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  1. until

    3 Podcasts here of Garys tunes to jump straight into Tom, massive influence & one of the greats. http://www.soulunderground.co.uk/page21/page8/ On Chalkys brilliant Soul Underground website
  2. until

    Mischief A GoGo never off his game
  3. until

    All request session is off the blocks and packing the floor https://www.radioking.com/radio/soulallniter
  4. until

    Heard a few reports that Radio king https://www.radioking.com/radio/soulallniter is better sound quality than Facebook, this might help a few more get the best sound possible. Earlier tension than usual!!!
  5. until

    OK Folks here is the schedule for Bury Virtual Niter presentation tonight. Will be a very special night for us all and we are really looking forward to hearing Richard Searling introducing this previously unheard tape and being at the Casino once again. 7:30pm - All-Requests 8:30 - Wigan Warm-up (Get your shoes ready) 9pm - Wigan Casino 1980 Special with Richard Searling & Gary Rushbrooke 9:45pm - Soul Source All Request continued 10pm - 1am Bury Producers selections 1am - Bury DJs mixup https://www.radioking.com/radio/soulallniter
  6. until

    New page, Don't Forget To Remember https://www.radioking.com/radio/soulallniter
  7. until

    "Choose Your Favourite BVAN Spot for 18th July" Since the The Bury Virtual Niter kicked off all those weeks ago there have been plenty of Epic spots where many of us have sat open mouthed hanging on the next record. Bury DJs have been digging deep for 15 weeks and delivered outstanding sets, regulars & Guests alike. So the crew would like to ask you to select 5 sets to produce an evenings entertainment for Sat 18th July. 5 hours of soul gold will follow the all request session and run from 8-1. So if there was one particular set or a particular DJ you missed early on you can pick from the schedule below. All the sets will ultimately be on Mixcloud but in the interim, your turn to dig. As with the all requests let us know on the thread. All yours.
  8. until

    Pete Crampton Beige and I'm only 35,
  9. until

  10. until

    Arrive 6 onward for 10 then https://www.radioking.com/radio/soulallniter
  11. until

    For those that missed Lens epic "Clown Story Spot", here it is. All revealed.
  12. until

    Here we go, enjoy, can't help smiling https://www.radioking.com/radio/soulallniter
  13. Good luck Andy, sounds great
  14. Was up the ladder a month ago painting, this came on, thought of you gents, was gonna post then but sidetracked

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