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  1. All jokes to one side, I hope your sales go well Guy! Oh, that image is much appreciated. Andy
  2. That Music for Orgies could be a tough sale in the current climate
  3. With something like thirty plus years of incredible soul music only available on CD it does seem rather sad that this track could somehow get elevated to the status that some choose to give it, as tracks go that first came on a CD I personaly would not give it a top two thousand place , as a soul record fast or slow not even in the top five thousand. It would be really interesting to know roughly how many soul souce members purchased CD's and in what format ie compilations of northern or modern 10% maybe?, new material from it's release date 2% maybe ?. The point i'm getting at is this really
  4. His stepper on Premo records' You come along way baby' also got issued with a small and large center hole.
  5. Nice one Kev, I doubt the pub being closed only dinted the consumption of real ale?Hope you had a great day!
  6. It is a nice 45 for sure, so perhaps the wrong noses have been in the sales box!.If we do get let out in the end I will look out for other copies to compare. Andy
  7. As good as some may think it is, the record has been in my sales box for three years and it has slowly come down to that exact price you mentioned because nobody wants it. I have had it over fifteen years so doubt mine is any kind of re issue. That's not to say the copies you have seen are original copies, as some really odd things have found a the re issue market.Supply and demand is the likely answer.
  8. Van Jones is considered by most as a Virginia artist, as most of his output appeared on Virginia labels ie Norfolk sound, Silver sound, Impulse etc. However there is a cut on Indian River with a Detroit address. The publishing on the Conway release is Twenty grand music, again registered to Warren Miller in Norfolk Virginia. One of the Silver sound releases has a California address, but maybe pressed there to get his music to a wider Audience. I had both copies you refere to at one point only to sell the Silver sound copy and keep the Conway as it seemed at the time to be the more desirable of
  9. Great piece of work Mark, and no doubt some deliberation needed on what should be included. It just reminded me how bang average my northern collection was that got sold in the late eighties. But I have about 25 of them even now, no doubt due to the number of crossover/ early seventies records you decided to include. Many of which were infact addopted by the northern sceen many years after first being spun at the very early crossover venues, nothing wrong with that, but as Mark eluded to it has just helped to swell the prices. Wish I still had the Sam Williams though as I really like the deep
  10. Similar structure to Rikki Aaron's ' Say what's on your mind' but in my opinion it's just a whole lot better.
  11. I was going to add my two peneth, but decided not too. The above post nails it.
  12. Remember the modern nights well, that was right in the middle of that little label renaissance of the eightees, so not only were many of the now iconic modern soul records being played there as current biggies (Melvin Moor, Mother Fox, King Moses, Florrecent Smogg) There were also many great new and recent releases like The Mad Lads ' I Think i'm falling in love', Chuck Roberson 'i've got to have your love'. I remember having to wait for the heavy rockers to be chucked out before the nighter started.

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