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  1. The best I can do is play it really loud the next time you drop in
  2. It could well of been Peace Justice and Equality that her husband was a member of, as that is the other cut of the 45. This came on Stone gold records which I had allways assumed was Goldstones logo, hense the switchig on the surname. Daniel Goldstone also cut this solo on a mini lp. There may be info on discogs regarding the members of the above group. Andy
  3. I agree, In the thirty odd years I have been aware of this record the chances I have had to buy it runs well into double figers, too poppy too catchy, saved by the lead. So I doubt it would of been a keeper for long .I've seen far less copies in that period of True Image 'Come what may' on Flowers, superior listning pleasure IMO.
  4. I can clearly remember John playing me the Crystal Pyramid 45 down the phone after he had turned them up, I asked him to keep a copy as I had arranged to pop up and buy a few things the next week. The first thing he said to me when I arrived was it had been his favorite play while driving around the states on his previous two trips. A few years later while having a pint at Andy Davies( who worked for John) wedding reception I said, so who is your favorite artist, he replied without hesitation James Brown. Those two examples could not be further apart, so I all ways had the great man down as real soul fan with few boundaries, However as mentioned in previous posts the harder edged, gritty and southern material was probably his first choice. I remember when the so called 'rare groove' scene emerged, he would laugh at the wants lists because most of them at the time were not actually rare.
  5. Chosen Few 'Taking all the love I can'/ Birth of a playboy Maple white promo vg+ £100 SOLD Classic Johnny Brantley production, few very light marks, plays great. Bobby Wilburn 'I'm a lonely man' Gamble white promo vg+ £200 SOLD Hardly ever comes up for sale in any condition or format, wonderfull record, plays great. PAYPAL is fine, full refund if not happy. Andy
  6. Not sure what Steve g's take on it is but when I first bought the record I found it rather catchy. however the more I played it the more I lost interest, lyricly I found it repedative and musically just to twee and par for the course for the area it was from, thats why I let it go. IMO a good comparison being a poor mans Essex 1v ' My heart just cant take it' on Windmill. For sure it's a really rare record, but then there are thousands that are average ,yet seem to fetch over a $1000. Just an opinion, but given the intrigue shown I felt my thoughts may prevent an unwanted search.
  7. When living in Guilford Ian would often come up to Norwich and either support or dj at local gigs in in Norwich, having roots in Norfolk I got to know him better when he moved back and often popped to see him and buy a few records, he would often have titles I had not seen before, some of which I have not really seen since. Ian is also into his military memrobilia, I remember joking with him and asked if he was having trouble with the neighbors, he only had this giant shoulder mounted bazooka in his hallway! he laughed whispering 'don't tell anyone'. Sort of lost touch really, which is a shame as he is only half an hour's drive away. Always looked to be inavative with the music, just how I like it. A significant contribution to the scene.
  8. Had this many moons ago and I think John manship got about £400 for me in his auction. Typical twee philly dancer, but never really goes anywhere. Came from Soul Bowl for £30 late eightees. Andy
  9. I am sure your info is correct Steve, however there are a few clips of the Garrison 45 on youtube which clearly cross reference pictures of the group that were on Fontana 'She don't deserve you'. This group are documented as being Margaret Ross, Dorothy Jones, Earl-Jean Mcrae. So it would appear those posting these vids obviosly have their wires crossed. Group harmony has the Detriot group as uncredited backing singers on Jack Montgomerys Barracuda 45.
  10. The oval chips sticker seemed to appear on loads of Philly and New York distributed 45's. There is some great info both on hear and the net in general regarding Weldons prolific contribution to black music in Philadelphia.
  11. According to wikipedia Parlaphone have owned the rights to the T.k catalog since 2013, so I assume it would have had to of been licenced from them, prior to that it was Rhino who I think did a few comps.
  12. There are lots of examples of this variation with indie logo's in the eighties. However, why this trait exists is open to debate, I have a few idears, but nothing factual to back it up.A few examples to hand being Dynamic Uppsetters on Mega, Quietfire on Simplex, Harden Bros on H.B, Heaven Sent & Extacy on Jamieco's, Jerome Jones on Jam for life, Strictly Buisness on S.B,. These were all pressed both solid centre and standard U.S . There does appear to be less examples in the 70's. That's the first time i've seen the Frankie Crocker one.
  13. Could well be. There is a picture of a Jayne Edwards on discogs who recorded a couple of tracks on Profile records in the Eighties, and she does have similar features to the lady on the album cover posted up by the Yank. I have the LP, but not really got the time to find it in order to have a closer look.
  14. On my sleeve the credited female vocalist is Jayne Edwards. In 78 they recorded as Independent Movement on Polydor. The info probably came from Soul harmony singles, unable to locate it at present to check other members. Andy

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