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  1. Looking for a clean copy of DARROW FLETCHER - NO LIMIT- KENT SELECT. CASH WAITING. Please message me here or on my Facebook account. Thanks in advance.
  2. Totally brilliant documentary, an essential watch illustrating the highs and lows on a supertalented group.
  3. Thank you so much for posting!
  4. Looking for a copy of Gil Scott Heron - Willing on Arista 7" ... demo or issue wanted.. PM please if you have one for sale Thanks in advance
  5. Looking for Leroy Taylor ‘The Marrying Kind’ first issue, to either purchase or swap. I have a mint/unplayed Ernest Ernie and the Sincerities ‘Do Something’ that I would swap if it would help to make one available.
  6. Looking for a clean playing copy of Albert Jones 'Fifteen Cent Love' on Kapp. Money waiting. If you have one for sale or know someone with one to sell then either message me on here, or on Facebook. Thanks in advance John
  7. Looking for a clean playing copy of: The Adventurers - I've Caught You Cheatin - Music World If anyone has one for sale or can help in my quest it would be appreciated. Good price paid. Message me or contact me on 07947316100 or on Facebook. Thanks in advance.
  8. Salas Brothers - One Like Mine on Faro Don Thomas – Come on Train/Train Start Movin’. Clean playing copies wanted, good price paid.
  9. Would loved to have come along Chris, but we're at llandudno weekender.
  10. Wanted a copy of copy of You Call Me By My Name - Joe Con Los Silvertones, on Sally Ruth Records, needs to be a clean play. A good price paid and cash waiting. Please P'm me here and/or email details/images to: johneverard41@gmail.com Thank you in advance John
  11. Wanted a copy of the ORIGINAL 7" of Unique Blend "Yes, I'm in Love" on Eastbound. Preferably at least VG+ but must be a very clean play. I'm not interested in a thread of conjecture of what it cost in 1972 or who played it first/where etc. Please P'm me here and/or email detail/images to: johneverard41@gmail.com Thank you in advance John

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