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  1. Dave, I hope your CD has arrived safely. I ordered the 7" box set and the CD from Ace yesterday and they arrived safely today. Fantastic compilation and excellent service from Ace Records.
  2. Rico, The Swansea night was fantastic mate and everyone on the soul bus had a fabulous time! It was great to see you again at the Porthcawl Soul Night in the Pavilion on Saturday. We are so lucky to have two cracking venues on the S Wales coast. Cheers, Rhys
  3. Hi Rico, Will do mate. The Soul Bus leaves Porthcawl at 4pm. See you there, Rhys
  4. Venue and line up look amazing! Can't wait for tomorrow...
  5. Really enjoyed the film Mixes the events of the late 60s with some amazing live performances from David Ruffin, 5th Dimension, Staple Singers, Stevie Wonder, Edwin Hawkins, Gladys Knight, Sly, Mahalia, BB King and more. This is 1969 so leather waistcoats, afros and Black Panthers. If you are into the full spectrum of soul, funk, gospel and blues then it is well worth catching it on the big screen. The Sly And The Family Stone performance of Everyday People was one of the highlights for me too.
  6. It's showing tonight at the Odeon in Bridgend, S Wales at 6:30pm. Looks like the only screening this week...
  7. Rick, Thank you for the reply. I managed to get a signed copy from Brad for £16 including postage (using PayPal) I just finished reading the book and it really was a great read! It's one of those books that keeps your interest and you just don't really want it to end. Lots has been written about the 60s Mod era, becoming hard Mod, Skinhead, Suedehead etc. This all seems to go up to the early 70s and then resumes again in '79 with the revivals. The great thing for me was to learn about the vibrant scooter boy scene up North in the mid 70s before '79. This was was an evolution / continuation of the Mod, Skinhead, Suedehead scene in fashion running parallel with the Northern soul scene, which was just moving above ground. There are some great photos in the book. These include early shots of the club initially in authentic US M51 fishtail parkas, which then become donkey jackets by the end of the book. It is great to hear about each of Brad's Lambretta projects and the changing tastes in scooter customizations. You really get a sense of the thrill, camaraderie and pride to be riding one of the scooters in convoy to the next rally. There are several passing references to Northern Soul including one interesting anecdote outside Wigan Casino. I was born too late. I started my lifelong interest in all things scootering and Northern in the early 80s at the age of 13. This is when the story is starting to come to an end in the book, so we do cross over for a while. It is also interesting to see how the club acknowledges that although it all originated with the Mods, the club has adopted the scooter boy identity and the distance widens from '79 on. Something I remember vividly, when the Mods started their own separate scooter rallies. There is also a very happy ending to the book which many of us will relate to on the forum. I hope that the book is reprinted so others can enjoy it, but don't wait - get a copy now while you can. Wish I had been there with the Roadrats S.C. Cheers, Rhys
  8. Does anyone have a copy of this book that they would like to sell? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies. No it was a simple red mug with the clicking fingers logo. I did actually get a reply today - details below in case anyone interested: email: mod@soulsvillefoundation.org Hello Rhys Roberts, I would like to thank you for visiting the Stax Museum, we do have red mugs in and would be happy to ship it out to you. Attached to this email is a copy of our credit card authorization form. If you'd like to fill this out and email it back to me, I will begin processing your order. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. All the best, Iona Green
  10. Just got back from a trip to the "Deep South", which was awesome. The Stax museum is well worth a visit for $13, if only to see the vinyl hall of fame or Isaac Hayes' gold plated Cadillac. Loads of parking behind the main building too. I bought a lovely red mug from the Stax museum store for $9.99...but it got smashed on the way home There is no real online shop as such and I tried to email the museum... If anyone is going (or lives nearby) and wouldn't mind picking me up a replacement then I would be most grateful!! I have a shipping address in the UK and USA and could PayPal the cost & postage. Thank you, Rhys
  11. I had the pleasure and privilege to meet this wonderful lady today. Pat is being recognised in a new music documentary: https://totalexperiencemovie.com/2018/08/07/our-movie-poster/ She sang at Jimmy Hendrix' funeral and also for President Obama. We all know her soul classic "Little Love Affair" but having her sing this for me today was just incredible! Pat also kindly signed a record sleeve for me - I just need to get the vinyl now... Cheers, Rhys VID-20190525-WA0005.mp4
  12. Sounds like the sad taste of sour grapes when someone in the family thinks that money is thicker than blood. Perfect material for a soul ballad...
  13. Thanks for the replies! I can see the regular issue for sale here on raresoulman: Joe Simon ‎– Message From Maria / I Worry About You Any idea how much the promo would be worth?
  14. Hi, Label: Sound Stage 7 ‎– SS7-2617 Format: Vinyl, 45 RPM, 7" Country: US Does anyone know why this is blocked for sale on Discogs? The message says "This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace. It is not permitted to sell this item on Discogs." I have seen it for sale here a few times and I have the SS7-2617 in both regular and promo editions. Cheers, Rhys
  15. Thanks again Ken, I managed to buy a copy of the Shades of Soul Issue #8 -Aug 1986 on eBay last week.

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