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  1. O.T. Sykes Stone crush on you

    If the release number data is in true numerical order then the release with 'My first love' came first, as this is 330b. The release with 'Come be my lady' is 451a. So 'Stone crush on you' was in fact the b side on that release. However there was never 120 d...
  2. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    I also agree, however the birth of soul could not have been possible from nothing to a 100% purity in one magic recording. It could of only slowly evolved, taking various elements from rhythm and blues, gospel, jazz, folk, classical etc. In my opinion 'I got ...
  3. I was possibly thinking of letting this one go. Some thoughts or input on current price appreciated. Andy
  4. Rudy Love: UK Releases

    As I previously mentioned, excellent stuff with many facts I was not aware of. Just felt it was a tad unfair, as in my opinion Rudy Love has somewhat more talent than Mr Jay! and I agree about the wig, he has more than enough respect from soul fans to need on...
  5. Rudy Love: UK Releases

    Ok, just thought it may confuse others who did not actually know. The posts are for the use and benefit of folks reading the thread not the person who compiled it.
  6. Rudy Love: UK Releases

    Excellent stuff, Rudy Love's name just needs to be edited out of the stills and draged over the fellow below, as that fellow at the top is Norman Jay.
  7. Leroy Burgess - Genius or What?

    Yes it is the tip of the iceberg, as he sang lead on most of Black Ivory's hits, and for all the 45 collectors several of the 80's things he was involved with did in fact get released on that format, 'I know you will' 'You got something special' Inner Life's ...
  8. Thanks for the thumbs up, which has given me the nudge regarding what was spun in my set. Afternoon set Rosetta Johnson 'How could you loose something you never had' Clintone Jaison ...
  9. Jesse Mcfall & funk Elegant Orchestra 'Thought you ought to know' Choice vg++ £100 SOLD Arranged and produced by Duke hall at reflection studios Brothers of Soul 'Come...
  10. News: Ebony Affair Show Dvds

    Not all the artists on these shows are listed in the clip. The Modulations is one of them, along with the exellent Invitations fronted by Lew Kirton of which is in the Video only. Lucky to have had access to these before.Many of the artists will be seen for...
  11. Frank Wilson on old list

    Think that was the copy I noticed on Blacknight records late 80's, not Soul bowl. Andy
  12. Post insured - proof of record value

    This sounds like the most sensible way it should be looked at, not only by both parties involved, but also by the royal mail. It would seem both logical and fair that the amount the royal mail pays out is what the customer has paid for it (with reasonable pro...
  13. Ann Sexton 'Im his wife' A powerfull, compelling piece of magic.
  14. Sir Water Riley, Brenda Jones, Afican Decendants +

    What are you on about Dave, their all cheap!
  15. Sir Walter Riley 'Make me feel good' Brisk m- £400 Played by Sam back in the mid 80's shorly after it's release. this catchy 45 from California is incredibly rare on a 45,...