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  1. Well said, hope to see all our regulars and more, let's make it a great turnout and a great night.
  2. Some great tunes lined up to play at the Masonic this month, something for everyone as usual.
  3. Bernard Heap did us proud as our guest DJ in April and this month we have Vance Butterworth behind the decks, really looking forward to hearing his tunes, it's going to be another great night at the Masonic.
    First time at Dab of Soul, nice venue and some impressive sounds played, stand out tunes of the night, Richard Caiton, Ralph Weeks, Fabulous Playmates, VeeGees, and Force Holy Moses, great sets by all the DJs. Will hopefully make the next one.
    Great turnout again and some great comments on Facebook, hope to see you all back in June.
  4. A couple more for Saturday, that Michaels been asking me to give a spin.
  5. Looks like all the DJs have been adding some great records to their collections, I'm looking forward to hearing them!
  6. Leave, always referring back to things.
  7. It was a fantastic turnout for our charity night in February and we are back in April with Bernard Heap as our first guest DJ of the year, Bernard has been a great supporter of our event and I'm sure he'll be filling the floor with some great tunes. Must give a mention about Nick McKinnon one of our resident DJs, who has an exceptional collection of 70s and Modern soul, I'm always impressed by his sets, we're lucky to have him. As for Michael and myself it'll be more of the same, totally across the board with plenty of gems in there, a couple I'll be hoping to play on the night.
  8. Was always pleasantly suprised by some of the great tunes he used to play, won't be the same on a Saturday morning.
    Brilliant, fantastic turnout, a real fun night, great mix of people with it being a charity night, some from as far as Bedfordshire, apologies for any requests we didn't manage to play, we had so many that we didn't get round to playing many of the records that we intended to play, only managed to get a few in. Back with more of the serious stuff for the next event in April, plenty for the connoisseurs!
  9. Showtime! Should be a good night, fourteen coming all the way from Dunstable, Luton way down south, get in early.
  10. The Monzas, Great request, top tune!
  11. BBC soundtrack.
  12. Plenty of Northern Soul used for background music on the BBC for the match today, just heard no one else can take your place, at the end!