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  1. #Gilly I now understand your post, it became clear on reading Dave's comment, thanks
  2. Ahh !!! yes I can see,the publisher, that makes perfect sense and I have just played the record and ......you are correct, reverse labels. I hadn't noticed as along with the rest of the collection, not played for many years. Thanks
  3. Unsure whether you are saying this is or isn't original ???
  4. Thanks for the information I have checked and labels are on correct sides with matching numbers to dead wax suggesting this was pressed at Bestway but a more unusual copy
  5. I have been looking through some old records ( had them for about 40 years ) and wondered if anyone could tell me how to check if this an original. It has 8009 etched in dead wax on too darn soulful side and 8008 plus a small pressed R in other side. Any guidance appreciated
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    Wrong Crowd

    Well better late than never, but this really does deserve a I wasnt sure what to expect, this being my first time at this event, but oh so impressed. Such a great crowd with a real appreciation for great tunes.....even if they weren't always dancing (although the dance floor was good ) top sets from start to finish with a great mix that just flowed all evening, A big thank you to all involved and I look forward to the next one
    I hadn't been here before and so I wasn't to sure what to expect but what a lovely surprise. With ample parking outside, the room is spacious with a good sized dance floor(always important). I must give a huge thank you to all the DJs, every set was truly sublime and kept me dancing and foot tapping all night. A fantastic mix of rare....some amazing tunes.... and underplayed ....so good to hear. It was so nice to see such a great turnout to this Birthday celebration. I hope that this could be the start of a regular event and if so, it would definetely be one for my diary.
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