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  1. I suppose the head spins are the reason why so many men on the scene are follicly challenged and the hat wearing has come in to vogue. lol
  2. CD information

    Is this link any good , seems to be giving a release date of 17.12.17 which I think is a misprint , I just takes you to the link Mike provided earlier. http://www.kingdomcomeforever.com/
  3. These types of programmes even though embarrassing and leave northern soul devotees open to ridicule the biggest embarrassment is going on in local social clubs every weekend , people getting dressed up , playing clapped out oldies and buying bootlegs and stu...
  4. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Working fine again.
  5. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Peggo is working ok , it was the first one I used and it is very good imo.
  6. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Still working for me , but not using a mac. My apologies tried once it worked fine and just tried again and error message came up !
  7. Leather coats were very popular mid seventies but as stated earlier it was a fashion thing not just related to the soul scene. Probably not worn today because with the large chest sizes and expanding waists they would be very expensive with the amount of...
  8. Please sign this

    Signed , a beautiful dead creature flanked by two despicable human beings . Makes me sick to the stomach.
  9. Same here , would have thought Christian names , because you could get duplicate names down the line.
  10. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    So true but then the problem with that is it takes away a bit of the excitement out of the actual first playing because you are familiar with the tunes. Used to enjoy the written review and if they got it wrong in your opinion you could always scream wtf...
  11. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    I mainly stopped buying new releases when Voices From The Shadows folded because when they where in business you knew if Dearlove, Barker recommended any thing chances are I would like it. After they went it was basically buying blind and I bought more d...
  12. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Just one thing, I agree this site is full of people buying records made by white artists but one point I would make is that by and large these records were probably made at the direction of the record company to try and get the said artist a hit on the back o...
  13. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    What's proper soul music to you Pete ? The music of black America or certain white 60s pop that got plays on the scene in years gone by as you stated in a post of mine . You stated in an earlier post that to sing soul music you had to be hungry and ...
  14. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Can never understand why such topics as these turn up on soulsource where the members are into the music of black America. I would have thought even Sam Smith and the like would not describe themselves as soul singers. And also as Chalky says some ...
  15. Fake stamps

    I would assume the seller of the record bought the stamps in good faith ? probably off the internet. Have you contacted the seller because his business and good name could go up the swanee because of an innocent mistake.