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  1. Normally yes, I'd agree, but in this case he deliberately set out to lie & deceive. Had it just been put up without the lying description I think most would have taken a different view on the sale rather than the outrage it stirred up.
  2. Same sort of protests arranged for Thursday against the dippers again ......So I'm told
  3. I have never lived in Manchester. Always lived down south. I'm no glory hunter either, I started going with my dad & his army mates from Manchester as a kid & fell in love with United. I agree, I'm very much in the minority at Old Trafford (though I havent been every game since 2009), most of the support is as local as any other team in the top flight......One of my first aways was at Leicester in 1972 BTW - We really were crap in those days. Sorry if I'm jumping in on you lots thread all the while but this really is close to my heart.
  4. Don't know that Tom guy personally but I have 11 mutual friends on FB who I've known/know personally away from FB for many, many years, so I would bet my last pound he's kosher
  5. Looks like others have weighed in too https://www.facebook.com/groups/1484989138379594
  6. He must be hoping he can front it out if the buyer complains or he'd have taken it down by now
  7. The root of the ownership problem at United can be traced back to 1991 when Edwards floated the club at the same time as we were playing Barcelona in the Cup Winners Cup final in Rotterdam. Mere mortals like myself had a financial choice, either go to Rotterdam or buy shares. I like most went to Rotterdam & missed out on shares.....Whether this timing was by design or incompetency is open to debate. It did however enable the Glazers (and others) to gradually mop up shares until they were in a position to pounce culminating in an aggressive take over that included the compulsory purchase of
  8. Thanks mate - I was in two minds about bidding as I wasn't comfortable either. Glad I didn't.
  9. Add ' Les Femmes - Closer' & 'Renita Cole - Lately' as well.
  10. Another of Sam's 1sts wasnt it ?...Or am I mistaken ? (Gerri I mean)
  11. Plenty of others on that list that did go big before The Casino got behind them though - The first three mainly wouldnt you say ?
  12. I don't remember it either. Not a bad tune to be fair, strange how some pass right over your head. I don't think it could have been played for long or we'd have all known it.
  13. Probably me being off target mate - It was one of the ones with miracle in the title that could pass off (at a push) as The Sweet Three

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