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  1. gfreeman

    Cavaliers - Hold to my baby - M- DEMO

    Is there a price for this?
  2. gfreeman

    Charles Johnson never had a love

    I bought this record when it was released on the basis of a recommendation in the fanzine "Deeper Soul" (I think that was it was called. I still have the magazine somewhere). Because the magazine was for Deep Soul fans, the recommendation was for the A Side "Baby I Cried". It only cost me about £1.75.
  3. gfreeman


  4. gfreeman

    Three for sale

    Francesco Only Just got your message. Before I confirm the purchase and make the payment, can you just confirm the extent of the writing on the label. Cheers Glyn
  5. gfreeman

    Three for sale

    Is the sandy Wynns record still for sale Cheers Glyn
  6. gfreeman

    Eddie Holman - I Surrender (reduced)

    Would you accept £140
  7. gfreeman

    Five Records With Some Of The Best Intros Ever

    Is the Nolan Porter record still for sale? Cheers Glyn
  8. Is the Dynamites Record still for sale as I am interested. I did send a message, but not sure if it was sent Glyn
  9. gfreeman

    Northern / R&b / Popcorn Saleslist

    I am interested in Pity My Feet Kenny Bernard and Chuck Jackson Chains Of Love. Please confirm that they are still for sale Thank Yopu Glyn
  10. gfreeman

    Reduced From Last Lists

    Please confirm if Gene Latter Funny Face Girl is still for sale Cheers Glyn
  11. gfreeman

    All Dancers - Reductions & Additions - All Must Go

    I am interested in the Rex Garvin Queen off the Gogo disc. Is it still for sale Glyn
  12. gfreeman

    Recent Kent Cds All @ 6.50 Inc Postage

    I am interested in the Dan Penn Fame Recording CD. Is it still for sale? Glyn
  13. gfreeman

    45's For Sale

    is the Bobby Patterson single "What A Wonderful Night for Love" still for sale as I am interested in this single Regards Glyn
  14. gfreeman

    More Loft 45's Part 2

    Is Ed Crook thats alright still for sale as I am interested in purchasing this item Glyn Freeman
  15. gfreeman

    Few For Sale

    I am interested in buying That's alright, Ed crook. Is it still for sale. gfreeman


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