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  1. still diggin

    Reflections Of Time feat Padro (Japan Reissue?)

    I have managed to find the LP, however it looks the same as all the ones on popsike. Discogs usually identifies differences between originals and re-issues, but nothing. If your friend on facebook knows the difference (assuming there is one) please let me know. Thickness of the jacket is sometimes a clue, but i'm in the dark as much as you. Andy
  2. still diggin

    Reflections Of Time feat Padro (Japan Reissue?)

    Had a brief look this morning, but unable to find it. Sorry I am not able to be of more help. If that inner sleeve is not the correct one anyway then maybe it was not re- issued after all. I'm a little pissed off I cant find it as there were a couple of tracks I would like to catch up on.
  3. still diggin

    Reflections Of Time feat Padro (Japan Reissue?)

    The copy I have does not have one of those plastic Mofi inner sleeves as shown in the photo. That company was not founded untill 77 and were mainly involved with audiofile reproduction ie re-issues. The original LP came out in 75. I was not aware there was a re- issue, but it looks as if there was. Some half tidy sweet soul on there.
  4. still diggin


    Bobby hutton 'Come see whats left of me' Philips white demo m- 200 ON HOLD Stone wall classic , of which there are few in this kinda nick. Jacqueline jones 'A frown on my face' Loadstone m- 400 Crossover of the highest order, hardly ever being offered for sale in recent years in this condition. Prices in uk pounds (our keyboards gone TU and unable to do a pound sign) PAYPAL FOR PAYMENT , FULL REFUND IF NOT SATISFIED. Thanks for looking. Andy
  5. still diggin

    Unusual Invitations Boot ?

    I find many of these boots rather amusing, as they seem to be 50 times rarer than the original, especialy some of the beach/Carolinas stuff. There is also a boot of ' Look on the good side' by the Invitations, which is probably several thousand times rarer than the original. Never seen the offender shown above though, how weird.
  6. still diggin

    England v Spain

    I think that's all thats been mentioned is a damn good summing up of what went on, however I did have my eye on Ali several times when we were in resonably decent positions just outside the box, and he was making runs in behind the spanish defence, but the ball never reached him due to the fact we dont have a player like Erickson who's speed of thought can find him when playing for his club side. I reckon we have at least twenty midfielders who could do a similar job to what we are offering at present, which is not going to ruffle any opposition feathers. Don't be surprized to see Madison in the near future, bit fragile, but the defences that have faced him this season have looked a little concerned. First time passes, good speed of thought. If you compare the speed of Ali over three yards compared to the midfield of spain it looks as if he's going backwards. Henderson never gets his head up unless he has time, Lingard plays like a crab and for the most part has little impression on the game.
  7. Yes, Jay Player was the big title at the time. however Benvik did not use that design Excusively, I have a 45 by First Class on that logo titled ' Love is real', however that's just a plain yellow. There are also other labels that used exactly the same design like Macdad records in New Jersey, so perhaps there is a connection there with the First Class group?.
  8. still diggin

    Winter Songs

    Lonnie Hill ' Cold cold winter in the ghetto' on the Urban Sound logo would seem a reasonable choice or Herman Atterways ' Merry christmas girl' on the B.E.T.A logo. Andy
  9. still diggin

    Dean's TNT last week with a Sweet Soul Special

    Really enjoyed that Futures ' Who would have ever thought' ? acetate and the Mighty Sceptors sounded great. Great stuff. Andy
  10. still diggin


    Black & Silver original. Would have asked more for that variant. Andy
  11. Offering this classic oldie in VG++ condition. Plays great. £200. PM to nail it. Full refund if not happy. Cheers Andy
  12. Another fine example being the Pinch of perfection ' All thats left is memories' on the G&W logo, as stated above carrying the QCA pressing runout.
  13. still diggin

    S G R Sunday - The Stanwick Hotel - 29th July

    Always liked that Berres Hammond, also came out on uk knighthawk. Good stuff.
  14. A top quality start to the venture
  15. still diggin

    Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier

    The track I was on about is from 79 on that purple/ white reactivated logo distributed by fantasy. It would have thought it was cut around 79 as it does have a disco vibe. John manship has a copy for sale and the vocal is very similar to my ears, However as you say the Hot Sauce lady is also from that range.


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