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  1. Sound file for the Festivals

    I assume the flip ' Never gonna let her change' was slow?
  2. Sound file for the Festivals

    I've never seen one either Andy, just happened to look at the Smash discography and there it was. As you know the A side 'Hey girl' came on Blue Rock, infact I sold one on here a few weeks back, But the flip side on this Smash release is a different title. It...
  3. Sound file for the Festivals

    Ok Mike, thanks for your help.
  4. Sound file for the Festivals

    Just wondering if any one on here has a sound file for the Festivals 'Not gonna let her' on Smash(2196), Also any info on the group Price exchange Smash(2263), Last 45 on the logo? Excellent deep soul with 'Good love gone bad'. I do have this in my collectio...
  5. He's Gone !

    Sorry, but it's real conviction and depth of feeling on the Hamilton Movement, sounds like the landlady pissed on boxing day with this one. Had it been Gwen Mccrae or a lady of similar ability then things may have been different enough to take notice.
  6. K-Tel LP

    Rick Eddie Cornelius did cut the record for his 1982 LP 'For you' on the Audiograph logo along with some other covers from his period in the group, the cover of 'I'll never be alone any more' is rather nice. IMO a good neglected item for the period. ho...
  7. world cup draw...

    Don't think the FA have got to grips with the word structure, could not agree more.
  8. world cup draw...

    Ageed,I personaly think England have some of the best talent we have had for some time with several excellent defensive players who can actually play a bit, midfield's ok, trouble is our press latch on to the lucky nutmegs, build them up like they are the bes...
  9. Two wants

  10. Pat Brown album on Tapna and other cheap ones.

    Just to clarify, the ' love on loan' track first came to our attention on Ace records from 1996, hence Dave's mention of it being spun around 97. However the Tapna release was 2002, so usuming if this did appear on vinyl on Tapna it is likely to have been pre...
  11. Pat Brown album on Tapna and other cheap ones.

    The Pat Brown came out fifteen years ago not four, unless you are refering to a vinyl release from four years ago I was unaware of and missed. great choice Dave. Andy
  12. LP only tracks?

    The last track was on 45, flip to 'I could write a love song' which came out twice.

    I hope all goes to plan, as i'm sure it will. Best Andy
  14. O.T. Sykes Stone crush on you

    If the release number data is in true numerical order then the release with 'My first love' came first, as this is 330b. The release with 'Come be my lady' is 451a. So 'Stone crush on you' was in fact the b side on that release. However there was never 120 d...
  15. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    I also agree, however the birth of soul could not have been possible from nothing to a 100% purity in one magic recording. It could of only slowly evolved, taking various elements from rhythm and blues, gospel, jazz, folk, classical etc. In my opinion 'I got ...