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  1. What was the poll for in the red issue , and what was the result, thanks John
  2. Hi , here’s another record I’m not sure about, some kind of souvenir ep, any info appreciated, thanks in advance, John
  3. Thousands to choose from, well maybe hundreds , here’s one of the best cheaper ones , only buy if you really want them or can afford them.
  4. Hi john , there’s people who will pay that money for boots , to be honest I don’t like owning them , only bought it out of curiosity, like I said only cost me a few quid, thanks for the input , John
  5. Ok get your drift , might do that , bought it from the states a few year back , didn’t pay much , thanks again
  6. Anyone know anything about this , googled everything can’t find anything about it , looks dodgy, any information appreciated, thanks in advance, John .
  7. Just started watching it, enjoyed it so far
  8. Just been enjoying this one , I’m more than happy (I’m satisfied), stevie wonder
  9. Had a great time here , we all said we would return one day , great music and a great venue to , thanks for a good time, John
  10. Got plans to watch this , looks good
  11. Great version by the temptations/ save my love for a rainy day, from the fantastic with a lot of soul album

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