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  1. A top quality start to the venture
  2. still diggin

    Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier

    The track I was on about is from 79 on that purple/ white reactivated logo distributed by fantasy. It would have thought it was cut around 79 as it does have a disco vibe. John manship has a copy for sale and the vocal is very similar to my ears, However as you say the Hot Sauce lady is also from that range.
  3. still diggin

    Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier

    Often wondered who the Rhonda 'Touch me up' on Stax actually was, as her vocal is rather similar to the Rhonda Davis on Duke.
  4. still diggin

    World cup 2018 underway

    Yep good call, but to me there is another leaf we could take from the rugby book of rules, and that is allow one of the medical staff on the pitch when the ball is in play. Players are deliberately going down like they have been shot in order to provoke more severe punishment than necessary from the referee, but more importantly to stop the game especially when the opposition has gained possession leaving his team vulnerable to the counter attack. In some games this would give us at least five more minutes of real football during the game with players actually getting up unless their injuries are genuine. We have to stop players waving and pointing to the player laying on the deck to get the game stopped, or this game will slowly loose support with those who love the game but can not stand this crap. There may be the odd incident where the medical guy gets in the way, but the ref does that .from time to time, so what. As far as I am concerned whats happening at the moment is cheating and deception that needs to be stamped out.
  5. still diggin

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    Lets not forget the Tex- mex connection to our various associated scenes as well. In fact the 45 by Joe Jama 'My life' on the optimum logo was one of the most wanted and biggest northern tracks several years back. With groups like Sunny and the sunliners 'Should I take you home' on Keylock , Dimas111 ' I won't love you again' on Clown being firm favorites with the low- rider Scene. While it could be argued that in many respects the latin influence on the tracks mentioned is minimal, it is without doubt a hybrid of mexican and black american music.
  6. still diggin

    Syndicate of Sound 45 on Ebay

    Ok Khris, thanks for the reply and putting that one to bed. Cheers Andy
  7. still diggin

    Syndicate of Sound 45 on Ebay

    Now i've posted this in ' Look at your box', unfortunatly before anyone asks, it's not in my box! Anyway is it just me or does the lead singer sound remarkably like the King Moses fellow who recorded 'I've got this feeling' on Pet?. Or if it's not him and someone knows who it is it would be nice to know. Woops just realized it states Charles Mclintyre on the 45. Still could be the guy on the pet 45 I suppose. Andy
  8. Cliff holmes 'I neeed you baby' Instant EX £100 Exellent New Orleans crossover thats picking up plays. Acoustics 'Had it not been for you' Cherry Blossom vg £50 Unlike their common 45 this one is written and produced by the magic of Al Johnson. No entry for this on discogs, few audible marks. brilliant sweet soul. Positive Choice 'Dont go astray Buddah EX £50 Very tough to find on a 7" , again excellent sweet soul. Blue Magic 'Can I say I love you' Liberty PROMO EX £50 Quality harmony cut. O'jays 'Now he's home' Little Star EX £75 Simply brilliant lyrics. one of my favarite O'jays cuts and indemand. Revealers 'I want to make you glad' Paramount EX £25 Real nice philly style harmony, dance cut on flip. Bill Brandon 'Rainbow Road' Spartan EX £75 Real collectors piece, can't remember seeing another on this logo. Charles Smith 'I'm useless Seventy 7 PROMO EX £30 Brilliant ballad, most dealers list his other 45s, not this one. Check out Sirshambling site for clip and his diagnosis. Time 'Lady Lady' Top Rankin LP 'Lady Lady' cut plays great. Very rare compilation LP titled 'Reggae in satin'. I have this excellent soul track on the Jam rock 45, since thats now going for over $200 thought it best to offer the LP. Percy Mays 'Shine a light' Emmaus Road LP EX £25 Original autographed copy That contains the excellent 'Changes' thats just been put out again. Very Jerry bell ' Tell me you'll stay'. Any problems finding a clip on youtube or discogs drop me a line. Full refund if not happy. PAYPAL for payment. Thanks for looking Andy
  9. still diggin

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    Perhaps the reason it was described as latin is because they were Mexicans from east LA. I can hear a lot of latin in that record. Even that opening brass known to every man and his dog on the northern scene is played in a key and style associated with latin music not black american.
  10. still diggin

    Excellent grade used in sales

    Thanks for clearing that up James. It's a case of 'Now i know for sure' Cheers Andy
  11. still diggin

    Excellent grade used in sales

    I was wondering if this grade is actually allowed in the sales feature?. The reason for the question is I seem to remember reading somewhere in the rules that this grading was not allowed. I know some will stick their chest out and say ' well I use it', thats not the answer! thats being arrogant and belligerant. I think it is a serious dissadvantage to the folks who stick to these rules within the sales feature. If this is a Soulsource rule then could the mods please stick to their guns and remove posts that use the EX grading. I have had several items for sale that would be graded EX OR EX+ all day on most lists, but I have respected site rules and used vg+, and this may well have cost me sales. Andy
  12. Eugene Smiley 'Yes it's you' k-CITY promo VG+ £400 just a few marks, plays just about perfect. An original press from 78. Classic within the genra. Freddie Lowe 'Decisions' Sirocco promo VG+ £300 Moody dancer from 77 thats just done over $500 on ebay. plays great. Rivage 'Strung out on your love' Tempus promo VG+ £400 Another stone wall winner from 1980, just very light marks. plays perfect. Lee fields 'Mighty Mighty love' Angle 3 VG+ £400 brilliant dancer that hardly ever shows up with these lyrics. Any detailed info needed, just drop me a line. Full refund if not happy. PAYPAL For payment , sorry no lengthy holds. Cheers Andy
  13. Really good read, but some what bitter sweet in a way. One night in the early 80's at clifton hall in Rotheram there was a guy who had a small batch of records for sale, all northern classics, but records that even back then you hardly ever had a sniff at. From memory he had the Jades, Little Joe Roman, Lynn Vanardo, one of the Amy- bell 45's Bernard Williams or Morris Chestnut and yes That Inspirations first Version along with a couple of other things. I Took the Lynn Vanardo. All though I did not ask myself, i'm sure someone else asked about the Inspirations 45 and it was not an arm and a leg. Now had I took that one instead of the Vanardo 45 and kept hold of it, then maybe I could get my dodgy knee fixed with out the pathetic wait with the NHS!. Some great memories from the past, not too sure about that one.
  14. Some great songs on there. Well done to all involved in it's release. Andy
  15. still diggin

    Bobby Smith

    Are, somebody with the same opinion on stafford plays as me!, now that's unusual. The 'no melody and poor lyrics bit' did ring a bell.