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  1. If I remember right , it still seemed empty in parts , depended where you were in the building , probably one of the crapest nights of my life
  2. Think the first time I heard about them was when I saw they were on at Glastonbury, I honestly thought they were a vynil only outfit , seen plenty of there gigs advertised but heard nothing about them
  3. Got to admit they seem to be doing well, gigs all over, all though I’ve never been to one , seem to cater for the younger end , seem to be turning into a bit of a brand , anyone been to one of there gigs
  4. What was the poll for in the red issue , and what was the result, thanks John
  5. Hi , here’s another record I’m not sure about, some kind of souvenir ep, any info appreciated, thanks in advance, John
  6. Thousands to choose from, well maybe hundreds , here’s one of the best cheaper ones , only buy if you really want them or can afford them.
  7. Hi john , there’s people who will pay that money for boots , to be honest I don’t like owning them , only bought it out of curiosity, like I said only cost me a few quid, thanks for the input , John
  8. Ok get your drift , might do that , bought it from the states a few year back , didn’t pay much , thanks again
  9. Anyone know anything about this , googled everything can’t find anything about it , looks dodgy, any information appreciated, thanks in advance, John .
  10. Just started watching it, enjoyed it so far

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