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  1. How about some of the following. I like 70s and 80s but have to be soulful.. Veda what it's all about Neville brothers dance your blues away Bobby wilburn I'm a dreamer King tutt you got me hung up Tolbert you got it Ray crumley she's so good Bridgette cooper get into the love groove. Lifestyle Katrina Pretenders just be yourself Johnny Bristol love no longer has a hold on me J g Lewis dance lady dance Winfield Parker I wanna be with you Garfield Fleming don't send me away Caviar never stop loving you Arthur miles helping hand Greg Perry it takes heart Skull snaps I'm your pimp Otis clay the only way is up Dell's your song Marlene Shaw don't want this feeling to last Philip Mitchell I'm so happy. Mind & matter under your spell Will Collins anything I can do Flight playing your games Mandrill too late Some of these not expensive at all. And remember we all have different tastes and views these are just some of the things I like.
  2. Brilliant article. Thanks for spending the time compiling it. Made a brilliant read
  3. Hi anyone got a copy of the this for sale. Let me know
  4. Hope you get it sorted out soon. I was thinking about pizza for dinner but had 2nd thoughts
  5. Was trying to take a photo of the weird shaped cloud with my phone when it was photo bombed by the bird
  6. Hopefully if you can show the bank that they are fraudulent payments they should have a way of reclaiming any losses. Good luck in sorting it out
  7. Ps it's not me as I used to be a chef I make my own pizzas
  8. I don't know if this will be helpful or not. My PayPal uses my debit card not my bank account. Could you get your bank to cancel the card or block unauthorised payment on your account. ??
  9. Sorry Brian I am in total agreement with the above. To me it sounds like country and western or maybe deep country.. wasn't at all soulful to me.
  10. Apart from missing the obvious niters, weekender's etc. Now I've been off work for 13 weeks I am really really really missing the normal things in life like going away for the weekend at our caravan it's between mablethorpe and cleethorpes and just walking around the shops and getting some seaside fish and chips and sitting watching the sea.. hopefully we will be able to go soon so will give the leaking boot a try, ( it better be good lol) cause normally I don't like boots and prefer originals. Ps really miss the Winter Gardens was great in the early 80's with all the modern
  11. And a polite no from me as well.. although I will admit to liking soul music ( but as I am on soul source it's a bit of a give away)
  12. I was just browsing evil bay and came across "im with you all of the way" on little star as a reissue was really surprised as I've never considered that this is rare or expensive or am I missing something??

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