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  1. still diggin

    News: Ronnie Walker RIP

    I feel very privileged to have his Gala 45 ' In search of love'. To my ears one of the truly great falsetto lead deep soul masterpieces, sadly overlooked in deep soul circles . Thankyou Ronnie. R.I.P
  2. still diggin

    Male Voices

    Not sure who was lead on the broadway Express material, but Lloyd Parkes was in the group. Lloyd was also in the Blue Notes, the Emanons and also the Epsilons along with Mcfadden and Whitehead. Which reminds me, I have an unreleased promotional tape of Cecil Parker material I need to convert on to CD AS i have not listened to it!.
  3. still diggin

    Male Voices

    Many a great singer on those Philly logo's like TSOP, WMOT unfortunatly lived in the shadow of Teddy Pendergrass. David Morris and Booker Newbury from the group Sweet Thunder also spring to mind.
  4. still diggin

    Male Voices

    Yes, the performance Morris managed with the Attractions on 'Some of your time' is just class. Good shout, pity his output was more limited than some of the superb artists mentioned above like Levi. Had best flag up Bobby Womack before I forget. I have always enjoyed the well rounded tones of Garland Green, JJ Barnes and Mike James Kirkland (Bo Kirkland). Andy
  5. still diggin

    What's the best thing you ever won in a competition?

    Goldfish, died the next day.
  6. still diggin

    Poll: Version Battle - We're Not Too Young

    I could never get on with that Karen Striblin version, those backing singers sound like they have fallen down a mine shaft desperatly trying to get some ones attention.
  7. still diggin

    The Steelers

    Great little 45. Several copies at various grades on discogs.
  8. Great group, however it would seem their first 45 'I'm still your friend' has not been included, pitty as it was IMO one of their best, so not really the entire catalog. I do hope the copies of 'Mellow music' are not identical to the copy I have, as it's no different to being robbed.
  9. still diggin

    The blurred line...

    If i got fifty quid for every person I know who back in the eightees used to call certain records disco but now have them in their play boxes because they have a recognised value of over a grand I would not have to work for several weeks. Piss poor appreciation of black music and no mind of their own. Just using soul music for braging rights.
  10. still diggin

    Darrell Banks - I'm Knocking At Your Heart

    I'm sure Rod Dealove used to play ' The harder you love', but do not recall what format it was on. Great track. Andy
  11. still diggin

    Reflections Of Time feat Padro (Japan Reissue?)

    Have you actually listened to all the LP? Only one track has heavy breathing and muttering, it's the first track on side one, which in my opinion is not very good and I have never had by the Moments. Not all the Moments original versions do I prefere either. all though in general most would accept the productions are much better, the version of 'This old house' is in my opinion is far to over the top by the Moments for the sad subject matter on offer. Much of this material was recorded by other All platinum outfits anyway, of which I am sure many on here prefere different takes. Categorically saying something is better like some leading authority is not helpfull, let them choose.Vanity projects on others material is not very odd, it's relatively common. The original poster of the thread was discussing the authenticity or the origin of the press not the music held within.
  12. still diggin

    Reflections Of Time feat Padro (Japan Reissue?)

    I have managed to find the LP, however it looks the same as all the ones on popsike. Discogs usually identifies differences between originals and re-issues, but nothing. If your friend on facebook knows the difference (assuming there is one) please let me know. Thickness of the jacket is sometimes a clue, but i'm in the dark as much as you. Andy
  13. still diggin

    Reflections Of Time feat Padro (Japan Reissue?)

    Had a brief look this morning, but unable to find it. Sorry I am not able to be of more help. If that inner sleeve is not the correct one anyway then maybe it was not re- issued after all. I'm a little pissed off I cant find it as there were a couple of tracks I would like to catch up on.
  14. still diggin

    Reflections Of Time feat Padro (Japan Reissue?)

    The copy I have does not have one of those plastic Mofi inner sleeves as shown in the photo. That company was not founded untill 77 and were mainly involved with audiofile reproduction ie re-issues. The original LP came out in 75. I was not aware there was a re- issue, but it looks as if there was. Some half tidy sweet soul on there.
  15. still diggin


    Bobby hutton 'Come see whats left of me' Philips white demo m- 200 ON HOLD Stone wall classic , of which there are few in this kinda nick. Jacqueline jones 'A frown on my face' Loadstone m- 400 Crossover of the highest order, hardly ever being offered for sale in recent years in this condition. Prices in uk pounds (our keyboards gone TU and unable to do a pound sign) PAYPAL FOR PAYMENT , FULL REFUND IF NOT SATISFIED. Thanks for looking. Andy


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