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  1. There were some interesting results. I stopped bidding on Lainie Hill because I would think it a £300 - £400 record tops as opposed to £600 +. There were some nice job lots that went through at reasonable prices.
  2. £100 plus fees this afternoon mate
  3. OK, I'll take your word for it but to be honest I have never considered it a particularly difficult one - perhaps I still look at things with my old glasses on
  4. Dont get that Chris Serf price at all....Not that rare surely?....Be interested to see what tomorrows one fetches
  5. PM Sent Joe, check PMs you have payment
  6. Hi Soulster22 The St Ives 2nd anniversary due to be held in November 77 was shiffted to The Wirrina in Peterborough. It opened again for all dayers in early 79 but it was around 83/84 before they had any further allnighters there. By that time the moment was lost as Stafford was in full swing so it never really took off as before. Agree about The Sevicemen. Great records from them & don't think I have ever held a proper copy of Are You Angry let alone come close to owning one !
  7. Thanks to Modboy1 & Bo Diddley - I get it now. THANKS
  8. Sorry if I'm being a bit dim here, but isn't it the same auction with online bids going through 'The Saleroom' web site or am I missing something ?.....Where should I bid for The Wessex auction rather than through The Salesroom? ....Just a bit confused
  9. Read the small print if bidding - 26.34% buyers fee to be added to your bid ( if Im not mistaken)....Some great sounds there though
  10. The last nighter at St Ives was October 77 & The Servicemen was uncovered before then, so I would say summer of 77 for that tape too

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