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  1. Essence On Adventure One From 1982

    I have this 45 ' Stay away from me' was played to a friend at the weekend who also likes sweet soul. It would be great if you could let us know the members of the group. Is your uncle's full name Charles White? and did the group have another member by the nam...
  2. Chosen Few - Wondering (Konduko) 45

    If you have no luck with the 45 I have the LP here if you need it. Andy
  3. 7” paper sleeves - coloured ones

    There is a chap on Ebay, his seller ID is soundswholesale. He does 500 for £125, these are mixed colours or you can choose specific amounts of each, five or six different colours to choose from. I have seen them cheaper in the states, but you then have the po...
  4. Is it, time to sell up.?

    I hear this lowrider scene being accredited to the price increase in group and sweet soul all the time, but that is far from the truth. I could quote finishing prices of that genre on american auctions prior to ebay really getting going and I can assure you t...
  5. Writing on record labels

    Some very rare 45's that have had untracable group members and lable owners have in a few cases left collectors guessing the release date, only to find several years later a copy turns up with a hand written release date showing the exact date they were maile...
  6. take a look inside-The Supremes

    Good call on this one. It is a pity hip-o- select did not have a go at releasing this again like they did with the unreleased David Ruffin material, they managed to release it again in 2011 after the first run in 04, so demand for it must have been relatively...
  7. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    A good start could be 'When the lights come down on love', then listen to 45 on Soulville Int. I think most soul fans who listen to all genres rare or otherwise would agree the vocal on the 'Johnny' side is rather tired and safe, saved slightly by Joe hunter'...
  8. Looking for Click on Jupiter

    Have PM'D ya. Andy
  9. slow/mid-tempo New Orleans - any suggestions?

    i'm very much a fan of some of the releases on the Rosemont logo, favorites include Alex Speaman 'Stairway to nowhere' Eugene Gaspard 'On and on' Lombard 'On a beautifull day like this'. Also Family underground's version of 'For the love of you' on Powerfunk...
  10. Edwin Starr Singing in Triplicate?

    Marvin's 'Whats goin on' being one of most well known multitrack recordings in soul music, however it was also claimed to not have been intentional at the time. Morris Bailey used this to good effect on Charen Cotten's 'A little bit of love' on the Art logo, ...
  11. johnny truitt -question?

    With regards to ' Baby I need you', I dont believe I have a better deep soul double sider from Nashville, with I'm through with you' on the flip gets me every time. A similar scenario seems to exist with Roscoe Robinson's 'Dont pretend' on Fame, nice enough i...
  12. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Dispite having seen this bird on numerous occasions, I would have never spotted the difference in colour between the legs and feet/claws. A great piece of photography. Thanks Andy
  13. Tony Rounce as a guest in Fingerpoppin Soul

    Some incredible selections. Thanks for posting this up. Those productions on Gwen Owens, and Eddie Parker are rather special. The Bart Jackson, William Bell and Valerie Simpson also sounded superb. Cheers Andy
  14. Any new releases warming the cockles?

    I agree with what you are trying to say Dave, but in some respects I feel you are looking at this through rose tinted glasses. Tracks like Kim Tibbs 'Move' or Downings 'Since youv'e been gone' sound old, very old. Most of the Artists output mentioned above i...
  15. Willie Tee 'I'm having so much fun' Gatur vg++ £800 SOLD Serious rarity that hardly ever comes to the surface, some very light marks, but plays loud and clear. 'First taste' on the flip. Freddie South ' Set me free ...

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