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  1. ashley


  2. Can you not put the thicker quality 45s in the numbered box?
  3. ashley

    World's No.1 All Nighter

    Thanks Kev, for clearing that . Apparently I've used my quota of positive likes for the day so take it from me your comment got one. Thanks
  4. Can someone post the lyrics to Sad Girl. Carol Anderson. Lol
  5. ashley

    World's No.1 All Nighter

    Never seen the bar so busy for so long, in all the years of attending. A lot of friends were missing due to commitments and Prestatyn coming up but the place was heaving. Lots of new faces, lots of youngsters which is a good thing but lots of drunks and so called tourists! DJ announced to stay off the floor with drinks, saw a girl asked twice not to dance with a drink in her hand, a bouncer tell a lad the same all at the bar end of venue! But the topping of it all was a fight which went from one end of bar to the other with about 6 people involved. Not good
  6. Me too, I assume there are more than 2000 issued now?
  7. Ive got Boxset 00113 from Amazon which ive not opened and ive got another coming from Universal, fingers crossed after reading of the shambles of what should have been a great marketing coup with Richards name attached to it. I know its not his fault but I wonder how he feels about all this?
  8. ashley

    Stolen Records

    Don't know the guy but feel for him. Had some records go missing myself, its not nice! Most things have been covered in previous posts likewe all know when where and who from we bought a certain tune, the person(if you can call em that) will probably want to move them on, but some people will want a bargain unfortunately and wont care where it came from. Don't know about other people but theres not a lot on the scene who know where I..
  9. ashley


    Will anyone here have tickets for Keele event for sale?
  10. ashley

    Tiffany's Coalville Re-Launch

    Spud and myself are coming mentioned it to a few of the other old Loughborough crew, Ray, Phil and Dean who sound interested and may be there too. Ashley
  11. ashley

    Joseph Webster- My Love Is So Strong

    Thanks Simon I now know im not going mad
  12. ashley

    Joseph Webster- My Love Is So Strong

    Im sure I heard this years ago on a cassette which I can no longer find, the track did stick out. Can anyone in the know tell me if the B side is the instrumental because it was on the cassette?
  13. ashley

    Biggest Floor

    Nottingham Palais was big "back in the day", Winsford was big, Prestatyn and Kings Hall are big. There is quite a few to squabble over!
  14. ashley


    Just realised the date, isnt there a little thing happening in North Wales!