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  1. maybe he was looking to get signed as an artist or songwriter? who knows leafing through the Jobete catalog it's really diverse - soul, country, MOR pop, children's songs, you name it
  2. Actually both sides are pretty charming imho 'My Angel Baby' is dreadful, but it does appear in the Jobete song catalog from 1967
  3. https://thirdmanrecords.com/news/frank-wilsons-do-i-love-you-indeed-i-do-cass-corridor-record-store-day-festivities/
  4. checking my ebay sales records, I sold a copy of the vinyl pressing in May 2004 for $33.64 to a buyer named 'Kenneth Darge'
  5. they used the same run of labels on the vinyl and styrene, so what? the guy we are talking about is Darrell Banks, not 'Darrel Banks' at least spell his name right
  6. I have no idea what you are talking about. I have a pink label vinyl copy and grey styrene copy sitting in front of me and the typefaces and layout are identical
  7. you occasionally find the vinyl pressing here in Detroit I think the vinyl to styrene ratio is like one in 20 the sound quality of vinyl is better and I've no reason the suspect it's a bootleg, just a pressing sourced to another plant to meet immediate demand on a hit record
  8. perhaps it should have been marketed as 'the Holy Relic of Northern Soul' then it could have been toured around, charging the faithful a few pounds to gaze upon it, even more to touch the sleeve oh well, Jack White has it now.
  9. Nancy Butts 'I Get Lonely' is probably the best record on the label ( imho) the mix lacks bass, but that's just a quibble don't think it's ever been booted
  10. I found the Big George in one of my loose boxes... it's on Kable, not Mickays
  11. Big George is a maroon / silver label & it's R&B iirc
  12. likely the same seller, both from the same area in MI etc
  13. well, we have seen sellers who kept listing 1000 dollar rarities again and again until the last copies were selling for a couple hundred - Four Tracks, Clara Hardy etc mostly antique dealers who don't specialize in records, got the old stock for cheap and just want quick money this seller is obviously a fraud tho

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