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  1. Hi everybody Hard times need good moments. Having the passion and opportunity to sheer ourself up with music is a real gift. Two nice 6ts dancers need new homes that I can make myself a new gift. Gary sole - holdin on (knight) 550$ A rare piece of driving Northern soul here. Condition is right in the middle between vg and vg+. Most peeps would grade this vg+. It plays like a dream without any issues. Reggie saddler combo - hear my song (panther) 450$ Another great 6ts dancer with awesome horns and rolling drums. This one is a vg and plays very nice with just 2-3 pops. A funny bastard wrote "bad rock" on both labels - he was deadly wrong.... Price in US$. PayPal please. If you need soundclips feel free to pm. Thank you Henning
  2. A true beauty. Very close to m- and the tough to find promo. Velvet Satins - nothing can compare to you 350 $ (US) Best wishes Henning
  3. Both won't work on the 45s if it would cause more damage. Really professional and lots of experience. Henning
  4. These guys are really good: http://www.vinylrecordsrestoration.com/ Also mike Noriega (USA) is a wizard with warped records
  5. Hi stuart I have a vg+ copy with nice labels. Feel free to pm your offer. Henning
  6. Midnight sun here. Might let go for a good offer.
  7. Please get in contact if you have any of these for sale. Not really picky about condition.... Soul Motivation ‎– Hard Times (Are Comin) Joe brown -Money (Atlanta soul) Joe Combs ‎– You Know I Care Blackwater - let me hold you tonight (music city) January 3rd ‎– You Ain't Comin Radiant – Shoo-Be-Do (radiant) The Candidates - Thinking about you (North Shore) Morrocos - union depot (clearhill) M.n.s.b. - illusion (seventh scroll) Rev. Harvey gates - price of love Brenda & afroettes - colour me black Claude and brotherhood - what you gonna do for me (trans world) Thank you Henning
  8. So. Can you tell if I got the real deal? It's vinyl. 65 sue 214 in dead wax Interestingly it is labelled sad Sam on both sides. Plays what I can do though.
  9. Hi try haim kenig. I think he might have a few.
  10. Hey. Me again. It seems Like I have your wants. Soul sensations in vg++ for 80$ incl shipping. Best wishes Henning
  11. I have a copy. M-. But with the killer "spread love" on the other side. Henning
  12. Gary bratchford has a Detroit soul for sale. 200£ I think.

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