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  1. John Leach Put that woman down Lawn WD EX+ condition Offers I can take a while to reply to messages due to work
  2. Copy of Ward Burton - Sweet Temptation on Panther. PM with price and condition please
  3. Ian J

    Ian J

  4. Wanted: Buster and Eddie - Can't Be Still - Class (Original pink issue or demo please). PM me with price and condition Thanks Ian
  5. For Sale: Velvets - I got to find me somebody - 20th Century WD £375 SOLD Vibrations - Cause you're mine - Epic £150 SOLD Four Larks - Groovin at the go-go - Tower WD £180 SOLD Dee Dee Sharp - What kind of lady - Gamble £100 SOLD Fantastic Puzzles - Come back - New Moon WD £80 Velvelettes - Lonely lonely girl am I - V.I.P (Lined) £75 All VG++ condition (Soul source grading). Special delivery £6.00 Payment by paypal or bank transfer PM me with any questions Ian
  6. Still looking for: Willie & The Mighty Magnificents Check It Baby on All platinum PM me with price and condition Thanks Ian
  7. Velvelettes - Lonely Lonely Girl Am I VIP (2 bars design) M- £80 The Kittens Three - I'm coming apart at the seams - Newark M- £40 Brenda Duff - Got to get to know you - Casino WD (slight browning on edges of lable) VG++ £20 Luther Ingram - Exus trek / If its all the same - HIB ORANGE LABEL VG++ the legal 1974 repress credited as (wylia) black bold type, name written in biro on label, slight bubbling around centre hole £40 SOLD Milton Floyd - Hungry for love - Cab M- £35 Hytones - Good news - Kent 29th anniversary M- £75 SOLD Bar
  8. Mint - condition. Best offer by 18.00 today (Saturday 25/04). Current highest offer £350 Payment by cash or bank transfer Will post special delivery or take to Lifeline tonight Ian
  9. Milton Wright - Like A Rolling Stone / I Belong To You on SATIRON. Mint - condition. Best offer by 18.00 on Saturday (25/04/2015). I'm only able to answer messages in the evening, at work during the day. Payment by cash or bank transfer. Record will be sent special delivery or I'll take it to Lifeline Saturday night. Thanks Ian
  10. Looking for a copy of: Willie & The Mighty Magnificents - Check It Baby on All Platinum PM me with price and condition Thanks Ian
  11. If you're still looking I've got one that I got off Tim Brown couple of years ago. Bought as Mint- and probably only been out of the sleeve a couple of times. It's NOT the two shields label but is a definite original. I'll try and send some pictures when I get home later Ian
  12. Looking for a copy of: Cody Black - I'm Slowly Moulding on King PM me with price and condition Ian

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