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    Porthcawl, Bridgend, Wales, CF36, UK
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    Rita & The Tiaras - Gone With The Wind Is My Love

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  1. Rhys Roberts

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    Thanks again Ken, I managed to buy a copy of the Shades of Soul Issue #8 -Aug 1986 on eBay last week.
  2. Just found this thread. Still have this fold out version at home and love this album! This was my first compilation too and these tracks have remained some of my favorites as a result. Funded by my job in the fish & ship shop at Trecco Bay in '84 when I was 17. Wish I had Vol 2 & 3 - see they are around online for < £10.
  3. Rhys Roberts

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    Thanks a lot for the upload! I have never seen that one before so it brought back some great memories. Yes those revolving doors were like a soul grinder . This was the first time I had seen proper Northern Soul dancing and I remember saying to my mates (Pritch, Chris T, Darren, Daf, & John): "OMG they look like pond skaters, how do they do that?" Took a lot of soul nights and a lot of cider & black (these were pre Strongbow Dark Fruit days) before I took to the floor...
  4. Rhys Roberts


    Date: 29/09/18 Time: 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM Join Merthyr Scooter Club and Quality Sounds for this epic night. We have managed to acquire some of south Wales’ finest DJs all playing vinyl. DJsMain room (No bar) Geraint & Celyn: Quality Sounds James Parker: Café-a-gogo Eddie Crole: Porthcawl Laurence Cullen: Soul Island Craig Brick: Manor Suite Phill Mansell: Merthyr Got SoulSecond room (Bar) Chill out and separate bar. Music by Simon Quinn (Rare Groove) No drink on the dance floor please. We have taken your comments on board from the last Northern Soul event. Thanks. (All held in a stunning venue) Tickets: £7 (£10 on the door). Doors: 7pm REDHOUSE,Old Town Hall,High Street,Merthyr,CF47 8AE
  5. Rhys Roberts

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    That would be great to see the fliers! Please upload some photos or scans if possible?
  6. Rhys Roberts

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    Hi Wilxy, Thanks for the reply. Do you remember when the soul nights stopped? I can remember going around '83 to '84. Cheers, Rhys
  7. Rhys Roberts

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    Thanks Fred. I think this is the Al Kent from Blackwood (S Wales) but there is another soulie named Al Kent in Glasgow: https://www.facebook.com/al.kent.5 He may be a member here? Regards, Rhys
  8. Rhys Roberts

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    I was walking through the fair ground in Porthcawl yesterday and curious to see if the sign for the Manor Suite was still there. This was my first Northern Soul venue back in 1983. As you can see, it all looks very tired in 2018. Looking through the window, it is now a storage room; full of junk and old amusement rides. Back in the day, this was a fantastic venue and the soul nights were always packed out with great music from the resident DJs. Those nights always stuck in my memory and led me back to the addiction many years later. I remember seeing these posters around town and had to get my mate to buy us tickets because we were only 15 at the time. It was a lot easier to remember phone numbers back then with only 4 digits! Great to see that Nigel has organised an event for next March and there is still a great crowd in Porthcawl. Would be great to hear the stories from anyone who attended the Manor Suite back then (and see some more photos). Does anyone remember when the first and last nights were held at this venue? Thank you. Rhys
  9. Rhys Roberts

    Wales V Republic Of Ireland Live - BBC IPlayer

    Thanks for link Mike - great to see all 4 goals. Back down to earth a little after the Danish victory I have huge respect for Giggs and I believe that he is the right man for the job at present (IMHO).
  10. Rhys Roberts

    Wales V Republic Of Ireland Live - BBC IPlayer

    I only saw the 4th goal for Wales but it was a cracker!
  11. Rhys Roberts


    That is great news for 2019, with some top DJs! It is a fantastic venue (see pics of our "Welsh Wigan"), which dominates the sea front (of my home town). KTF
  12. Rhys Roberts

    California Soul

    Thanks Kev & Ron! Really appreciate your replies and advice. Cheers & KTF, Rhys
  13. Rhys Roberts

    California Soul

    Found this blog which is pretty helpful: https://blog.discogs.com/en/record-stores-san-diego/
  14. Rhys Roberts

    California Soul

    Many thanks for the replies so far. Cheers Rhys
  15. Rhys Roberts

    California Soul

    Hi All, Will be working in California next week and then tagging on a holiday to the end of the visit. Staying mostly in San Diego but then travelling up as far as San Francisco. Does anyone know if there are any soul nights in the area between now and the end of August? Also would be good to know if there any good record shops in the San Diego area? Cheers, Rhys


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