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    Music esp northern and X/O. Record collecting. Rugby, skiing, golf, wine, beer, business.
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  1. Just heard this brilliant modern track from I think 2017. Soul Togetherness 2018 double album. have a listen - very 70s x/o for such a new recording. cheers Paul T https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_r9GzCvAJ18
  2. Rictic66

    Cookie Scott - I don't care

    Hi Ronnie. I was not really looking to sell my cookie Scott as it took a long time to find. However I see you’re in Oz and I do collect Aussie vinyl original northern so if you have any spares to tempt me with, maybe we can trade. Best Paul Temple - by all means pm if of interest.
  3. Rictic66


    Just sen5 pm.
  4. Rictic66


    Also after this - previous wants note had no replies. Happy to have yellow one and Richard can have demo if any available. Hope you don’t mind me tagging here wictic. Paul T.
  5. Rictic66

    News: Detroit Sounds Of Friction 45 Coming Soon

    Loved this ever since Greety played it to me on Heavy Sounds. What will the quality be like. Assume it’s pressed from the original vinyl as no master tapes available? Paul T
  6. Rictic66

    5 x soul Pic Cover 45s

    Hi I’ll have the tymes please. Here she comes. Need email for PayPal Paul Temple
  7. Rictic66

    Quality 45s - Some Reduced

    Pmd you. PT
  8. Rictic66

    Another Cracked Record, Bargain price !!!!

    Hi buddy. Yes I’ll have it if it’s not gone. PayPal? Best Paul temple
  9. Rictic66

    A Showstoppers Pictorial ...

    Great seeing all those pics of the many label versions and releases John. It must have been far and away the best seller for Beacon. Never seen the Star and Stork labels -which countries? guess you like the record!? And a house party - when’s the next? Paul T
  10. Rictic66

    Hoagy Lands

    Just checked my SS demo and FYI the date should be 16.6.67. Sorry NFS - still remember his performance at Cleethorpes 2001 Youre right though whoever put that middle in did a good job. I’ve tried and failed so many times to line everything up - eg with tmgs often one side matches but not the other. PT
  11. Rictic66

    Hold on.

    I have a nice demo. Will check condition but think it’s ex. Do you have any similar value trades or if not what are you hoping to pay. Not certain I want to sell for cash only. Pm me if prefer. Paul T.
  12. Rictic66

    Celeste hardie ,your gone, sevens .SORTED !!

    Hi sent you pm a while ago but just seen it’s not opened. Have this on the two reissue labels either for sale. £20 Paul T
  13. Rictic66

    French ep Supremes and temptations

    Hi Ady. Found the LP and it’s a nice track - first time I’ve ever played it typically though DR does take it over a bit. It is on the uk TML 11096 LP track 4 written by Smokey plus Rogers and Moore. You can pick this up quite cheaply I would think . I don’t think it’s on a French ep though. If so it should have been in the Daniel delorme great book. I actually bought it off him with a couple of free posters when visiting his shop in Paris many years ago - got some great pic sleeve eps from there. USA records I think it was called. I could be wrong of course...and will now check other books and discography’s.happy hunting. Best paul
  14. Rictic66

    French ep Supremes and temptations

    Hi Ady. Any more clues? Ep name for example. I’ve just been through my French Motown stuff and checked Daniel delorme’s book “fabulous EP covers” and can’t find it. Best. Paul Temple
  15. Rictic66

    SORTED - Donny Hathaway Love Love love

    I have a uk Atlantic minty demo somewhere. I’ll dig it out and pm you. Best Paul


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