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  1. This might clear the Ruffin link to the Fellows up.
  2. Prefer the George Carrow version myself but it seems a strange song non of the versions singers seem to be able to sing the song naturally , as someone said above they all seem to be trying to hard.
  3. This track was cut on Revilot by J.J.Barnes , I would assume you would know that though. The Limitations seems better to me .
  4. It is the flip to the classic '' Don,t be sore at me '' always like the Parliaments version but the Joni Wilson is good also. George Clinton recorded it again with the funk ensemble who were Parliament nothing like the original though .
  5. Just purchased a copy of Respect the biography written by David Ritz on Aretha , not read any yet to give a review but for £2 it has got to be worth a punt , a very thick book which should take a good few days to get through. Still quite a few In the shop i purchased my copy and they also do click and collect on their website if anyone is interested.
  6. I live and learn ! one here .
  7. Sorry do not know how to post links on tablet , just put Ronn Records in Google and loads of discographies come up for that label.
  8. The Ronn release should be by Carolyn Montgomery and was issued under the wrong name as Harolyn a typo. All discographies show Carolyn.
  9. Sounds like the Spice Girls piss take group on comic relief in the 90s featuring French And Saunders and Kathy Burke .
  10. Sargent Peppers ? I think you are on about I had a pair for work they were not too bad if I remember rightly.
  11. They look great , however I could never wear footwear worn by someone else so they are out for me lol. I see that Dr Martens still make boots in England but I have never bought a pair so the juries out on those for me , I will stick with my Solovair for now.
  12. The name Airwair was/is on the back tag of the Dr Martens along with the slogan With Bouncing Soles. Bought my first pair in 1971 with one of my first wages, from Mortimers on The Wicker in Sheffield, shame they are not of that standard now.

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