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  1. I was talking about Afternoon Of The Rhino which Spain Pete brought up in the thread not the Frank Wilson record. Think this thread has deviated more than any other thread I have ever read.
  2. More like because it is '' played out'' as in overplayed and its day has gone .
  3. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Franks lyric sounds good to me , and his writing over the years ain,t shabby either. LOL
  4. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    Another one from me - Barbara Mason '' Lady Love '' ( loves the thing ) . Some nice modern dancers mixed with some lovely ballads.
  5. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    The Isleys is a great album , love listening to this on a hot summers day laid on the recliner in the garden
  6. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    That album and Millie Jackson's Caught Up lp changed my direction in soul music , it was never just the beat after those two.
  7. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    These 3 still get plays by me and I ever tire of. Roy C - Sex And Soul Dramatics - A Dramatic Experience Swamp Dogg - Gag A Maggot
  8. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    The 2 John Edwards albums are essential The O,jays - Family Reunion
  9. Yes definitely some out there , I owned a dvd with footage with me and the ex on it
  10. Denise LaSalle R I P

    So sad , Denise is one of my favourite female artists who has delivered great records through her long career. R.I.P. Denise.
  11. Here is a record to help for hope and inspiration for people in any situation. Good luck to anyone going through cancer treatment , you have my blessings and upmost respect.
  12. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Little Milton for me but its all about opinions
  13. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Well under £20 more like a fiver , class record and smashes the Tyrone Davis version to bits.
  14. The Shakers

  15. The Shakers

    A great record which has stood the test of time unlike a lot of others of its ilk , has anyone got a clue what the f**k are the lyrics ? I can make a few lines out but most are double dutch to me