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  1. Took these on the way back from taking the dogs a walk on Saturday Afternoon. The missus tinkered about and made the last one on her phone, thought it looked quite impressive .
  2. Filey from a couple of weeks ago, most taken from the front door of where we stayed.
  3. Same label as Tommy Navarro but a lot lot cheaper. Kenny Hamber - Show Me Your Monkey. Great title Oo-er Missus. Great Double sider i've given the odd spin out, both sides.
  4. A couple of the dogs, Whippet 'Rain' and Chihuahua 'Bo'. Rooks seeing off a Buzzard (Was quite far away from the action.)
  5. More from the last week or two. The Young Robin wasn't a bit scared of me and the dogs, kept coming quite close.
  6. Some random photos from this morning and the last couple of weekends.
  7. Cheers Pal, watched it for a good couple of minutes bashing the grubs head in on the fence, managed to get quite a few good photos of it.

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