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  1. Not only a fantastic book but I can't think of a more worthy cause than a stroke clinic. I am a lucky sod who has had 2 small ones with very few lasting problems . so a massive thank you from for raising so much. Take care of yourself and hope to see you out and about sometime in the near future.
  2. Not sure who you are insured with but the last 2 years with direct line my yearly renewal has been cheaper than the previous and it's not because I have got more no claims bonus as I have had full no claims for years and 2 years ago when someone hit my car and did a runner apart from my small excess it didn't affect my premiums or no claims.. I suppose that their are people out there who will have had a different experience with direct line but been ok for me
  3. I'm in total agreement. A very happy birthday to you all. And I hope you manage to have a great day considering the lockdown. Best wishes Mick
  4. There are several television/radio personalities who really get to me but if you get to know them they are probably alright. But I'm going to stick with my ex lol.
  5. Have had that album since it was released I didn't know that the spinners was never released. Nice album to listen to all the way through on both sides.
  6. What about The skullsnaps I'm your pimp. Was booted on 7" so album only and willie hutch lucky to be loved by you.
  7. Good result. Nice to be winning at home.. hopefully Europe is a good possibility
  8. Thank you for letting me know. Although I knew the 2 singers names I didn't know much about them. Very sad news for Her family and friends..
  9. Highlights for me were having time and money to look for records as I don't always have a lot of spare money to spend but with not going out I've probably bought more this year than since the early 80s. And I finally got one of these And the other thing that I found that I enjoyed was growing vegetables etc. In my garden, On the first day of lockdown the area on the right was just lawn and by mid summer I had a great selection . Looking forward to growing some more in the spring.
  10. Hi. Anyone got one for sale? Let me know condition and whether issue or demo. and price of course thanks for looking
  11. We all get bad jokes in crackers or from our Dad's Here's my really bad dad Joke while I was preparing tomorrow's tea. Here's Santa claws lol now lets hear your bad Christmas jokes
  12. I have an issue which someone gave me years ago it looks like it has been dragged along a road for miles by tanks and Jcb's but it plays with only a couple of crackles on the intro. So it might be your copy. Would be interesting what others say
  13. Always loved this record. But I can't believe that I have seen it for sale for £2000 on Rarenorthernsoul. I know it's rare but i was surprised to see the price. But everything seems to be fetching very high prices at the moment
  14. Well I put it back into the container, tucked away so hopefully it will be ok. It was just a beautiful thing to see on a grey November lockdown day

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