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  1. Hello looking for a copy of George Jackson Ain't Nothing But Sorrow / We Need You More - Crosstown Records thanks Valentina
  2. well done, great article , you worked hard during the lockdown! but you Mainly made lots of these records "sought"
  3. Evening Looking for a copy of Things Are Gettin' Better / Macking On You on Chess At right price thanks Valentina
  4. Morning looking for a copy of Willie Kendrick - Change your ways/What's that on your finger - RCA Victor cheers Valentina
  5. Dears, Looking for a copy of J. P. Robinson ‎– You Can Be A Lady / Love Is Not A Stranger - Alston Records ‎ Many thanks regrs Valentina
  6. Dears looking for a copy of Hollidays - Easy Living / I lost you cheers Valentina
  7. Good day looking for a copy of Eula Cooper - Standing By Love many thanks regrds Valentina
  8. so wonderful tunes: worth travelling to listen ..no many around
  9. I wish all the best to Marcelle and Chris; I only met them recently but I love them already xxxx Gonna be a special event for sure
  10. i m looking to trade last one with anniversary n 25
  11. Looking to trade last 100 club anniversary n 40 ie Carolyn Crawford “ Ready Or Not Here Comes Love “ /I Stand blue Mickey Stevenson with anniversary record n 25 ie “ The Magicians (Just A Little) Faith And Understanding/ I Don't Want To Take A Chance Willie Walker cheers Valentina
  12. Brilliant write up : I cant wait xx I just spent nearly 20 years at 100 club. We all do all again this Saturday, My last 100 club as young gun I wont never forget the first time and other several ones when we took a flight from Italy with Roccia, Barbaraa and other friends and spent time in McDonalds until 1 o clock to wait for the opening ,dancing until 6, breakfast at Starbucks (and that bad coffee) ,the National express at Marble Arch: " Bye bye Mum , We see tomorrow I m just going to London to dance lol" Thanks again uncle Ady and everybody involved during these years : now we can wait to celebrate the next 50!
  13. I suggest to have a look on ebay.it , may it s easy there cheerrs Valentina ( I found there mine)
  14. many thanks for your reply, but I m looking for an original Copy
  15. Dears, Looking for a copy of J. P. Robinson ‎– You Can Be A Lady / Love Is Not A Stranger - Alston Records ‎ Many thanks regrs Valentina
  16. Good evening : looking for a copy of Casanova Two - We Got To Keep On / I was a fool Label: Early Bird Records Many thanks regrds Valentina
  17. not sure this record is easy to play out...I like originals (as shoes bags cloth lol)
  18. i slept on one on discogs 2 weeks ago.....:-( but i had a good fun the night before
  19. thanks Martin, thanks checking that as well
  20. Good day looking for a copy of Aaron Neville ‎– Hercules / Going Home - Mercury Many thanks Valentina
  21. Good evening looking for a copy of : A Hunk Of Funk / Yeah You're Right You Know You're Right Many thanks

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