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  1. Filey from a couple of weeks ago, most taken from the front door of where we stayed.
  2. Some random photos from a few weekends ago.
  3. Same label as Tommy Navarro but a lot lot cheaper. Kenny Hamber - Show Me Your Monkey. Great title Oo-er Missus. Great Double sider i've given the odd spin out, both sides.
  4. A couple of the dogs, Whippet 'Rain' and Chihuahua 'Bo'. Rooks seeing off a Buzzard (Was quite far away from the action.)
  5. More from the last week or two. The Young Robin wasn't a bit scared of me and the dogs, kept coming quite close.
  6. Some random photos from this morning and the last couple of weekends.
  7. Cheers Pal, watched it for a good couple of minutes bashing the grubs head in on the fence, managed to get quite a few good photos of it.
  8. Some Toadstools, Last Saturday's Rainbow and a couple of Arty Farty B+W Shots.
  9. Some Photos from the last couple of Weekends. Bit of Wildlife and our dogs.
  10. A few from the last couple of days. Red Admiral, Hover Fly, Song Thrush and Male Blackbird feeding it's young 'un.
  11. Cheers pal, very much appreciated coming from you
  12. A few from yesterdays dog walk, young Great Tit, Linnet, Young Nuthatch, Young Robin and Wood Pigeons.
  13. I Think this is the first time I've posted this year, so I've just picked a few random things I've took over the last few months
  14. Had a record delivered from the U.S. this week that only took 9 days from me ordering it. Still haven't got me box full that I ordered at the beginning of March though .
  15. I ordered 19 records from a seller in New York on Discogs on the 10th March, the last tracking update was 29th March that the package was at Chicago Distribution Centre. I have just received a new update email that the package has arrived today at Chicago O'Hare Airport. Phew It's a longer waiting game now I suppose, hope this will put a few of you who are waiting at ease a little. Now to find out whereabouts the three ebay ones are .
  16. Here's my Playlist from Saturday night, usual mixed bag of Soul, R&B, Popcorn, some requests etc. No specific order, a few from early warming the Decks up, my 2 spots and a few while I was waiting for me taxi, which I can't remember getting home in, so a cracking night Johnny Appalachian - Mountain of a Man (Goldie) Benda Holloway - You Made Me So Very Happy (Tamla) Dee Clark - Come Closer (Constellation) Del-Vikings - Bring Back Your Heart (ABC Paramount) Vern McEntire - Seven Million People (Liberty) Marie Knight - To Be Love By You (Addit) Shorty Bil
  17. I wouldn't slow down Milt Grayson either, I've got loads of popcorn stuff I play out and mostly play as is, just one or two I might pitch down a tad (Nat Wright - Fantasy which I posted being one). A few need pitching up a bit too, it's a minefield . Vinnie Monte a great record. At our Do's (Something Different Soul Club), Stopped putting Northern Soul on the flyers a few years ago, Soul, R&B & Popcorn + more, Gives the D.J's room to play what they want, seems to be working though, just into our 6th year. I like the popcorn stuff because it's difficult to define , a lot of musical gen

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