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  1. hi anyone got an original M- copy for sale, no drill hole ring marks or writing on lables.thanks mick.
  2. thanks for the scan supercorsa,hopefully im sorted.mick
  3. cheers alan i think your right mate, seller hasnt replied either.best mick.
  4. have done that thanks for help,see what he has to say.best mick
  5. still a bit confused,what do rekon on this than mate ebay no 260122799225.mick
  6. hi could someone please put a scan on here so i can try and tell the differene between boot and original and what to look out for,i no about the size 45 and vinyl/strene but what else to look for in a original.many thanks mick.
  7. thanks to all,roger love them scans what a collection.best mick
  8. hi could someone please tell which is the boot,pink,orange,or grey lable revilot.thanks mick.
  9. these any good mate.http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/RECORD-ADAPTERS-CENTERS-MIDDLES-PROFESSIONAL-LOOK_W0QQitemZ180105731897QQihZ008QQcategoryZ52473QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZV ewItem
  10. jumping on the band wagon me thinks, ebay 160113192444
  11. a think mike would have said if it wasn't original,hes always been honest with me.
  12. could it be the b side there after sounds great.
  13. sickner mike dont no who he is,but why not try bidder 11.best mick
  14. john manship 3rd edition says it did come out on VIP 25034 price negotiable probably in excess of £3000.hope this helps.mick
  15. doesnt show it been on in tv guide rupert.
  16. jackie day and others on ebay.looks like golden gate records.
  17. Wouldnt be without bootleg guide and price guide. saved me a few times. both invaluable.
  18. look at Awake 502 looks like he did.best
  19. mary love/you turned my bitter into sweet/modern 1006.must be m- original only.no drill hole,writing etc.thanks mick.
  20. well finally got a stone mint white demo thanks to john manship. absoloutely brilliant record, both sides.

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