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  1. Hi there have you still got lorraine chandler i can't change pm for costs regards
  2. Looking for a nice copy of the Betty Everette track Bye bye baby SORTED NOW Sorted Now thanks
  3. Wanted Carl Hall - Mean it Baby on Loma PM with your best price. Sorted
  4. Thank you for the confirmation, I agree that it is not too important but i only like to collect originals Sad i know ! Thank you
  5. Hi there Bit of a long shot but would you still have the cookie scott record i don't care for sale
  6. Ady Which one came out first who you trying to fool KENT 112A or 121B I Believe the original to be the Kent 112A - As you can see i am divorced these days
  7. Hi there Would you still have the cookie scott record ? Regards
  8. Anyone got a copy on the original ORR label best offer and be kind
  9. Ha ha thank you Ady for confirming the 45 was the first issue, which i always knew but now i have it confirmed. Thats just added a few quid onto the sound
  10. Son of Stan, I am sure what you say is true but the 7 inch came out at the same time so why does the LP get the original status,when i purchase the record i was told this is an unreleased sound and its the first issue Even Ady is unsure which came out first LP or single someone in the northern soul world should know ?
  11. Ady, Firstly thank you for a great all-nighter at crossfire amazing sounds from the DJs and a great night, secondly i bought the Kent single from an All-Nighter in Warrington, Parr Hall, in 85 i was always told and believe the Kent Single is the original could it be possible to re confirm as the OVO police will have me the next time i want to play this when i DJ.
  12. Checking pricing been going for 60 pounds so willing to offer this if interested Off course original only and condition Regards
  13. Hi Jon yes i have what your looking for i know the Heart of soul with singer is extremely rare just PM me or send a message to Hot mail steve-riley .co.uk Sorry not been about i have been abroad for a while Regards
  14. Hi there Is this still for sale Regards

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