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  1. Altrincham Soul Club

    Brilliant last night at the Masonic, thanks to all involved and a big thanks to all who have supported us over the past few years, look forward to seeing you all at our new venue the LMRCA next year.
  2. Altrincham Soul Club

    Loads of great records getting posted on Facebook, going to be a busy night fitting them all in.
  3. Altrincham Soul Club

    Couple of appropriate tunes for our last night at the Masonic.
  4. Altrincham Soul Club

    Couple of nice tunes for next Saturday.
  5. Likely Lads star Rodney Bewes RIP

    Whatever happend to the Likely Lads, brilliant comedy still watch it now, know it off by heart.
  6. Altrincham Soul Club

    Well it will soon be our last night at the Masonic before we move to the LMRCA next year, if you've been before you know what we do totally across the board tunes, if you haven't been, get down and see what you've been missing!
  7. Can You Dig It

    Gonna be a good night this one, looking forward to hearing the best in 70s and modern soul.
  8. Altrincham Soul Club

    Excellent night again, brilliant turnout, fantastic atmosphere and great comments on Facebook, and on the night as well, it's our last night at the Masonic in December and then in 2018 we move to the LMRCA, so make sure your there for the last one 😢 we've had some great nights at the Masonic! 😄
  9. Altrincham Soul Club

    We have some interesting news for all on Saturday. 😀
  10. Altrincham Soul Club

    In the Russ v Richard poll on Soul Source, Altrincham Soul Club is in the Richard Serling camp! Without a doubt.
  11. Jeanette Nellis Chess

    Been after a copy of this for years, great tune!
  12. Errol Dixon - Give Me More Time / Rocks In My Pillow.

    Great tune, good luck finding one, took me ages.
  13. Altrincham Soul Club

    One from the master of cover ups, Richard Serling, covered up as Pierre Hunt and played in the last couple of years at the Casino and at the Clifton Hall.
  14. Altrincham Soul Club

    Excellent night in August, guest DJ Keith Williams did a fantastic set, more of the same for this one and as usual some great tunes lined up!
  15. Altrincham Soul Club-Guest Keith Williams

    A good night was had by all, great spot by Keith Williams, look forward to seeing everyone in October quite a few of our regulars were away on there hols, you missed a top night, but never mind I'm sure the next one will be just as good.