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  1. Sad news indeed , still love to play stay close to me , classic track great memories when ever I hear it Played
  2. Mark excellent too tune , totally soulful , brilliant vocals
  3. Robbk think your absolutely bang on you captured it perfectly
  4. Last ones for me would be Ramsey Lewis, wade in the water . the dells run for cover . the artistics hope we have . brilliant tunes don’t need to cost a fortune
  5. hi mark i am ok thanks good to hear from you Marc F had incredible taste in music he was really at the cutting-edge of the modern scene , he was there leading the change right at the beginning in todmordon With soul Sam and about 40 soul fans in 1979/80 , his dad had a bar and he would play me some really rare stuff at the time, on the oldies side he was one of the first to have a copy of the seventh avenue aviators on Congress . we were very close and went to the casino together for about three years with Leon as he was a bit younge
  6. Very very sad news to hear the passing of Mark , he was an inspirational modern soul man ahead of his time we spent many nights at the casino and morecambe clubs being childhood friends , sharing so many good times can’t believe it , my thoughts are with his loved ones

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