4.4th Generat...
  8. The Sterophonics

    Run on little girl/I want to shout"Cha-Tok.....Not too worried about condition just a playable copy cash/trades waiting
  9. 1.The Cobras IV-Are You Ready/Be True To Me"Snap 027"Killer Garage/Blued Eyed Northern.Could make some serious noise in the right hands"VG-/VG $75.00 2.Lee Jones"What Is It/Im Gonna Make It"Kris 1698"NEVER turns up VG $75.00 3.Allard and the Lost So...
  10. The Peoples Choice-Hot Wire

    Ease the pain-Grand Land extra dupe up for grabs VG $30.00 USD+Ship
  11. Blow My Mind/Pretty Face-Beautiful VG/VG+ plays out super $50.00 USD+Ship
  12. Cobras IV

    Are You Ready/Be True To Me"Solid VG £150.00 Includes FREE worldwide shipping will be shipped as gift
  13. A Few For Today

    1.The Relatives-Don't Let Me Fall/Rap On"Original hosanna issue VG $130.00. 2.Shirley Of Soul Sisters and Brother"What more can anyone want/You don't really care"Blue Ru-Jac VG++ $100.00 3.Little Brenda Starr"Mix it up/Dance dance baby"RARE red wax is...
  14. That's where its at/There'll Never Be No Kissing Time"EXTREMELY hard to find upstate NY raw r&b tittyshaker solid and glossy VG just a few lite marks that do not affect play.Perfect dj copy $100.00 USD+ship

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