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  1. Yes so sad to hear this. Precious Precious is my favourite but I remember always my late Mum coming into my room and dancing to "this time baby" that I was playing as a new record. RIP Jackie .You were Wonderful.
  2. Thanks for the offer anyway Richard!. I'm hoping I'll get them eventually from someone in the London area.
  3. Hi Richard In Ilford Essex. (Really north east London!). Phil
  4. Stil looking for new or used white card 7 inch storage boxes with lids. Size 8.5 inches x 8 inches x16 inches. I need about 25 but any smaller number will do . Can collect. Please pm with price and location.
  5. " Since there's no doubt" was recorded by Chris Jackson ...not Chris Bartley. Two entirely different artists. Chris Bartley had a much smoother and natural voice.
  6. Yes John I got the email but the link took me to the website and then it was directing me to Facebook which I refuse to join. Perhaps by then it was too late anyway.
  7. If you aren't on Facebook (like me )then ordering was impossible yesterday. Such an exclusive way of running things. Not good.
  8. until

    Is this weekender still on?. I haven't been able to contact the website for tickets.
  9. Thanks for the music. Having been in a similar situation a few times I know what you are going through. As the song goes, "Don't give up hope".
  10. RIP Mick. I'll never forget the many journeys to All-nighters and a couple of All-dayers we took in his car in the late 70's and early 80.'s!. So sad I haven't seen him since 1993. A great guy.
  11. Thanks for taking the time Pete. I had already asked J.Nixon about it in August so no point in asking again.

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