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    Collector and occasional DJ. Used to run weekender soul in Scarborough. 

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    Music esp northern and X/O. Record collecting. Rugby, skiing, golf, wine, beer, business.
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  1. X/o version of Radiants classic. Cash or trade. PT
  2. I think 1022 is the first uk spark issue. Silver. The one in the photo is the first 1063 demo though - there was another 1063 with Northern Soul in the label.
  3. Interesting record only recently become aware of. Anyone have one for sale please. Not sure of value but probably little demand as it’s so different. On a search here someone had it for sale at £100 many years ago Thanks. Paul T
  4. Thx. I see yours has had the title corrected. Here is mine.
  5. Yep and very rarely played. As far as I am aware it’s legit - Benn -x is a Philly label and Robb has confirmed they are a Philly band. Presumably it was an unreleased track, hence the two acetates in the UK, which Benn-X picked up the rights and release years later. Robb may have better info than me.
  6. Hi Ed. Ha yep. I now have the time to spend hours listening to stuff I don’t know and yes still buying. There are some great new releases and reissue labels (digging deep etc) I like and collect too. Still have a load of vinyl with E Carter scratched in the run out...... PT
  7. Thanks VM guys - all great info. I thought they may be different versions and just played them both (but can’t find the CDs yet) - the Benn-X seems more polished, less raw. That would make sense that Tim let his acetate be released on a Goldmine TP. The different Groups all had at least one great release. PT
  8. Anyone know the background of this great tune. It was released I think on Benn X in 2000 and then again by Goldmine soul supply in 2004 from their CD the northern soul of Philadelphia. They ( Goldmine) named the song wrong twice Gonna rather than Gotta on the white written test press GS2004 and Treat myself to a new love on the CD!! It sounds 60ts. Written by Frank Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett according to Discogs and on the you tube below. Is it the same Inspirations who recorded other great northern tracks such as no one else can take your place ( LA I think not Philly) and Your wish is my c
  9. Sable in shiny Ex condition. Great dancer and Same backing as mega rarity Magnetics also on Sable £180. Prefer PayPal FNF PM if of interest (should have combined two sales - sorry Mike) PT
  10. Lovely shiny Ex copy of this double sider great Latin 60ts Soul £200. PM if interested. PayPal preferred FnF

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