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  1. Steve great picture of the gold finch lucky to get a bull finch , not common sight in my neck of the woods
  2. Wow , great pictures, reminds me of my youth and all the fell walking with my dad. thanks for sharing
  3. Shocking and cruel, some people just cant love nature and destroy what they cant appreciate. so sad
  4. Steve without doubt , got to be the snap of the year, what a joy
  5. Incredible, love the black and white snap as well
  6. Steve white throat is a beauty, you had a good day with the sunshine thank you
  7. Steve lovely set of pictures, always good to see sand martins thank you Dipper is great, thanks for sharing
  8. Steve , northern wheater , never seen one , great to see something new thanks
  9. Steve , cracking pictures, like the finch and the reed bunting . well done, thanks for sharing
  10. Manderin , lovely picture thanks for sharing
  11. You win 100% ,soup dragon was on lead vocals Bought a jr walker ain’t that the truth in Boston USA great to buy something stateside ,
  12. Hi Steve yes I think so ,I am playing golf this Tuesday with Derek mead and I DJ at bisley for the Steve whittle night , bisley was just like mr ms , same size and sprung floor , I have attended there the last 15 years so know the crowd quite well , also when I was very young dj with shaun and Steve whittle at Lancaster its a small world

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