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  1. Similar structure to Rikki Aaron's ' Say what's on your mind' but in my opinion it's just a whole lot better.
  2. I was going to add my two peneth, but decided not too. The above post nails it.
  3. Thanks for this excellent article on Joe's recordings, This type of informative thread certainly inspires me and i'm sure many others to have a dig around and revisit his great work.
  4. Good detective work sir, I thought it was an old Gibson without really checking, so it looks as if I was wrong. It still looks a really dated style caption for later than 78, though maybe just set up to look that way to capture their favored period. However as some one else mentioned if it was a photo from the 80's then the guy holding the guitar would have been very young in 1965 asuming it is the Cashmeres on Hem.
  5. Sorry Sebastian, I managed to get the Cashmeres on Rubbertown (different group) accredited to that 1970 date I had down, then confused that with the hubba hubba thing. And you are correct regarding the Ninandy 45, still have that somewhere, will give it another listen as that sounded a tad later than 68.
  6. Yes, I can see your school of thought with that, however the 'Afro' black and proud hair styles never really kicked in till 72/73, hense me thinking the photo was possibly 70/71 no later. As you say it could defeat us all.
  7. i'm now thinking the second photo looks early seventies to me, so perhaps the period when they were on hubba hubba or Ninandy. Many group acts up to and before that period are mostly seen with the bow tie and collar in suit, however there is a great clip of the Temps on youtube from the sixtees with similar wide collars. Never thought eightees ,the guitar was the giverway, not that folks in the industry did not cherish them, just not great in a promo picture. I thought to start with it could have been from the sixtees , but obviusly wrong.Thanks for that. Andy
  8. You still seem to think they should all be young, I fail to see why..Besides does the photo above have a proven connection to the group on Hem?.
  9. So why would they have to be in their twenties or thirties to cut this 45? they could well of been in doo wop or early transional groups prior to that, most groups or artists end their time singing at a ripe old age. If you key in 60's mens suits on the net I think you will find many almost identical to the ones they are wearing
  10. Fantastic track, just a pitty it's taken 25 years to see a 45 release. I'm sure that will inspire more 45 releases of the bottom less pitt of quality CD tracks from the last 30 years, sadly which many failed to buy through shallow reasons only known to themselves. Well done Patrick and Mark R for raising it's profile.
  11. Hi Neal You may get a bit more luck with Wildflower. Best Andy
  12. Remember the modern nights well, that was right in the middle of that little label renaissance of the eightees, so not only were many of the now iconic modern soul records being played there as current biggies (Melvin Moor, Mother Fox, King Moses, Florrecent Smogg) There were also many great new and recent releases like The Mad Lads ' I Think i'm falling in love', Chuck Roberson 'i've got to have your love'. I remember having to wait for the heavy rockers to be chucked out before the nighter started.
  13. The best I can do is play it really loud the next time you drop in

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