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  1. What a great night . Had a brilliant time. Many thanks to Sian and Dean as always for all the work that goes into staging this niter. And a big thanks to the Dj's some brilliant sounds played.
  2. Corona virus or not I'm ready
  3. I watched it with my son Kevin as after reading what people had put we never dreamed it could be that bad. But we were crying with laughter. It certainly made a grey Sunday morning a lot brighter. We are now saying that we like rare soul music to people and have no idea what northern soul is. Never mind KTF this was more WTF
  4. I found my Mac Staten for 50p at a car boot sale in 1989 when it was still covered up as Bobby Angela
  5. When I suggested this to Mike I had been listening to some old cassettes and after listening to both it was almost a 50 50 vote but I just prefer Ree Flores although I would like to have either copy in my box
  6. I am the father of twin sons age 28. One on the northern scene one not. Neither of them drop litter and both of them are extremely polite young men. I have brought them up properly and you can't blame parents I know people my age ( late 50's) who drop litter and cigarette buts anywhere they wish and they don't give a toss.. I personally think that it is down to the individual.. yes litter is everywhere but can you remember how much dog sh#t was around when we were kids. I think it is something that needs addressing the same way and maybe people will think twice about dropping it. .. when I went to Minorca it was one of the cleanest places I have visited I wonder what their secret is??
  7. Many thanks for that. As always someone on here will know all these little bits of information . Mick
  8. Hi can anyone she'd any light on this unusual label release. As you can see mine is the one with label scan on discogs. But with a bit of care I have managed to peel the tape off which was covering the label. And it is credited to the ideals and music by the outlaws. Which I haven't seen on either of the label releases. I was just curious if it was just a local release before it got onto the US billboard charts and was released on Cortland and Satellite (different mix). Many thanks Mick
  9. For me it has to be the Leicester oddfellows alldayer may bank holiday 2019 as although I have been on the scene since 1980 I was asked to do a spot at my favourite venue.. I loved every minute of it and it was a big tick off my bucket list. Greedy mick
  10. Ha brilliant we had a fibre glass dinghy appear along with outboard motor. Never went on the water just used to lay in it with my cat. No wonder our kids look at us strange when we walk in on a Sunday afternoon after going out on a Friday night
  11. Why did the days back then seem so good. Was it cause our parents didn't have what we have now and they made the most of everything like a day out at the seaside walking along the front with a bag of chips and scraps ( sctatchings or bits depending where you are from ) still don't taste like then. Or family Sunday dinners fighting over the last roast spud or me and my brother fighting over the skin off the rice pudding.. Monday night tea after school thick crusty bread and the beef dripping from dinner the day before.. Happy carefree days
  12. What if you have twins like I do and one of them gets mistaken for the other?
  13. I am really enjoying about the words, sayings, nuances and colloquialism that wind us up and annoy us. What about people's little habits that annoy us? As muchas I love my 2 sons they both do things that annoy me for no apparent reason. Here's one for instance. My son always has to sneeze 3 times when he gets up in the morning each one getting louder and louder. So if the first one wakes me up I know that I'll be wide awake by the 3rd lol
  14. Does anyone else remember how our grandparents and aunties and uncles used to complain how youngsters used to talk and use new words.. sound familiar? I think we are getting old

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