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  1. There was a copy on Anglo American's Auction a few months back, i seem to remember it getting close to £1000 but i did not see it finish. Can anyone confirm?
  2. Hi, I can't seem to get the sound clip to play
  3. Hi Neal, A nice copy went for £694 tonight on John Manship's Auction, so how about £694 for starters?
  4. I've got to confess, untill today i had never heard the flip side. Now that i have heard it, what a beautiful piece of music it is. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Hi Nick, Sean Chapman has a Salsoul Issue for sale £225.
  6. Hi Baz, I got a VG++ from Tim Brown's Auction (Anglo American) about 2 months ago for £650
  7. Hi, and thanks for looking, i'm looking for a copy of Turnin' My Heartbeat up. on USA BUDDAH. Please Mark
  8. Hi Mark, i've sent you a P'M Cheers
  9. Hi Steven, i'm interested, would it be ok to send a friend request on Facebook?

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