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  1. It was mentioned earlier in the thread that the "Do I Love You" master number is different (4916 on the SO copy, 4914 on the ARP copy), are they indeed different?
  2. For Southern Plastics it's actually (client) number 5 (instead of S), which is indeed present in the dead wax (see first post).
  3. Isn't it the other way around: mastered at RCA, pressed at Southern Plastics (assuming it's genuine of course)?
  4. Isn't the listing on 45cat the correct order in which they were released (with some of the given dates there not correct)? In that case there isn't really a gap for 507 (it's 557).
  5. Ady, I can send you an mp3 of the SS7 version if you still need this.
  6. There's some info in this biography on 45cat (but I don't know what the source of that info is).
  7. That's probably the original Monarch pressing (with delta numbers in the deadwax)?
  8. Thanks for posting this. I'd also be interested in the Spirtual Harmonizer discography. Here's one missing above: Gospel Gem GG-24 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have Been To The Mountain Top / If I Had Only Sneezed
  9. Ady, I've got Rosetta Johnson on NRC 2871-39 and can send you mp3s if that's the one you're looking for and still need the sound files?
  10. There are a few more on Crown Ltd which haven't been mentioned yet over here: 45cat
  11. A later Monarch pressed Stax LP is this one which, judging by the STXS master numbers (see here) seems to be from around April/May 1974.
  12. In David Johnson's liner notes (reproduced earlier in this thread) he says that the album was recorded October 1974 and the "Wounded Woman" 45 was released early in 1975. But is that correct? Wasn't Truth 3201 already released in June 1974 (as stated on the label)?
  13. In contrast to my earlier comment, it seems that Stax did use Monarch in their final years (for LPs at least). Here's an example from early 1974: http://www.discogs.com/Chico-The-Master/release/7472493
  14. " Did Monarch in L.A. press any Stax stuff in this period?" I don't know of any Monarch pressed Stax product after the very early 70s.
  15. The same image as on the RSD release was also used in the booklet of the 2007 Soulscape CD reissuing these Sandra Wright (and the James Govan) Broadway Sound recordings.

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