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  1. May try this tried to go before but unable hopefully this time will be able
  2. JJ Barnes ain't it the truth Brilliant same sound track as show me I think ginger has one on a 11 inch
  3. Is that a wagon that is surrounded by indians with bows and arrows and no antenna and only fails on a Monday sorry only having the craic the reference to Coro st was when i got home on Sunday evening after a massive train journey back from Wigan then work on Monday as an apprentice carpenter 8:00 was cut off point sorry again if I affended
  4. Never heard a more stupid reply I worked away for quite a lot of years but never missed coronation st and that was on a Monday 7:30 then bed
  5. Never heard a more stupid reply I worked away for quite a lot of years but never missed coronation st and that was on a Monday 7:30 then bed
  6. Hi all it has to be from the county where northern soul evolved ,, being a young northern enthusiast from a small town in the East Midlands travelling to the Torch (once) with some older friends was a massive experience for a 15 year old and then Wigan hours on the train desperately wanting to get there just to get my weekly fix or is that fixes then in 1975 WOW an alldayer in Kettering Central Hall only 6 miles from my home town of Corby,,fantastic ballroom hall all round balconies fabulous dance floor and an amazing crowd I still have Great Disco Demands which I won in a dance competition
  7. Me or him ??? Stephen
  8. Last time I was there had a really good time nice little friendly club all being well myself and the wife and some friends will be there on Saturday,,, Stephen
  9. How do you purchase tickets sorry just seen it when I enlarged flyer could be a problem at this late date oh well Shame
  10. Being an ex traditional niter person I never thought music from the dark side would ever encourage me to turn but that set was just excellent,,,
  11. Monny1916


    I always think anyone that cannot reply to a post cannot have much about themselves you can slag a girl off for playing at Kettering but you can't answer a simple question
  12. Monny1916

    Rugby Soul Club

    If anyone sees John Mc clure ask him to get in touch with Monny please ,,,, cheers
  13. Monny1916


    Thinking of coming to this event ,,do you have any music policies ?
  14. I would just like to make a comment I am not being critical or complimentary just constructive,, being mostly an allnighter dweller I don't attend many soul nights how ever I was looking forward to listening to Avril ,, when I realised it was the lady dancing in the corner I thought we would be in for a treat very good dancer ,,but that was a spot that should of only been played in the kitchen,,losing the floor that many times was not just nerves that was playing to yourself,,
  15. Monny1916

    Stolen hours soul club

    I may even bring a record box
  16. Monny1916

    Stolen hours soul club

    We will definitely try to get back and possibly bring some friends regards Stephen
  17. Let's make this a night to remember
  18. I hope the night will be full of uptempo tunes to fill the floor and remember not only Bob Barr but all of our lost souls and soulies KTF ,,from his long time friend monny
  19. Coming over to Kettering tomorrow,hope we have a great turnout for one off my old Kettering buddies Bob Barr what a character RIP BOB regards Monny
  20. Monny1916

    Stolen hours soul club

    After not doing any niters since having an operation on my hand myself and Christine have took ourselves along to the occasional soul nights just to get back in the swing of things so we decided on Stolen Hours in MK when we arrived we thought no this can't be,, a church !, it really is a church,, we were assured we had arrived at the right place by the very friendly hosts of the evening,, even though the football was on the crowd started to gather the floor is immaculate the music varied but the quality of dancers was very .impressive well done to all,, I'm pretty sure we will be making anoth
  21. Hi pal john mc Clure had one for sale a while back possibly last year but don't know if sold will try and find out regards monny
  22. Hi have any of you guys got ( bad weather inc I never never knew) regards

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