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  1. thought i'd stick this one on , diane lewis -i thank you kindly , wand records
  2. harold burrage / ive got to find me a way , m-pac records
  3. another oldie i just got hold of for a nice price , marvin smith/ who will do your running now , mayfield records
  4. sure your going out to much martyn , sound like you need to get out more , it's a wince from me lol , like ive said before though if we all liked the same stuff it would be a boring world , hope your well matey
  5. bit of motown , with a bit of sound advice , never say no to your baby / the hit pack , soul records
  6. heres a proper oldie , found myself liking this alot lately , seven day fool / etta james , argo label
  7. one side of a great double sider , otis leavell/ keep on loving , columbia records
  8. this ones just a great soul tune , aint no big thing / the radiants , chess label (black)
  9. heres a tune iv'e always liked , the invatations / look on thegood side , silver blue records
  10. sorry to hear that , one of the worlds best footballers
  11. i really love you / the cavaliers rca demo
  12. Probably daft question, but why wasn't he there