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  1. R.I.P Betty , a truly great artist who's talent was recognised and rewarded .
  2. I would think playing football through a pandemic is totally different to war time , players were guesting for other teams etc and the threat was from outside Britain not from within. Plus now everyone wants a piece of the cake , there is the impact of the new season delay on the Euros , The Champions League and the British Leagues. At best any overseas tournaments and international football should be suspended for 20/21 , will it happen in a money oriented game ? , with a organisation like Fifa I very much doubt it. There is talk of the Premier League bailing the lower leagues out , that could be fanciful because of the vast wages paid to ordinary players and the threat to their own existence as this crisis goes on.
  3. The multi millionaire players and the club's paying them will be terrified of the financial impact of playing behind closed doors . As for the government helping them out as muted by Ed above I would think join the queue behind the Airlines ect.
  4. Scrapping next season is a good idea. Finishing this season and starting and finishing next season is in my opinion not doable. As for the proposals for this season to be played behind closed doors etc is just in my opinion to get the games on TV so they the Premier League still keep their revenue from Sky for the broadcasting rights.
  5. Neutral grounds , playing less than 45 minutes each half are some of the suggestions so far , whatever happens the leagues will be compromised but the longer this goes on without games all it does is impact on next season . As for the European competitions they should be put to bed for this and next season with the uncertainty of this virus , will not happen though , money rules .
  6. What are peoples thoughts on this season's problem finishing the season , serious please no anti Liverpool bias lol. My thoughts are end the season now because I can not see any point in playing matches behind closed doors with the current health risks . I see the bottom few clubs in the Premier League are happy to play with the risk of relegation took away , f**I the players etc health , I can not see how a contact sport can operate with any realistic way under the current situation , end the season now and hopefully in August try to start again . Thoughts anyone ?
  7. Apparently not , so called because.one of the founding members was a big fan of The Dells so they added an R.as a tribute to the Dells . Rhyming with Bell makes more sense though. Story here . http://blog.ponderosastomp.com/2017/08/tighten-archie-bell/amp/
  8. Week 6 and the lockdown seems as though it could be coming to a change of direction if you believe the media . Boris is back and I expect an announcement coming in the next week or so about loosening the lockdown which will be scary , people on the whole have been sensible , but when it is eased we will have to be very careful in keeping to the safe distancing regime. I am more concerned about my family than I am myself I can stay at home but they will have to return to work which will not be without risk , I just hope the loosening of the lockdown is not too cavalier if it does come soon. Take care all .
  9. Does it get any better than this ? The Four Tops
  10. I worked in a cardboard box makers for over 35 years till it folded then as a gardener.
  11. Great to see Hedgehogs , seem the only ones I see are dead on the roads . Also a victim of people including myself putting up fences and ripping out the hedges deny them a free run through gardens . I have been in Wilko today and saw for the first time Hedgehog food amongst the wild bird food , what next frog feed !
  12. Good job it wasn't this lady knocking ! The guy isn't any better though.
  13. Link here BBC News - Coronavirus: New York ramps up mass burials amid outbreak https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52241221
  14. Thanks for that , a great documentary and as you said it will make you laugh and cry , and Bill comes across as a great human being as well as a great artist.

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