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  1. Thanks for the heads up , just ordered a copy on online for click and collect £3 with free delivery to my local store.
  2. I cannot say the ringing does not bother me but the loss of hearing music how it should sound is the bummer for me. Going to events is a no no now, the noise in the ears is like a pain at times but without the physical pain if that makes sense ?
  3. Been suffering with tinnitus for about 10 years now mainly in my left ear but occasionally in the right ear, I also have hearing loss also in the left ear. The worse thing for me is that it has spoiled my enjoyment of music because sometimes the music sounds as though it is awfully tinny and on those occasions I just do not play music. I have also suffered with dizzy spells which seem to occur when the tinnitus is affecting both ears at the same time , thankfully I have not had the dizzy spells for several years. On the good side for me is my tolerance to it and my ability not to let it get me down.
  4. Great feature, but at the moment it seems to be causing problems on topics such as the Show Us Your Great Photos.
  5. Peggo, simple to use and quick.
  6. So were Consulate menthol cigs , as cool as a Mountain Stream I think was the slogan on the ads. I used to smoke them when I had a sore throat , which was probably caused by smoking Players No 10s, which was all I could afford midweek
  7. Packed up 35 years ago, thankfully and never really missed em. These vape things I find strange some people seem embarrassed to be using them. And now I see kids have started using them, a safer option I suppose but weird never the less.
  8. Levanna McClean, Billy Paul, Gilbert O,Sullivan and Simon And Garfunkel, James Brown are the ones I seem to know. Could be wrong though !
  9. The Chairmen and his board should have got the players together and given them a good old bollicking , it is the senior players to blame for this crisis as much as Claudio. All of last seasons top performers given lucrative new contracts, then stop doing what gave them the title, hard graft and discipline. Claudios part in this his is return to tinkerman ,but ultimately the players ought to take the blame. Vardy and Mahrez have seemed to shirk away from the fight .
  10. Looks genuine to me a few little differences but everybody's signature changes , and why would someone forge a signature of Wylie it hardly adds to the value, and for some people it detracts.
  11. If the style is the same , then the records could have been signed years apart , my signature changes daily !
  12. Try this link
  13. Had the same problem with the one I had , tried various disc to no avail I ended up binning it . No help I know but just might be a common fault on the aged machines.
  14. Great video, it is great to see an artist who has had great success getting excited about a recording made decades ago. Melba comes across as a lovely lady , and thanks to Ady for helping to make it possible.
  15. These cds were from 10 years ago , and I think only 500 were available free. Maybe someone would do you a copy , I would but I don't own one.