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    Collector and occasional DJ. Used to run weekender soul in Scarborough. 

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    Paul Temple
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    Music esp northern and X/O. Record collecting. Rugby, skiing, golf, wine, beer, business.
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    Windsor uk
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    Eula cooper let our love grow higher

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  1. Hey Tom thx and wow that was quite an achievement. I only know a few who have done it. I have large amount of GnWs too but they are easier. ive bought and sold through Darren brown but you have to be quick. cheers. Paul (Windsor ex selby).
  2. You’re a star thx so much I’ve got it so grateful paul
  3. Ok thought so ha. Yes I have one and may be interested in trade. I’ll pm with photo. Cheers. Paul
  4. What label is it on? Looking for it.
  5. Need this one to complete my TMG RnWs. Have an ex copy issue can part exchange. Thanks. Paul Temple
  6. Need this for the run of UK jayboy demos 20-80 have a great issue copy can part exchange. Mine plus £75 if anyone interested please PM.
  7. I have four Dooley’s - Uk Seville 1015, 1020, 1022 game players and 1025. All but the one you want are demos. All the demos are mint and GP is VG+. Any interest in the lot for trade or cash? best Paul
  8. Looking for spoken intro copy please. Thinking of selling my UK Phillips copy but won’t unless I can replace with this. Thx. Paul Temple
  9. Thanks a lot Len. Now in touch with Colin. Best. Paul
  10. I’m trying to get in touch with whoever runs the True Soul site and have left a couple of messages but they are probably in Junk. No tel no or e mail. Any help appreciated please. Paul Temple
  11. Looking for yellow issue copy preferably. Thanks PT
  12. Manchester by far - 1279 compared to say 20 in the whole of Japan.

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