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  1. Chess1458

    The Peppers~Stuffed Pepper

    Avalanche demo...solid VG $35.00 USD+Ship
  2. Nice VG $50.00 USD+Ship
  3. Ray Charles"I Wake Up Crying/Smack Dab In The Middle~ABC DEMO G+ Eddie Floyd and Mavis Staples"Ain't That Good/Never Never Let You Go Stax DJ VG+ Guy Apollo"Big Man In Town/Toy Soldier"Hiback demo G+ plays out well Freddie North Song#29 Im Your Man/Same Mankind demo VG+ Richard"Popcorn"Wylie"Wedding Bells/Come To Me"Epic M- Eddie Holman"Am I A Loser/You Know That I Will"Parkway Demo G The Supremes"He Hol..
  4. Chess1458

    Gents & The Lady

    Looking for a copy of"Gents & The Lady"I Can Feel The Tears/Died Inside"Hue.....will accept in any playable condition...Cash/trades waiting
  5. Looking for a fair priced copy....Will accept a lower grade copy"Cash/Trades waiting
  6. Chess1458

    The Vels

    What good am i"HUE VG or better...will take lesser grade for right price...Cash/Trades waiting
  7. Just a question....Is there any difference in rarity or value with the gold label bronse without the mack ave address on it??Any help/info would be appreciated
  8. Chess1458

    Janis & Prince"Love and Devotion

    Looking for a VG or better will accept lesser grade for the right price"Cash/Trades waiting
  9. Chess1458

    Benjamin & The Dreamdancers

    Not one more tear/That's what you mean to me"Unplayed last one i have left"$20.00 USD+Ship
  10. Donnie Elbert"I can't help myself/Love is here and now you're gone"Avco Clean and glossy VG/VG+ The Masqueraders"Im just an average guy/I ain't gonna stop"AGP has promo star stamp on label"VG Laura Lee"Since i fell for you/I don't want nothing old but money"Hot wax VG+ One Sy Mack"I do believe that I'm losing you/Dollar to a dime"Atlantic VG++ The Vandals"In my opinion/pt 2"VG T-Neck with original sleeve The ..
  11. Chess1458

    Looking for 2 this evening

    The Individuals"May I"Fresh The Superlatives"Won't You Please Be My Baby"Dynamics VG or better will accept lesser grade...Please no crazy ebay prices..Cash/Trades waiting
  12. Chess1458

    Very Small Stack Of Dupes

    The Dynamic Spiritual Airs"Who Died On The Cross/It's Time To Serve The Lord"Dynamic 100"VG-/VG $75.00 The Dontells"Nothing But Nothing/In Your Heart"VJ 666 VG++/M- Orig Sleeve $30.00 Frank Curt"Sugar and Spice/Stay With Me"Right On 107 VG+ $30.00 Nina Simone"It Be's That A Way Sometime/You'll Go To Hell"RCA 9286 VG $25.00 Al Alberts"Before Tommorow Is Yesterday/Fly Me To The Moon"Columbia 42737 VG+/VG++ $20.00 ..
  13. 1.Eddie Holman"Am I A Loser/You Know That I Will"Parkway Demo Rubber Date Stamp O.L VG- 2.Bobby Womack-Just My Imagination/Where Do We Go From Here VG++ 3.The Electric Express'Its The Real Thing Pt 1/2"Linco VG-/VG 4.The Jive Five"You'll Fall In Love/No More Tears"Musicor G/G+ 5.Marilyn Britton"Big Mr.Heartbreaker/Smart Boy"WLP Vee Jay VG++ 6.Freddie Scott"Never You Mind/ Am I Grooving You"Shout Solid and Glo..
  14. Chess1458

    The Creations"RARE Sweet Soul

    Everything's Coming Up Love/Same BEAUTIFUL VG+ RARELY turns up $75.00 USD+Ship
  15. Chess1458

    The Cobras IV"Are You Ready"Snap

    Are you ready/Be true to me VG- $100.00 USD Price includes worldwide shipping