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    Been a big soul fan all my life, now have decided to host 'Northern Soul' Nights in South Wales. KTF

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  1. pjs, you are the plum, a prized one at that! Perhaps you don't understand what I am saying here! What I am saying, if you can't grasp my post which you obviously can't, is that 70s (yes, records made in the 1970s) and classed by some people as 70s 'crossover' or 'modern' are infact disco music, which to my ears is shite. Yes 70s DISCO music, not crap by the likes of Wigans Ovations and The Allnight Band(which were shite pap pop dressed up as Northern Soul), but actual 70s disco music. 70s Disco music that some deluded people call 'crossover' or 'modern'. It's shite, it is Disco music, not 'crossover' or 'modern! Understand now, what I am saying? By the way, I know this is just my opinion, and there are quite a few people out there who love 'crossover' and 'modern'. However, no matter what term or terms you couch the genre of music in, 70s 'modern' and 'crossover' are just plain, ordinary crap disco music.
  2. Anything that is considered to be 70s 'crossover' or 'modern' on the Northern Soul scene. Face facts, 99.99% of them are just cheesy 70s disco records. Uhhhgggg
  3. AIN'T NO SUN SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE. It's been recorded by The Dynamics, The Temptations, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and Chuck Jackson. But the best version is by Dusty Springfield from her album Definitely.
  4. Well said matey, some of the DJ's I've come across seem to think the more they spend on an over priced overplayed record, the bigger their cock is, and the larger the pair of balls they possess. Give me a set of rare underplayed records anytime. As you rightly state it doesn't have to cost a king's ransom to get a really good set together. I like to go a Northern Soul night to hear a few tunes I haven't heard before, and tunes that re rarely played. Too many DJs seem to want to stay within a safe boundary and only play the well known songs.....yawnnnn....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...I've never seen this guy play an event yet, but all the stuff he puts up on YouTube is awesome. Even if I don't agree, or like every song he play, at least he steps outside the box. Wish more DJs would follow his example.
  5. Many thanks for your reply Michael, much appreciated. Yes, The Queen of British Soul appeared as a backing singer on "Bell's A Poppin" as Gladys Thong
  6. Oh font of all knowledge, I come once again seeking information that I just know someone will have on here. Can anyone tell me when in 1967 the actual date of release for Madeline Bell "Bell's A Poppin" was. Thanks in anticipation. Gaz
  7. Many thanks Firecrest, much appreciated
  8. Many thanks to 'yank' and 'nickinstoke' for their replies., much appreciated Cheers fellas!!
  9. Cheers Steve, Yes that's all I know as well. I'm hoping someone will come up with actual release dates. T here's a couple of pints riding on the right answer lol
  10. Can anyone settle a debate? Who was the first to record 'The Real Thing'? Was it Tina Britt (who I think did), Betty Everett, or The Chiffons? I know that someone on here will know the answer. Thanks in anticipation :)
  11. To my ears Little Richards 'Get Down With it' is a R 'n' R song and has nothing whatsoever to do with NS. It's a great song, by the way. Slade speeded it up and it became a stomp-along Glam Rock classic.
  12. Here you go. Have heard this at a Northern night and also possess a copy. Love my 60s garage bands too!
  13. Hello Glyn, I've refunded your £3.00. Cheers Gaz

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