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  1. Just wanted to highlight this as someone is bound to get caught out otherwise. Hope you're reading this @Ficklefingers ! See you all later! - Kev
  2. Happy Birthday Sandra! Have a great day. x - Kev
  3. I can't remember. What was on the other side? - Kev
  4. Quite possibly, but I can't speak from experience here. I morphed straight from Skinhead/Suedehead to Squaddie and wasn't allowed to be casual. Only heard of Perry Boys more recently and wondered if they were a subculture or another figment of the imagination of an over enthusiastic Fred Perry PR consultant. - Kev
  5. The lack of any material specifically about 'Suedeheads' can only add to the book's authenticity in my opinion. My recollection is that as skinheads grew their hair slightly longer they we still belonged to the skinhead lifestyle and held an allegiance to that group. You never heard a chant of "Suedeheads, suedeheads" for instance. It just didn't happen. But we might have joined in a chant of "Skinheads, skinheads" with our closer cropped brothers. The name Suedehead was rarely used, apart from by the press and other outsiders. In reality it was just an extension and a part of the original skinhead thing rather than a separate grouping. - Kev
  6. Maybe because I have subscribed to the 6T's website, I rec'd an email saying that I would be informed either way, and if not to email Ady who has responded. I might just pop into the Blue Posts first to see my mates. It's been a while. - Kev.
  7. Has anyone else still not been notified if they have been successful or not? @Ady Croasdell stated to email him in such cases. I did a week ago and still have heard nothing. Am I the only one that this is happening too? Has @Mattboltonhad his list added to the ballot? Is anyone else in the same situation even though final reminders for payment are going out. - Kev
  8. Hutchy, I really respect your decision to withdraw from the ballot in order that regulars have more chance of attending. It's what I would do. What a great unselfish attitude. I hope you manage to get a copy of the single and I look forward to buying you a drink in the Blue Posts when you do finally get to attend. - Kev
  9. Send your email addresses to ady.croasdell@btinternet.com Separate email address for each single ticket required. Ballot to be finalised on Thursday. £26 by PayPal once notified you are successful. Now confirmed as 10 - 6 niter, with extra security/searches on entry as stipulation of licence. * Anyone driving in please be aware that the London Congestion Charge now applies 7 days between 0700 and 2200. It used to be weekdays only. I got caught out recently and received a penalty notice for £80, rising to £240 if unpaid. Good luck, Kev.
  10. Happy Birthday youngster!!! - Kev
  11. Jan, it's not certain yet that an allnighter licence will be granted for this so it might end up being a 3am finish. In any case ticket allocation is going to be decided by ballot. Hopefully details will be announced on here soon. - Kev
  12. Thanks Matt, the sooner the better. Just about to email you for September.
  13. I was so looking forward to this. Was driving in when I rec'd news of an impending family bereavement, so changed course. Didn't make either event. Here's to the next 'niter. - Kev
  14. Just sent you a PM.
  15. Try Loz Doyle at 'Sleeve It Out UK'. Does quality card mailers as well as paper/card/coloured sleeves plus record cases and vinyl Email lozdoyle17@hotmail.co.uk
  16. You might want to post this in Record Wants, rather than here in Sales. - Kev
  17. Thanks for clearing that up Ady. I thought my already bad memory had finally given up on me. - Kev
  18. Now on Kent at £7.99 , not £40, in the Soul Store on this site. I think I know where my money would go - Kev
  19. I would have been at the 100 Club on Saturday had it not been cancelled. I will be there in August and that will be my first event post lockdown. No doubt there are events before then, but presumably they will run on reduced numbers. I have no intention of attending any if there's a possibility of depriving a regular of entry. The first events will be about getting back the familiarity and meeting up with old mates as much as they are about the music, and that's the way it should be. - Kev
  20. If it's a 100 Club play it's one that's escaped me over the last 10 - 15 years. - Kev
  21. Hmm, a blonde and a brunette, based in Stockholm. That sounds familiar, and similar to and old band that I recently heard were getting back together after all this time...Nah, surely not? Anyway, I quite like it in a Dancing Queen sort of way. - Kev
  22. This is easy for me as I've only bought one 45 this year.... Vicki Anderson - Wide Awake In A Dream. (DeLuxe) If it had been opened up to "the last 12 months" I would have just a few more to choose from and would have included.... Candace Love - Wonderful Night (Aquarius) The Mark Keys - My Sweet Baby (TCB) - Kev
  23. Hi Jordon, so sorry to hear of your Grandfather's passing. I don't own an album but I do have a solitary 45 ..."Stop Sign". I enjoyed dancing to it in the 70's and still listen to it now that I am almost in my 70's. Once I locate it within my collection it's yours. Play it often and be proud of your Grandfather. I'll send you a personal message. If you respond to it with your full postal address, I'll locate and mail it from the UK within a week. - Kev

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