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  1. Just ordered a copy from JM. Seems from his site that Conduc 101 Red is the first press with a second run 102 for which there is a red issue and white promo. Yellow seems to be 102 from what I can make out from images on the Net!!! Either way, it's a fantastic record that I can't stop listening to!!!! Regards. Drew.
  2. Thanks for the replies fellas. Any other knowledge re this record please? Regards. Drew.
  3. Please can anyone answer some questions regarding this record. Firstly, there are several video's of this record on YouTube but there seems to be a difference in the speed of a least one, the yellow one compared to the red label video by JM and another showing a white demo. The latter two are a lot faster. Does anyone know which indicates the correct speed as the 'slower version' isn't half as good, to my ears at least?!!! Secondly, which is the first issue or is there no difference in that regard between the red and yellow copies (JM has two different red copies also!!!). And thirdly, is/was Ricky Gee blue eyed? When the song starts it seems to me that this is a white artiste but as the record progresses I am not sure. Thanks in advance. Regards. Drew.
  4. Sorted on this one now, thanks to all who responded. Regards. Drew.
  5. Ok. PM me please George. Regards. Drew.
  6. A copy for me also please Gilly, email sent. Best of luck with it. Regards. Drew.
  7. Looking for a nice condition/nice playing copy of: The Flirtations - Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me/Little Darling (I Need You) - UK Polydor 2058 167 (no US issue for this I understand). VG+ or above. There are copies on Discogs but prefer to buy from sellers on here. Not after the Casino Classics issue!!!! Please PM with condition and price. Payment via bank transfer if possible please. Regards. Drew.
  8. Thanks for your time on this. Regards. Drew.
  9. Thanks for the replies both. So both are considered originals then Chalky? Regards. Drew.
  10. Which is the origional issue, black or the brown Argo? Maybe both are origional? All/any advice much appreciated. Regards. Drew.
  11. Very sad news indeed. Condolences to all of Sue's family. RIP Drew.
  12. Now sorted, thanks to those who contacted me. Regards. Drew.
  13. Elaine Hill - Is It Really Worth It? - RSVP Recently enquired regarding a copy from a main dealer and thought that I had it but the copy for sale couldn't be located. Therefore, I still want this record. This was a M- copy for £30 but I am happy with Ex or above dependent on price. Please PM with condition and price if you have a copy for sale. Regards. Drew.
  14. Sorted with Chuck Wright also. Thanks for looking and responding. Regards. Drew.
  15. Sorted with Lowell Fulsome, still need Chuck Wright! Regards. Drew.
  16. Just missed these two on a sales list here a few days ago. Both great prices but I wasn't quick enough!!! chuck wright - love, i wont be your fool anymore ( ember w/d) ex Lowell fulsome – talkin woman (kent promo) great r n b ex Anyone have both/either for sale at reasonable prices? Happy with first issues if not too expensive. PMs please with prices and condition. Regards. Drew.
  17. PM sent Angus. Regards. Drew.
  18. PM sent Lawrence. Regards. Drew.
  19. I am doing very well John, thank you for asking. I appreciate your detective work John, although I wonder if the sangria has been flowing in the Spanish sun and it aided your efforts!!!! You are a man after my own heart if that is the case!!! I am sure the seller will get back to me at some point. Look after yourself and thanks once again for responding. Regards. Drew.
  20. Would anyone know if a Discogs seller by the name of fentonhg is a member on here under another name? From bits I've pieced together from Discogs this chap is possibly Paul Fenton from Wales and on Discogs has an avatar of Soul On Trent. I've tried several variations in the search facility on here but no luck. I have left a message a couple of weeks ago for Paul regarding a record he's selling on Discogs but nothing has come back and I am not aware of a facility on there that indicates if a message has been read. Any help is much appreciated. Regards. Drew.
  21. Thanks TIscapital and Chalky. Regards. Drew.
  22. Evening, I hope this message finds you and yours well. Please could someone tell me which is the origional first issue for Jimmy Norman's - Talking 'Bout The Times. Is it the Polo or Hot Line issue? Despite my best efforts trawling the Net, I cannot establish an answer. Thanks in advance. Regards. Drew.
  23. Hi. I'm after an origional Jackie Edwards - I Don't Know - UK Aladdin Ex or above. Please PM with condition and price. Bank transfer is my preferred payment method. Regards. Drew.
  24. Following on from John Hart's post above, I thought I'd add what I felt/feel is a wonderful brief statement by Chico as part of a record buying PM with me. "Drew, I'm just back from the Hitsville weekender in Spain... & just picked up your message... Yes, record still here, but I'm off to the Skeggy weekender later.." The man certainly knew how to live life to the full"!!!! Regards. Drew.

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