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    From the wonderful, unforgettable hectic days of the Mecca and Casino (and everywhere else in between) to the quiet life here in the Med via Stoke on Trent and Wigan, my life shared with my wonderful rescue dog Clyde.
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    Cala en Porter. Menorca
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  1. Wow, I made those flyer's ...totally forgotten about them That was the 1st night of a few. Sx
  2. Happy Belated Birthday fellow Stokie Mr Minsh The funny (not at the time) - Many memories of being your chauffeur to the casino and many other venue's, in particular an alldayer at (I think it was) Todmorden in an Austin Princess (no idea who it belonged to) and it wouldn't get up 'the hill' you and Tim had to take your record boxes out and carry them up while I pottered all the way up to the top in 1st gear at 5mph!!! The un-mentionables New Year Eve parties at your parents house!!! The Kindness Keith ran monthly soul nights at the George Hotel in Burslem, they were really well attended. After the sad death of Dave Alcock, Keith would dedicate that particular night annually as a 'Dave Alcock Memorial Night', and at the end of the evening would present me with a big wad of cash to donate to the charities of Dave's family choice. Keith could have quite easily put that cash in his back pocket, but chose to do a selfless thing. A kindness I have never forgotten, I remember it blew Dave's mum away and I'm sure she wrote to Keith to thank him for such a massive gesture year on year. Hope you had a fabulous day Keith Sharron P xx p.s. The only picture I have of you is where you are looking disgusted, while a gang of us are mooning................I wont upload it
  3. Thanks everyone so far........... Clyde has walked past a couple, so he doesn't seem interested in them, I'm just a over protective mum I guess!! I really don't want to harm them and let them go on their merry way, but if the choice is them or Clyde, its just no contest! x
  4. Thanks Steve We are well thank you. The one I thought I really could rule out was the processionary, as they come in the spring time and they are orange/brown/blue in colour these seem to be black and white or a faint yellow and they are not walking in procession. We live overlooking fields and in part the sea, as this has never happened before as long as we have lived here, I'm thinking they may have blown in from North Africa or the farmer has disturbed some beasties while he has been turning the soil....its all very unusual, and I cant find anything on the interweb.... They are not on any of the fruit trees or plants as I can see and they just appeared yesterday........so I'm at a loss, but I'm sure someone on here will come up trumps for me (we need a new expression there so I don't have to use HIS name) Best wishes to you and yours x
  5. Can anyone help in identifying this caterpillar? They arrived yesterday by the 1000's, our terrace is overrun with them, they are about an inch long. I'm very concerned that they may be dangerous for Clyde my gorgeous boy. Any help out there? Don't forget we are on the Balearic islands Thanks in Advance Sharron x
  6. Been down to the beach for a walk with Clyde, gorgeous day............... x
  7. Think Clydie has totally overdone the festive season! Happy New Year Everyone, looking forward to more amazing photographs this year. x
  8. That's barking up the wrong tree!! Ill get me coat..................... x
  9. You are very welcome A dog will only enhance your life, I'm sure there are many soulies on here who can give you some excellent doggy advice if you needed it. As for my advice for what its worth...............Lots and lots of love and food is the answer x
  10. Ooops meant to quote this with my response above x
  11. Go to the rescue centre and get a dog.........there will be one waiting just for you I have had Clyde for 2 1/2 years and I cannot imagine my life without him, everyday he wakes me up and I smile, what a way to start your day! He keeps me fit with our long meandering walks and he cuts down on the electric bill cause who needs a telly when you can watch a dog playing like a daft un, like when he brings his 'raggy' back for you to throw it again!! What if someone tries to break in your house and your dog barking frightens them away? What if he gets loose and the dog warden 'reads his chip and beings him home? What if he comes home by himself? (Clyde ran away from Steve a while ago and Steve knew it was more than his life is worth to come home without him, so he searched and he searched, eventually he decided he had to come home and tell me the awful truth...................and there was Clydie sitting at the gate waiting for someone to open it!) You will cope when he dies because you will have to, but you will stop thinking about that as you will be having too much fun with him, and all the people at work and people just passing you in the street fussing over him for you to think about that...................and if you 'go' first, he can come and live with Clyde in the sunshine The benefits WILL outweigh the negatives, because he/she will fill your life with joy and laughter and although they wont dissapear, the negatives will fade to grey........... Believe me, you aren't the only one who has those thoughts, and they are not so irrational, just don't let them hold you back any longer................. xx
  12. Ann Byers - Dead End Ann Sexton - Gone too Long Ann Perry - That's the way he is x
  13. Got to be The Moments for me, there was a DJ who always used to play this for me..................... Wonder what happened to him x
  14. Sorry for the quality, it was taken with my phone. Thought it was too beautiful to miss. x
  15. Hi Steve Steve back tomorrow night...................hence me sitting under the load of timber, blah, blah blah with a large brandy and ginger!! Loving your photographs, keep them coming x

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