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  1. The Elgins"Heaven Must Have Sent You/Same"V.I.P. Demo Date Stamp On Label VG++ $40.00 Don Wyatt"Do I Need You/All Torn Down"Atlantic Demo Clean VG+ $30.00 Jimmy Holiday"The New Breed/Love Me One More Time"Diplomacy"NICE VG+/VG++ $25.00 Bob Brady and the Con Chords"More,More,More Of Your Love/It's A Better World"Chariot CLEAN and Solid VG Perfect For DJ Spins"$20.00 Johnny Bristol"Hang On In There Baby/Take Care Of You For Me"MGM Beautiful VG++ Possibly M- to the right person $20.00 The Fantastic Alonzo Thomas"Just Keep Still/Just Over The Hill"Designer" VG++ $20.00 Winfield Parker"Trust Me/Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me"GSF VG++ With original company sleeve $20.00 Pervis Herter"Soul City/Blank"One Sided Jamie Test Pressing"VG- $20.00 The Precisions"Never Let Her Go/A Place"Drew Demo VG++/M- $20.00 John Adams"So In Love/Give Him Up Pt II"Silver Bull"G copy plays with backround noise hence the price $18.00 Dee Dee Sharp"What Am I Gonna Do/Baby I Love You"Atco With Original Company Sleeve Clean VG+ $15.00 Bob Marshall and the Crystals"Never Seen A Girl Like You/She Shot A Hole In My Soul"L-Rev VG+ $15.00 Bob and Alleyne Cole"Something's Got A Hold Of Me/Gotta'Find My Baby"Tollie Solid VG $15.00 Johnny Adams"A Losing Battle/Who's Gonna Love You"Soul Sound"VG- $15.00 Eddie Giles"It Takes Me All Night/Losing Boy"VG WLP Stax $15.00 Johnny & The Mark V"Down The Pike/Sands Of Malibu"Revue Demo Clean VG+ $15.00 Shangri-Las"Bull Dog/I Can Never Go Home Anymore"Red Bird"VG++ $15.00 Little Hooks and the Kings"How To Start A Romance/Count Your Blessing"Little Rick"VG++ $15.00 Darrell Banks"Open The Door To Your Heart/Our Love"Pink Revilot Clean VG $15.00 Chris and Shack"Goodies/Satisfied With The Love You Give"Stax Demo Solid VG $15.00----------------ALL DISC BELOW THIS LINE ARE $10.00 USD EACH------------------------------------ Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell"Your Precious Love/Same"WLP Tamla VG-/G+ Eloise Whitaker"Don't Turn Your Back On Love/Lovin Woman'Destiny VG++ Woody Herman"Hush/Light My Fire"Cadet Demo VG- The Lewis Sisters"You Need Me/Moonlight On The Beach"V.I.P. VG Rosalie Alter"Heartaches Are Here To Stay/Be True"Harmon VG++ The Jive Five"Kiss Kiss Kiss/I'm a Happy Man"UA VG++ Frankie and the Spindles"Makin Up Time(Part 1)/Same"Gamble with original company sleeve"VG++ Busta Jones"Impulse Reaction/Same"WLP Spring VG+ Barbara Acklin"Seven Days Of Night/A Raggedy Ride"Brunswick with original sleeve M- Erma Franklin"Change My Thoughts From You/Gotta Find Me A Lover"Brunswick VG++ Gene Chandler and Barbara Acklin"Little Green Apples/Will I Find Love"Brunswick VG++ Ray Charles"I've Got News For You/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town"Impulse Demo VG++ Eddie Horan"Man Without His Woman/Love The Way You Love Me"HDM VG+ Jimmy Thomas"Just Tryin'To Please You/Same"Mirwood Demo VG- Ronnie Love"Chills and Fever/No Use Pledging My Love"Dot with original sleeve"VG- has a noticeable scuff on Chills side that does not affect play" Little Joe"Every Now And Then/Goodnight Little Girl"Okeh Demo VG++ Johnny Copeland"Dedicated To The Greatest/Blowing In The Wind"Wand VG-G+ Gary"US"Bonds"One Broken Heart/I Can't Use You In My Business"Sue Demo VG+ Ruby Johnson"When My Love Comes Down/Come To Me Darling"Volt VG Ann Henry"Sugar Blues/The Ballad Of Waltzing Matilda"Dynasty Solid VG/VG+ King Floyd"Together We Can Do Anything/Heartaches"V.I.P. VG+ Baby Ray"Elvira/Just Because"Imperial Demo VG++ Candi Staton"Sing A Song/Have You Tried God"Bergen VG++ The Eddie Fisher Quintet"The Third Cup/Pt 2"Cadet Demo VG- Barbara Mason"Ain't Got Nobody/Oh How It Hurts"Arctic VG- Betty Everett"I Can't Say/My Baby Loving My Best Friend"ABC VG- Ruby and the Party Gang"Ruby's House Party/Hey Ruby,Shut Your Mouth"Law-Ton"VG+ Walter Jackson"Feelings/Words"Chi Sound"VG++ Harvey Scales"The Funky Yolk/The Yolk"Chess VG- Buddy Ace"Just To Hold My Hand/Inside Story"Duke VG+ O.V.Wright"What Did You Tell This Girl Of Mine/What About You"Back Beat"Glossy VG Nancy Wilson"Ten Years Of Tears/In The Dark"Capitol Demo"VG+ Don Gardner&Dee Dee Ford"Glory Of Love/Deed I Do"K.C.VG+ Sunny Gale"A Little You/Constantly"RCA VG Gerald Nelson"If I Were You/The Big Chance"Atco VG Soul Potion"Circle Full Of Love/Same"Sunburst Demo Clean VG/VG+ Timmy Shaw"Gonna Send You Back To Georgia/I'm A Lonely Guy"Wand SOLID VG-------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL PRICES ARE IN USD......Disc will be shipped as gift with low dec....Sound clips and scans avail upon requst
  2. Baby Dave Greenlee"We Need Love/Bout My Baby's Love"Steel City VG++ $150.00 The Relatives"Don't Le Me Fall/Rap On"ORIG Hosanna issue VG- plays well with just a tad of clicks in a few certain passages..still a nice copy VG- $150.00 Jesse Boone and the Astros"I Got To Love You Baby/You Can Depend On That"Soul-Po-Tion..SUPER VG++/M- $100.00 Gloria Taylor"What's Your World/Had It All The time"Selector Sound VG+ has a few lite superficial marks plays fabulous $80.00 The Dontells"In Your Heart/Nothing But Nothing"WLP VeeJay VG++/M- $50.00 21st Century"Every Little Heartache/Got No Reason"Dot Demo VG+ $40.00 The Soulsations"Here Comes The Pain/Instro"Stel-Al M- $30.00 The Exquisites"Stick Your Foot Out And Dance/PT 2 NICE VG/VG+ $25.00 Lezlie Valentine"I Won't Do Anything/I've Got To Keep On Loving You" All Platinum VG+/VG++ $25.00 Out Of Sights"I Can't Take It/Same"Saru WLP VG/VG+ $25.00 The Exception"You Always Hurt Me/You Don't Know Like I Know"Capitol Demo VG/VG+ plays fabulous $25.00 The Geminis"You Put A Hurting On Me/Same'RCA Demo BONE STOCK From Distributor With Factory Sleeve $20.00 Tommy Collins"I Wanta Thank You/Oh What I'd Give"Verve Demo VG+ has some slight label damage $20.00 The Invitations"Look On The Good Side/Pt 2"Silver Blue Clean and Glossy VG/VG+ $20.00 Freddie Gorman"In A Bad Way/There Can Be Too Much"Ric Tic VG-/VG plays good $15.00 The People's Choice"Ease The Pain/Hot Wire"Grand Land VG- good player $15.00 The Solitaires"Fair Weather Lover/Fool That I Am"MGM Demo VG- has a few marks $10.00 Johnny Maestro"Heartburn/Try Me"Parkway Demo"G+ plays decent for the grade,has chips sticker on label $10.00 All prices are in USD... Discs will be shipped as gift with low dec...Can ship up to 3 discs for same price.....FREE worldwide shipping on orders of $200.00 or more Clips and Scans avail upon request
  3. Justin Jones"Dance By Yourself/Love"Flippin orig issue"Looks G+ plays solid VG/VG+ $90.00 The Globeliters"The Way You Do/See How They Run"Philtown Demo"Would Be VG++ except for a superficial scuff on one side that does not affect play"$70.00 Calvalry Spiritual Singers"Joy Of My Life/Power"NPS Private Rochester Press Solid and Clean VG"Hard One To Obtain" $65.00 Gene and the Exciting Linen Singers"I Feel The Spirit/When Jesus Fixed It For You"Su-Ann VG+ $50.00 The Exception"You Always Hurt Me/You Don't Know Like I Know"Capitol Demo Solid VG perfect for dj spins $35.00 The Hi-Fashions"Mr.Policeman/Billy Knows"DynoVoice has neat promotor stamp on label VG++ $25.00 Pat Lundy and Bobby Harris"We Got A Good Thing Going/I Really Love You"Heidi"Solid VG $20.00 Johnny Acey"My Home/Forever More"D.J.L Solid VG $20.00 Funk I.N.C Bowlegs/The Thrill Is Gone"Prestige VG- $15.00 Linda Clifford"It's Gonna Be A Long Long Winter/March Across The Land"VG Paramount $12.00 All Prices Are In USD....Discs will be shipped as gift with low dec...Can ship up to 3 discs for same price....Free shipping on orders of $200.00 or more......Clips and scans avail upon request
  4. Golden Stars Of Greenwood S.C"That's Enough/Tell Mother I'll Be There"Pitch"VG++ $30.00"SOLD" Coye"Hop Scotch/Sweet I Know"Top Notch"VG good player $20.00"SOLD" Don & Alleyne Cole"Gotta"Find My Baby/Something's Got A Hold Of Me'Tollie"Clean VG $20.00 Soul Stirrers"Trying To Be Your Friend/I'm Traveling On"Jewel" VG $15.00 Inez Andrews and the Andrewettes"It Was Jesus/It's In My Heart"Song Bird"VG- $10.00 Freddie Scott"Me.Heartache/One Heartache Too Many"Columbia Demo"FILLER COPY G- plays with much backround noise $10.00 all prices are in USD...discs will be shipped as gift with low dec....Will give discounts for multiple discs purchased
  5. ORIGINAL Flippin issue..Disc looks VG- But plays better as heard in video $130.00 USD Price Includes FREE worldwide shipping"Disc will be shipped as gift with low dec
  6. you cannot listen to a Teddy production and not know it's him....He kept that same awesome sound with most of the pieces he laid his hands on......He was truly a blessing to the music industry
  7. Orig Tina issue....Does not play off center like most but is a G+ plays with 2 noticeable clicks in the beginning...Just upgraded to a minter $300.00 USD Price includes worldwide shipping.Disc will be shipped as gift with low dec....YouTube video is actual disc for sale
  8. VG- plays VG has some label wear plays decent for the grade.$70.00 USD+Ship disc will be shipped as gift with low dec
  9. Please Don't Go/Back In Your Arms Again.G+ Disc shows signs of wear plays with a bit of background in certain passages but not overbearing $30.00 USD+Ship disc will be shipped as gift with low dec
  10. Beautiful/Don't Cry"Solid VG Don't Cry Side Has A Few Noticeable Marks That Do Not Affect Play...NEVER Turns Up.....$100.00 USD+Ship Disc will be shipped as gift with low dec
  11. Disc looks G plays VG $45.00 USD+Ship disc will be shipped as gift with low dec
  12. VG- has a crack all the way through to the dead wax but still plays... YouTube video is actual disc for sale. $115.00 USD Price Includes worldwide Shipping.Disc will be shipped as gift with low dec value
  13. Clean and Solid VG only knocking it down a grade because of a few very superficial sleeve marks..$40.00 USD+Ship disc will be shipped as gift with low dec
  14. Filler copy has scuffs etc...Plays through until around the last 50 seconds a very tiny mark causes a skip may just need a cleaning ??? nice labels $50.00 USD+Ship
  15. It Don't Pay/If You Could Change Your Mind"Solid VG has a few very lite superficial marks and and a slight edge warp that does not affect play...Good for dj spins $350.00 USD+Ship...Disc will be shipped as gift with low dec

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