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  1. Still looking for a copy if anyone has one they want to part with
  2. Dean Parrish"I'm On My Way/Watch Out"Laurie Demo VG++ $325.00" SOLD" Syng McGowan"That's What I Want/Peggy Did"Hope" VG- plays well with some slight crackle in the first few secs"$290.00 Wade Flemmons"That Other Place/I Knew You When"VG++ Vee Jay Stocker nice copy. "ON HOLD" $225.00 all prices in USD.discs will be shipped as gift.Scans/Clips avail upon request Trades Considered
  3. Jesse Towers~I'll Love You Forever/We're Going Dancing"Karat GORGEOUS VG++ copy and seldom seen"$100.00 Prices are in USD...disc will be shipped as gift with low dec.Scans and clips avail upon request
  4. Harvey"Any way you wanta/She loves me so"Tri-Phi"I had a small handful of these that i had purchased from a distributor...This is my last one....NICE EX/EX+ copy that plays fabulous has tiny sticker on label $100.00 USD Price includes worldwide shipping"Disc will be shipped as gift with low dec"Scans/clips avail upon request
  5. Cookie and the Dedications"Hey Young Lover/Makin Eyes"Summit EXTREMELY RARE Illinois Xover R&B that NEVER turns up G+VG- that plays well with a bit of backround"Don't sleep on this one.$1200 The Cashmeres"Ain't No Comin Back/Back To School Again"Hubba Hubba"NM copy minus a very small sleeve scuff that can only be seen unless you really look for it"KILLER Slice of D.C sweet soul and NEVER found this clean $1000 Prices are in USD.Discs will be shipped as gift with low dec.Scans and clips avail upon request...Sorry No Holds"
  6. The Soulettes"Find Somebody New/It's Alright"Dud Sound"VG++ $300.00"SOLD" The Class Mates"I'm Sold On Your Love/You Can Do Me Some Good"Bright Star"VG++ $150.00 The Vipers"Little Miss Sweetness/Same Old Valarie"Dutchess VG+/VG++ $100.00 The Interpreters"Be Kind To Love/Pretty Little Thing"Abet VG $90.00 Dusty Wilson"Can't Do Without You/Life Not Worth Living"Gold Bronse issue F condition good as a filler or wall hanger plays with much backround noise $75.00 The Rising Sun"Getting Is Kinda Cool Now/Feel It"Kingston VG++ $60.00 Maurice Jackson"Lucky Fellow/Instrumental"Lakeside VG-/VG plays well $55.00 The Insiders"I''m Just A Man/I'm Better Off Without You"RCA Demo Glossy VG $50.00 Gene & Eddie"It's No Sin/You've Got To Love Me Sometimes"Monca' issue VG-/VG plays super $50.00 Gino Washington"What Can A Man Do//Same"Washpan issue VG $45.00 Bobby Fulton"It's Good To Be Lonely Sometimes/It's All Over"Soulville DJ VG/VG+ with soulville sleeve $40.00 Roger Hatcher"We're Gonna Make It/High Blood Pressure"Brown Dog DJ VG+ $30.00 Barbara Mason"Sad Sad Girl/Come To Me"VG+ Arctic has date stamp on label $20.00 The Voice Masters"If A Woman Catches A Fool/You've Hurt Me Baby"G+ Bamboo $15.00 Prices are in USD....discs will be shipped as gift"Combined shipping as always.Scans and clips avail upon request.Discounts for multiple discs purchases
  7. The Epics~ Let's Dance/Lonely KILLER lo-fi from Upstate NY on Lifetime killer doowop ballad flipside as well VG++/M- $200.00+ship Marty Wyler"Chalypso #8/Temptation Stroll" on Planet X Hot R&B instro outta NY that NEVER turns up VG- has 2 feelable scuffs in the last few grooves on b side that doesn't cause any issues $175.00+ship Prices are in USD...Discs will be shipped as gift
  8. Little Kim and the Personalles"Let's Talk About Love/Real Sharpshooter"Jay-Em VG+ $450.00" SOLD" Dale & The True Believers"Jesus I've Been Missing You/Just Like Jesus"Akron Unknown Sweet Soul/Mod Gospel VG++ $300.00 The Relatives"Don't Let Me Fall/Rap On"Orig Hosanna Issue not the boot VG- $150.00 Baby"Dave"Greenlee"We Need Love/Bout My Baby's Love"Steel City VG++ $120.00 Harvey & The Seven Sounds"Glamour Girl/New York City"Cuca VG $100.00 Vito and the Salutations"Id Best Be Going/So Wonderful My Love"Sandbag Demo VG++ $60.00 Fabulous Four"Everybody's Got To Have A Heart/If I Knew"Saintmo VG++/M- $50.00 All prices in USD...discs will be shipped as gift with low dec...Combined shipping as always.Scans and clips avail upon request
  9. The Cashmeres"Ain't No Comin Back/Back To School Again"Hubba Hubba"The epitomy of lowrider soul...NEVER turns up clean...This one is a VG++ $1000.00 USD+Ship....Will be shipped as gift with low dec....No holds sorry LAST CALL @ $850.00
  10. A few cheap spares to go Smokey Johnson"It Ain't My Fault Pt 1/2 Nola Demo VG/VG+ $20.00 The Incredibles"Crying Heart/I'll Make It Easy"Audio Arts "Solid and Well Playing VG $20.00 Freddy Scott"I'll Try Again/Lonely Man"Columbia VG+ $20.00 The Bobbettes"I've Gotta Face The World/Having Fun"RCA Demo VG- $20.00"SOLD" Sterling Magee"Tighten Up/I Still Believe In You" Tangerine G+/VG- plays well $20.00 KIng Curtis"Beach Party/Turn Em On"Capitol comes with proper sleeve VG+ $15.00 Oscar Toney Jr"Without Love/A Love That Never Grows Cold"Bell Demo Solid VG $15.00 Fontella Bass"Recovery/Leave It In The Hands Of Love"Checker VG++ $15.00 Laura Lee"Up Tight,Good Man/Wanted:Lover No Experience Necessary"Chess comes with orig company sleeve VG $10.00"SOLD" Bette Williams"Now That I'm Gone/If She's Your Wife"Gregar VG++ $10.00 Bobby McClure"Baby,You Don't Love Me/Don't Get Your Signals Crossed"Checker VG++ $10.00 The Imperials"I'm Still Dancing/Bermuda Wonderful"Capitol"Comes with proper period sleeve G+ $10.00 Tommy & Cleve"Boo-Ga-Loo Baby"Checker One Sided Demo VG $10.00 Prices are in USD....ALL Discs will be shipped as gift with low dec"Combined shipping as always
  11. The Relatives"Don't Let Me Fall/Rap On"ORIG Hosanna Issue VG- but plays super $150.00 The Franciscans"Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea/Mother Please Answer Me"Jimbo SUPER VG++ Copy NEVER turns up clean $130.00 Baby Dave Greenlee"We Need Love/Bout My Baby's Love"Steel City VG++ $120.00 The Golden Lights"Crying Days Are Done/It Will Soon Be Done"Zenette"EXTREMELY Rare Baltimore Gospel Soul G+ $100.00"SOLD" Harvey and the Seven Sounds"Glamour Girl/New York City"Cuca VG $100.00 Ted Baptiste"Homecoming Pt 1/Pt 2"Land-Ark unknown modern spoken word VG+ $90.00 Paul Alexander"Talk Is So Cheap/Girls,Girls,Girls"Parlo Demo VG++ $80.00 Big John Hamilton"Take This Hurt Off Me/If You're Looking For A Fool"Minaret VG++ $75.00 Otis Leavill"Can't Stop Loving You/Baby"Brunswick VG $70.00 Vito and the Salutations"I'd Best Be Going/So Wonderful"Sandbag Demo VG++ $60.00 Gloria Taylor"What's Your World/Had It All The Time"Selector Sound VG+ $55.00 The Rivingtons"I Love You Always/Years Of Tears"Vee-Jay VG++ $50.00 Jimmy Hicks"Tell Her That I Love Her/I'm Mr Big Stuff"Big Deal VG++ $45.00 Otis Leavill"I'm Amazed/Just A Memory"Limelight Demo VG++ $40.00 Roosevelt Roberts"Hooked On Your Love/I Bet You I Win"R&R VG- $40.00 Nelson Sanders"This Love Is Here To Stay/Tired Of Being Your Fool"La Beat" G copy has a tight crack halfway through good for a filler plays through $35.00 4th Generation"I'm So Happy/Revolution Phase"Teen Town VG+ has label damage $35.00 The Dontells"In Your Heart/Nothing But Nothing"Vee Jay Demo VG++ $30.00 The Versatiles"Bye Bye Baby/You're Good Enough For Me"Bronco Demo VG $30.00 Freddy Cole"I'd Have It Made/The Best Part Of My Life Is Missing"Tru Glo Town Demo VG++ $30.00 All prices are in USD.....Discs will be shipped AS GIFT with low dec...Combined shipping as always...Scans and clips avail upon request.....Shipping is $4.00 first class within the U.S....$14.00 for up to 3 discs anywhere else
  12. Brothers By Choice"Get Up And Dance/Got To Take You Home"Solid and Glossy VG $275.00"SOLD" The Relatives"Don't Let Me Fall/Rap On"HARD TO FIND orig Hosanna issue VG- $200.00 Eugene Record"Overdose Of Joy/Mother of Love"100% U.S Orig WB G+ plays with noticeable background crackles and pops"Good for a filler until a minter comes along $90.00"SOLD" Moose John"Wrong Doin Woman/Talkin Bout Me"G+ Orig not the boot" Disc shows signs of wear and plays with backround noise $90.00"SOLD" Prices are in USD and shipping worldwide is included.Discs will be shipped as gift with low dec
  14. Hide Nor Hair/I Love You Yes I Do"Recently upgraded to a mint demo stocker..Looks VG- But plays VG+ $100.00 USD+Ship disc will be shipped as gift with low dec clips avail upon request
  15. Eugene Record"Overdose Of Joy/Mother Of Love"Orig U.S.Warner Bros Issue G+ disc has noticeable scuffs which cause crackle throughout l,noticeable click last 30 secs no skips but the crackle is there...Good for a filler copy until a minter comes along $100.00 USD+Ship Disc will be shipped as gift with low dec clips avail upon request

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