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  1. Thanks vm Mal - I thought mine would be the reissue but it isn’t which is a relief as I paid above the odds....best Paul
  2. Enjoyed that thanks. Do you know how to tell the difference between the original and legal reissue of VAL 7225. I do remember a sudden glut of the popular xover record coming on the market and seemed to remember Pat Brady dealer had quite a few supposed to have been sourced direct from Joe. Also do we know how many copies were reissued. It doesn’t seem a rare record now. Paul Temple
  3. Anyone got any of the following on this label please - cash or trade - lots on discogs so hoping for better price Vg or better Eboney Essence let me in Chris Jones Destination unknown Sam Frazier I got to tell somebody and although I appreciate this is the rare expensive one Frank Hutton old man me prefer to buy more than one from one seller if possible thx Paul Temple
  4. Sold Phillip Mitchell, esquires and Detroit spinners
  5. See photos below: Action 4537 Carl Carlton Look at Mary Wonder/Bad for each Other - ex 25 4618 Esquires My Sweet Baby Great x/o ex 50 4622 Bobbie Houston I want to make it with you ex 12 Jay Boy 33 Demo Jerrry o Karate Boo Ga Loo vg++ 15 37 Phillip Mitchell The World Needs More/I’m Gonna Build Fabx/o M- 40 56 Olympics baby do the phillydog/Secret Agents VG++ 8 Atlantic K10243 Demo Detroit Spinners I’ll be Around Ex 25 PP fnf please plus 2.75 post signed for cheers Paul Temple
  6. Nice info and questions. Made me get out all my Ovide and related stuff. Have and like the Mark Putney. It is a great collectors label. Re TSU (Texas State University where they formed) Toronado(e)s I think just two spellings if you ignore The - oes on Ovide and os on Rampart Street for example, which I think was their own label - Tim Ashebende on here would know as he bought most of the spare copies way back when. An additional question. Did any other Ovide apart from Bobo Mr Soul - Hitch Hiking (London HLU 10418 - 1972 licensed from Hi), and Archie Bell - A Thousand Wonders on Atlantic special issue in 2004 get issued/reissued in the UK. PT PS only assume The Drells were so called as rhymed with Bell rather than being an Alien species!!
  7. Demo here M- will consider sell or trade. PT
  8. One here Ex con I’ll pm you. Downstairs Record shop NY (which was upstairs), had lots of Smoke stock in early 80ts but never found George! PT
  9. I don’t get that Betty Fikes version of the much better and much cheaper dan Brantley which I have always loved. £1k for an inferior version just because it’s rare and was once played at a Cleggy!!
  10. Very upsetting. Roger has been unwell for a long while, but it’s still a shock. NS was much of his life - totally dedicated. I remember when he found the first Ted Wilson - I can’t take no more - on Sierra at our local boot fair in Chiswick. How the hell did that get there. He recognised its potential straight away. We had so many great times, and I am fortunate to have benefitted from his knowledge and record collection. He took the photos at my wedding (BnW) and then between us we lost the reel! Also knew Jim - he was the first person to recommend Mark Lloyd - When I’m gonna find her - to me and sold me a copy. Still a rare record. He loved talking records. Gonna raise a glass to you both tonight. PAul T
  11. I started a similar thread last week asking if anyone insured their playboxes at events against theft. I just had one reply saying it is possible along with DJ equipment insurance cover. In the unfortunate event of a theft and claim, one good thing is that there is now easy proof of value with popsike, discogs etc. Different point but everyone should seriously consider insuring their home collection through normal contents insurance which covers theft, fire and flooding plus accidental da,age subject to an excess. It’s not expensive - Best advice is to get the co to state the records are specifically covered on the policy - this may mean you have to list those valued at >£1k. I’ve done this for many years, fortunately never having to make a claim (although did think about it when I dropped and smashed Dee Dee Phillips on evolution!). PT
  12. I’ve just renewed my home contents insurance and was refused cover for my record collection due to its present value (maybe time to sell some!). Another major firm covered it ok subject to an upward limit and reassuringly adding it in writing on the policy document. Boring subject, I know, but with values increasing so much, it’s well worth checking this out for peace of mind. Especially if you live in a flood zone. Apparently one of our Lancashire dealers had his warehouse flooded a few years ago - I can imagine the time and cost involved. Insuring a play record box for DJs when travelling is a different thing and while it’s easy to get equipment cover for a decent cost, theft cover for say £250 OVO at say average value £250 = £62k and not so easy or affordable. I heard Bruno DJ at Teddington last Friday (brilliant spot), and every single record he played was a rareity and most worth £1k+. Scary. Policies I have seen can cap equipment (excluding vinyl), at £50k and only covers overnight if in a locked secure room at a venue. The venue itself may have cover but checking with each one every time is impractical. They may have personal third party liability cover in case someone is injured but that’s another issue. Wonder what others do and think and if any advice or good/bad experiences. We are lucky in that the northern scene is relatively insular and friendly in a good way with stolen records at events very rarely happening, so I imagine most of us just take the risk - or carry a weapon!!!… Paul T
  13. I can’t stop playing it. It’s brilliant. When he holds the note near the end - Hangin’ In for sure. Co-inceden5ally we’ve been discussing this on another thread - about the bass. They only recorded this one song and what a beauty. Reissued in Germany a few years ago - 500 all gone. Needless to say I’m in the market if anyone has one at a decent price - the ones on discogs seem high.....
  14. Don’t forget UK still part of Europe (until tomorrow!)
  15. Brilliant record. So different. Never heard it before. See on discogs it’s been reissued in Germany I think with pic cover. Expensive though for a second. Do you still have your original Paul and what’s it worth - I see it’s previously sold for >$1000. Good man for playing it. Best. Paul T
  16. See pic. Nice playing copy. VG+. Has some light marks and initials in light pen but not easily seen. Only selling as bought Mighty Lovers copy. £140 PayPal fnf please. £3 first class signed for. “Dream on Girl, Dream on girl......”
  17. Another good version and fits the price value.
  18. There is a bigger, more international interest and love of “NS” now and a much wider interpretation of what it means. Not the lifestyle but the depth and quality of the music. Many members on SS won’t necessarily like this, but it helps with longevity. Although we ( NS fraternity), do live in the past in many ways, in other ways we have helped expand and promote this fantastic music and kept it going (hope that doesn’t sound too paternal). Most venues I go to or hear about cater for a wide variety of interests via different rooms and different DJs although many DJs can easily switch between all the many brilliant sub styles be they Latin, xover, beat ballad, sweet, rola, monster niter, classic oldie, underplayed gem etc etc. They have to cater for the non dancers, dancers, collectors, young and old to keep the interest alive - which they have done IMHO. Members of SS should pat themselves on the back for being involved via their depth of knowledge on the artists, labels, musicians, industry background and workings, assisting with constant new discoveries and the promoters ability to issue long lost gems never before released. Ady C is one of my heroes in this respect as is the late John Anderson. The whole switch to download and massive access to Spotify, YouTube and via voice recognition technology has opened up content never before possible. I for one spend hours listening to playLists via this medium but only to then search and buy the original vinyl - and the supply has also increased via discogs etc as well as our old friendly dealers with their constantly upgraded web sites. My wants list has exploded. Ouch! Of course it is a small sub sector of the whole massive music industry but no longer totally underground and that’s a good thing. For how much longer though, who knows but I’m not giving in just yet PT
  19. Hi. I’m interested in your Youth Opp. Does it have the letter with it- not sure if the YouTube link is yours or not. Also are you interested in part trade. I could for example trade a lovely French epic ep with pic of seven souls £400 plus cash and/or a nice VG+ of Ideals mighty lover £140. Best. Paul ps for some reason system won’t find Bri Phill to send PM
  20. Thanks vm for bringing this subject up Alan and all the replies. It’s finally persuaded me that the so called UK publishers acetate I bought (from a very reputable dealer) is dodgy and must have been a walk in commission job. I have asked other reputable dealers and all were interested, as it probably is a one off, but no different than an Emidisc of the time.
  21. I’m sure you’re right Rob on the demo and I agree on quality. Cheers. P

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