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    Music esp northern and X/O. Record collecting. Rugby, skiing, golf, wine, beer, business.
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    Eula cooper let our love grow higher

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  1. Rictic66

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    This has to be up there. Gorgeous PT
  2. Rictic66

    Previously unreleased tracks on Goldmine Sevens ?

    I recently downloaded the discogs goldmine discography but it excludes the Connoisseurs for some reason. I do have the following though; 101 pat Lewis - no one to love/genie - latter prev unreleased 102 joey kingfish I won’t hurt you anymore/buddy smith when you lose the one you love - former unreleased and what a fantastic double sider - bought three copies on its release loved it so much....now sells for £30+ 103 Edwin Starr you got to be foolin’/ professionals that’s why I love you - former unreleased and latter diff version not then released but since reissued 104 don’t have this but think it’s Herman griffin 105 Sharon soul girl crazy / Barbara mercer happiness is here - latter unreleased version I think most licensed from Groovesville as set out on cds. Best Paul Temple
  3. Rictic66

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Isn’t it great when you hear a tune such as Doris duke the feeling is right, look in your record room and there it is - Unplayed since Roburt sold it to me cheaply (thanks johnsoulsmith) - ha. That’s why this link is so great. Anyway it reminded me of all these three decent priced lovelies. PT
  4. Rictic66

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F-t6Pr5-yCw billy Keene somebody please. Lots of plays in my room. Not rare - both Dottie and Ronn labels. Also version by Vanguards on Whiz.
  5. Detroit magic including some great artists involved including Mike Terry, Lou Beatty all in great condition - labels and vinyl 3x Don Hart and 1x Masqueraders. rather sell all together for £170 but will take offers to split. Usual paypal fnf £2.50 post 1st class signed for. Can return if unhappy.
  6. Rictic66

    Three Shades of Soul ☆SORTED☆

    Great record and yet to have its day. You can pick up the Chi Lites version on MCA b side of Oh Girl very cheap. Apologies if you already know or have this. It’s nice but much slower, (I think Barbara Acklin who wrote it with Eugene Record, may be singing backing on both versions). P
  7. Rictic66

    La shell, Jean plum, x/o, Mike & Censations to go

    Sure James. Thanks paul.
  8. Jean Plum - Here I Go Again - Hi 2314 demo ex con £55 https://www.discogs.com/Jean-Plum-Here-I-Go-Again/master/1119784 to hear. Not actual record La’Shell and the Shelletts- You Better Check Your Self - Eagle 1001 ex con £75 under offer https://www.discogs.com/La-Shell-And-The-Shelletts-You-Better-Check-Your-Self/release/8115517 to hear Mike & The Censations - Don’t Mess With Me/There is Nothing I can do about it - Highland 1181 ex con £50 sold https://www.discogs.com/Mike-The-Censations-Dont-Mess-With-Me-There-Is-Nothing-I-Can-Do-About-It/release/1616500 to hear. PM if interested PayPal fnf preferred. Trades considered cheers. Paul Temple
  9. Rictic66

    Bobby Bland..Im so Tired..Duke

    Ha sorry Ian no offence intended. I’ll pm you again. Paul hi kegsy hope you’re well.
  10. Rictic66

    Bobby Bland..Im so Tired..Duke

    Is that you Matchy? Il. PM you. Paul Temple
  11. Rictic66

    P.P.Arnold, which is rarer ?

    Uk demo the really rare one. I do love those European eps though esp french the link was to First cut is the deepest - I see the Italian original release with pic also has the “Alright” track cheers. Paul T
  12. Rictic66

    Onsey mack

    This may help find - different spelling https://www.discogs.com/OneSy-Mack-Never-Listen-To-Your-Heart-A-Part-Of-A-Fool/release/5794435
  13. Rictic66

    SALE !!! THE SEVEN SOULS ‎– I Still Love You

    PM sent. PT
  14. Been after this a long while. VP 9252 demo only - can part exchange black stock copy VG+ if required or have cash or other trades. Also after Jay Boy 24 (invitations), 26 (Jackie Lee), 37 (P Mitchell) and 58 (Ernie and Eddie) demos only to complete label (taken many years!) - again part exchange on stock copies if of interest Cheers - PM. Paul Temple
  15. Rictic66

    Howard tate looking good

    Great read. So sad yet with a special ending. Love the bit about asking the church whether he should be singing secular or gospel and he took the risk again. Thanks for posting. Remember this.


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