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  1. The record dealer was probably just talking bollocks, dealers are well known for all this 'nudge nudge wink wink' stuff, especially NS dealers, they are the worst at talking in riddles and testing people's knowledge when half the time they are just regurgitating nonsense. I dread it at fairs when I start looking through the records of a 'talkative' dealer. You know the sort, inevitably they start providing a running commentary on any record you look at for more than one second - 'well you know who that really is don't you'...'of course you know the story about that one don't you'...nudge nudge
  2. Hi can anyone help me out with a current value for this? CBS issue Thanks a lot Rob
  3. Fairs are full of bootleg LPs and reissues these days or bargain bin LPs It's few and far between you hit the jackpot these days, which is some old guy who's, say, a rock n roll specialist and knows and cares nothing about other genres and massively underprices stuff he knows nothing about.
  4. I once got called a shit DJ because I wouldn't play Blue Monday by New Order. Seriously out of dozens of requests I've only ever had 2 or 3 sensible ones, it makes me cringe to think how annoying I must have been when I used to bother DJs with requests when I was younger. I just politely decline these days but if they persist I tell them to fuck off and find a pub with a Juke box and put on whatever they want.
  5. Why is it greedy to get the maximum profit you can for something you're selling? Only one thing drives prices - supply and demand.
  6. Not this is it? Kind of fits with the description in a vague way
  7. Not been for a few years - don't know of any regular events that are still going - try checking out some bars in the lower East side / East village you might find something
  8. It's 2/3 which is a fraction - and that's the best price you'll get from an honest dealer. Realistically most dealers will try and get records for as little as possible. Anyway not knocking it as an option as I know a lot of collection sellers dont have the time or inclination to sell them all one by one.
  9. If you're in a hurry sell to a dealer and get a fraction of their value. If you have time to spend then research what you have, sell the expensive items on eBay and the mid range / low value items on discogs. Dont worry about the sleeves by the way, no ones bothered about single sleeves generally.
  10. Bought this for £40 from a charity shop, sold for £560
  11. You can buy as many of these as you want for a quid each - most from the us though - I dont know if this counts as a soul record but to my ears its much better and more soulful than the other garage rock tunes getting played (eg Strangeloves)
  12. Only £2 and from the UK - never an expensive record so don't know if it counts as a bargain

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