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  1. Henning v Herzen

    A few wants

    Please get in contact if you have any of these for sale. Not really picky about condition.... Soul Motivation ‎– Hard Times (Are Comin) Joe brown -Money (Atlanta soul) Joe Combs ‎– You Know I Care Blackwater - let me hold you tonight (music city) January 3rd ‎– You Ain't Comin Radiant – Shoo-Be-Do (radiant) The Candidates - Thinking about you (North Shore) Morrocos - union depot (clearhill) M.n.s.b. - illusion (seventh scroll) Rev. Harvey gates - price of love Brenda & afroettes - colour me black Claude and brotherhood - what you gonna do for me (trans world) Thank you Henning
  2. Henning v Herzen

    Oscar Weathers - Top & Bottom 402 NOW SORTED

    One here. M- 30£ incl shipping.
  3. Henning v Herzen

    Billy Prophet - What Can I Do?

    So. Can you tell if I got the real deal? It's vinyl. 65 sue 214 in dead wax Interestingly it is labelled sad Sam on both sides. Plays what I can do though.
  4. Henning v Herzen

    Rare Funk Records!

    Hi try haim kenig. I think he might have a few.
  5. Henning v Herzen

    Soul Sensations A Man That Is Not Free

    Hey. Me again. It seems Like I have your wants. Soul sensations in vg++ for 80$ incl shipping. Best wishes Henning
  6. Henning v Herzen

    Joseph ‎– Three O'Clock In The Morning

    Same here. Very tough one!
  7. Henning v Herzen

    (SORTED) Body Heat - Forget Yourself / Body Heat - Power Records

    I have a copy. M-. But with the killer "spread love" on the other side. Henning
  8. Henning v Herzen

    2 WANTED, Carol Anderson & Detroit Soul

    Gary bratchford has a Detroit soul for sale. 200£ I think.
  9. Henning v Herzen


    Wanted for a friend: Dupremes- so in love (dupremes) Thanks Henning
  10. Henning v Herzen

    Aussie soul 45s

    Hi sent this guy a few Aussie 45s for free a couple of years ago and never even got a thank you for it. Funny world....
  11. Henning v Herzen

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    Les mack & impacts - so blue
  12. Henning v Herzen

    The 'upfront scene' ?

    Well I would like to try to give it a different view. For me, if an upfront scene exists, it's: - djs being open minded on era of music 6ts/7ts/8ts....... and style gospel/funk/soul/disco..... ovo policy though - venue could be different to classic venues with wooden floor, balcony.... - punters are open and love to dance whatever kind if music - you rarely hear this has been played here or there. It's maybe more watching through the glasses of the unknown to let it go. But hey. What do I know. Just a few thoughts. Maybe it's just a new word for old things. Love Henning
  13. Henning v Herzen

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    I'm a huge lover of this genre and my collection grows and grows. Especially i love the Carolina/Virginia area. I did 2 mixes a while ago for those who are interested. Feedback would be very welcome....
  14. Henning v Herzen

    Most ridiculous cover version of northern soul record

    Never heard anything worse.
  15. Henning v Herzen

    T.s.u. toronadoes rarity.

    A rare One to go. Tsu toronadoes - thousand wonders (ovide) What a great tune. Superrare and in this condition nearly impossible. It's excellent and plays great. Taking offers over 800 (now over 950 please) us$$ til 8 pm today (Swiss time) Thx Henning


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