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  1. Loved it. Hope he carries on getting so much out of the music.
  2. Zee - that’s put a huge smile on my face. Cheers! Sorry, “Zed”.
  3. Another self-confessed carver went for £113.11 this afternoon on eBay.
  4. Big thanks to everyone who supported this last night. Hope you enjoyed it and that you all had a safe journey home. Look forward to seeing you at the next one.
  5. Original went on eBay for £702 tonight. Repros have been selling for between £100-150 over the past few months, marked up as re-issues. At least the one today was clearly marked up as a reproduction.
  6. Went there for the first time last night. It was well worth battling through the weather for a very enjoyable night, with some decent sounds played to a very busy dance floor. Good to see some youngsters there “diggin’ the scene” and adding to the experience. I am sure we will be back.
  7. 100 Club 1983. Records that stood out were Johnny Caswell’s “You don’t love me any more” and Eddie Bishop’s “Call me”. I had a very steep learning curve on dance floor etiquette that night i.e. do not bump into older Scotsmen when dancing too enthusiastically.
  8. Whatever it was, it’s disappeared. I have just woken up to be told that my bid has been cancelled; when I went back onto eBay, the item is no longer available. Pity, as watching how much this one went for / trying to win it at a low price was going to be my evening’s entertainment. The seller looked reputable and has been selling a bulk list on here recently, so I think the record was the real deal.
  9. Andy Thanks for letting me know so soon. All the best.
  10. Andy Is Johnny Sayles still available? I would like to buy it if it is please. Looking forward to hearing back from you. All the best. Sean
  11. I appreciate this is some time after you advertised this. Is it still for sale?

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