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    100 Club 6TS

    Hi Jan, and congratulations on attending what was presumably your first 100 Club niter. You could have bought a bottle of water at the bar - it's what the venue expects and is fair enough I reckon. Once you'd used the contents to either quench your thirst or clean the place up a bit, hey presto... you'd have another empty bottle! Every niter I attend has a low spot for me because I am old and grumpy, but is more than compensated for by the rest of the night. You should have persevered, the music for the 5 hours you missed was outstanding! -Kev2hermesetasandapinchofsalt
  2. When Doc Martens first really took off in Northamptonshire, coinciding with the original Skinhead era of the late 60's, ALL DM's were known locally as 'Airwair'. It was just what we Northampton boys called them. The factory was in Rushden I think and the only outlet that I knew of was their tiny shop in Bridge St, Northampton. That and an occasional 'boot mountain' on Northampton market - a five foot pile of 'seconds' (or maybe pre-worn...my memory fails me) which you could sort through until you matched a decent pair. There was a time when they were the only footwear I owned. Happy days! - Kev.
  3. Happy St George's Day everyone! I can't believe that it almost slipped past me unnoticed. When I worked in a suit I always wore a red rose buttonhole on April 23rd. This year I had to be reminded by the card I received from Pam. Sad to say that only one of the card shops in our local shopping precinct carried a stock of St George's Day cards yet they all go OTT for the Irish equivalent. - Kev
  4. I used to try and purloin unusual notices like these from places I visited during the course of my work. One is from a Belfast police station and the other from the British Embassy in Athens:
  5. Cheers Baz. Maybe see you at Donny in August, if not before. - Kev
  6. Thanks for the good wishes guys! I have to say that, sexy centennial or not, with extreme old age comes two things - IT incompetence and forgetfulness. I thought I had replied to your posts yesterday, but I can't remember what the hell I said. - Kev
  7. I'm shocked to hear this very sad and unexpected news. Such a nice and popular bloke. RIP Winnie. Condolences to family and those closest to him. - Kev
  8. KevinKent

    Down votes

    But if you hit it accidentally there's no way of retracting it - or then giving a negative to balance things out.
  9. KevinKent

    Down votes

    Nah, I think it's sometimes better to just let people know you strongly disagree with their post rather than get drawn into a protracted arguement over it. This current idea seems so wishy-washy that it's just not worth bothering with. - Kev
  10. Fantastic, and wow.. to think that these are 'also rans' in Ady's search through the Croasdell vaults for a suitable offering for the 6T's 40th Anniversary single !!! - Kev
  11. Slightly off the soul track but there was this from Desmond Dekker: Get up in he morning, baked beans for breakfast, so that every mouth can be fed. Oh, oh , the Israelites. Made perfect sense to me - and that's what I would still sing 'cos I don't know the proper words. - Kev
  12. Faster, and more relevant search responses IMO. Nice job. - Kev.
  13. Declined due to a lack of information. Neither your flyer, the link or your post tell us much so I'm out.
  14. 'Motorway Maintenance' drivers - road diggers who think they are an emergency service and drive around with their flashing orange lights on for no reason whatsoever.
  15. KevinKent

    Any Ideas?

    You go to a Northern nite, let your son/daughter stay at home and throw a party, everybody's happy. - Kev.
  16. Got this via a charity raffle at the 2010 Torch Reunion (am I allowed to call it that?). Signed by Major Lance and donated by Paul Donnelly. To be honest, I didn't have the winning ticket but the girl who did was something to do with the charity and decided I should have it. So it felt like I'd won for once. - Kev
  17. Happy Birthday Sar'nt Major. Funny...I always thought you were older than me! - Kev (and Pam , of course.)
  18. Mate, if you ever return to the site and this post, remember this: When you ask for suggestions and people make the effort to try and help you out, then it's to be expected that you will at least bother to check for responses. Anything else is just taking the p!ss. - Kev
  19. KevinKent

    100 Club

    Just a few hours to go. Looking forward to seeing Henning again and all my old mates plus one newbie. One newbie?.....yep, jigged past her on the staircase at the last one. She said "This is my first Northern Soul Allnighter, it's very intimidating.............I F ***ING LOVE IT !!!!! " Constantly on the floor and with a reasonable dance style. Kept drinks off the floor. Stayed into the final hour. I just love it when someone first finds the scene and it was one of the nights highlights for me. See you all there. Blue Posts first. - Kev
  20. Yep! Fresh meat in the block. Brings a whole new meaning to those ' little hole, big hole ' debates.
  21. Well that is good news! Surely there's no way now that eBay can avoid being hauled over the legal coals for their participation. - Kev
  22. Well I think Maria Willingham does a damn fine job on and off the decks. - Kev
  23. Because, as the original newspaper article states "Judge Richard Williams said no members of the public had complained about purchasing the records" adding that they would have expected them to be unlicensed presses... So the boot playing wannabee dj's and the promoters that put them on are directly responsible for allowing this crime to perpetuate. Some would argue that eBay is similarly responsible for allowing the sale of such items despite numerous complaints which have been ignored. Maybe more arrests are to follow now that the case against the main players has been successful. Interesting to note that the case has been ongoing since at least July 2014. Hmmm, anyone bought or sold any boots since 2014 ? - Kev

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