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  1. What a plum,do you think the artists in the sixties went out to record a "northern soul hit" no they went out to record a soul hit,the only people that went out to record an actual "northern soul"record were the likes of Wigans Ovations and The Allnight Band in the seventies..
  2. Soul snobbery rearing it's ugly head again,If you didn't go here or go there you don't count brigade,it's everything that's bad about the scene ,there are some right tits on the scene I love it when they stick there hands in the air,I suggest you keep you hands in your pockets.
  3. Oh sorry,didn't know this thread was just for the baggy pant elitists born at the turn of the century..
  4. Wayne Gibson Under my thumb,total dog turd,never heard it played ever in 35 years..
  5. I'll take the Ann Sexton if you still have it thanks Paul..
  6. Hi Alan,will you do Johnny Moore with the postage thrown in.. cheers Paul.
  7. Did anyone know how rare the George Tindley 'so help me woman' on Wand was,I bought it on ebay a good few years ago and haven't seen another,also another I found but gave away to a friend that collected British releases was Tammi Lyn I'm gonna run away from you' on a British Polydor,he did tell me at the time it didn't exist although he was holding it in his hands.
  8. It's a great night although I haven't been for a while,hats of to Mr Harris for putting this on,no top 200 played there..Although It's mainly sixties I did sneak an eighties track on once...
  9. Kindred Family Soul...Magic Happen This is soul and then some from the Husband and Wife duo,not every track they've done is my pot of tea but all there albums have a few crackers on..

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