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  1. Same crash happened to the Doo Wop & Rock & Roll markets so I'm told.
  2. Until we are mostly all dead. Then the market will crash & the last one standing will get The Del Larks for a fiver including P&P
  3. Possibly, but DILY has had far more exposure away from the rare soul scene than any other rare soul records & has been driven by media hype for 40 odd years. So then again it might not impact on other prices as much as we fear
  4. The only reason I remember the dates is I used to be a bit of an anorak....Im a lot better now
  5. Could have had this one for a fraction of the price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FRANK-WILSON-DO-I-LOVE-YOU-INDEED-I-DO-NORTHERN-SOUL-CLASSIC/184380895277?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  6. Was huge at St Ives early 77 right through....Ginger or JV spin (?)
  7. Well it is quite scarce I suppose compared to some of the others that have sold for silly prices of late but its a lot of money to pay for a purely 'nostalgia' record....... While some prices have gone mad there seems to be a drop in price on under £100 sounds ?
  8. Thanks Rick, I used to carry a note pad too- Wish I could find it I'm pretty sure I first heard Mal at St Ives January 76 covered up as 'Mike Post - New York Vibrations' ......Probably Poke then. It was common knowledge what it was after a couple of weeks....Not my cup of tea but all part of the rich tapestry as they say. Another I remember from around that time was this one . I still quite like the vocal, not sure of what the floor would make of it now but who knows
  9. Who was it had this covered up as 'New York Vibrations' ? .....around the same time as Cats Eyes..... Grim. Do you remember Rick ?
  10. Not a bad version, but its a bit like re-inventing the wheel....A bit like when New Birth re did Kay Gee even though they must have known they couldnt do any better than the cut the had done previously as The Nite - Liters ...Only a thought
  11. Never heard that version before
  12. I've never seen a promo Rick - Had a paper one myself back then....Quite tempted to buy it again for nostalgia's sake
  13. And surprisingly cheap

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