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  1. Greedy Mick

    first three records to start a set

    Just wondering if anyone has ever started with these for a joke Jimmy radcliffe Toby legend Dean parish
  2. Greedy Mick

    Thee checkers

  3. Greedy Mick

    Thee checkers

    Hi im looking for a copy of the checkers lack of love on look. Please pm me with condition and price
  4. Greedy Mick

    Anderson Brothers I can see him

    I know that this may have been done before. How do you tell an original from a boot. I have a vinyl and a styrene copy and no idea if either are original. Thanks Mick
  5. Greedy Mick

    Some car insurance Q's

    Having a spouse on insurance as a named driver nearly always brings it down. Mine went up after my divorce. Someone recently hit my car and drove off. Direct line sorted it out within 2 weeks with a free hire car. Just for my excess without affecting my no claims. Wasn't the cheapest insurance company by about £40 a year but claim service was good
  6. Greedy Mick

    Rugby Soul Club

    After being on the niter scene for almost 40 years. I love the fact that I still hear something I don't know. And it's nearly always at rugby. People forget that sounds like Alfie Davidson and Phylis Hyman etc were new releases played at Wigan. So I think it's unfair to slate one particular dj in what they play cause if everyone played the same 500 records it would be as boring as a wedding reception hearing red red wine for the millionth time . And if I was flying to a niter I would take a small box as well... like Trill did. This scene is very varied and Rugby is one of the few niters that embraces this. So Rugby soul club keep up the good work and I will see you in February irrespective of how my health is
  7. Greedy Mick

    Little Melvin jealous lover

    Hi I'm after a copy of little Melvin and the Boleros - jealous lover on Valerie. Please pm me with condition and price. Many thanks. Mick
  8. Greedy Mick

    Continental showstoppers

    Hi I'm after a continental showstoppers not too young. On seventy seven. Pm me with condition and price . Thanks mick
  9. Greedy Mick

    Casino Club advert

    Ok make that 1450001. Dont forget that hl the pop misic played wete the top 500 pop tunes of the day
  10. Greedy Mick

    How To Be A D.J.?

    Or like me you could have a son who is into the scene... gets his dad (me) a spot then decides to break it gently to me, sometimes the week before as he knows how nervous i get.. but it is worth it as he is so proud when i dj.
  11. Greedy Mick

    Keeping chickens

    Thanks for the great info.. really helpful
  12. Greedy Mick

    Wanted. Little melvin

    Hi anyone have a little melvin and the boleros, Jealous lover on valerie for sale Please pm me with price and condition Many thanks Mick
  13. Greedy Mick

    Hot weather

    How do you inadvertently lose a record off a bridge. Ive heard of people leaving them on top of cars and dj's putting them back in the wrong box and holding a sleeve upside down. Or is that what happened?
  14. Greedy Mick

    Keeping chickens

    The problem is obvious.. only one finch it made too much noise calling for another one as the others were bullying it.


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