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  1. Rooky's is the most reliable place to find decent 45s, though Amoeba in SF recently had a massive and amazing collection of 60s soul stuff come through.
  2. Not as garage-y as it gets, but compatible with a Northern Soul playlist. I'm also partial to girl bands
  3. Not sure this is a 'great' photo, but the color of the sky is from all the smoke here. California is on fire.
  4. Totally, but many sad soul songs have a happy ending end, or put a positive spin on the situation by the end of the song.
  5. When you're in SF check out Rooky Ricardo's record store. The owner is an insufferable jerk, but he's got the best selection of soul 45s. If you collect soul records its the place to go.
  6. This one comes to mind. Certainly not going to be on anyones wedding playlist!
  7. I found this recently for cheap; glad to see other people put it in the 'Northern' boat

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