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  1. Thanks for the book and bonus cd Gilly , just dropped through the letterbox . That is today of lockdown sorted
  2. I am afraid to say this now seems the normal so it is going ok for me , and hopefully we will get jabbed out of this normal in a few months time . I just hope this is the final furlong though because if not I fear for everyone's mental, financial and physical well-being.
  3. So what were the the Ric Tics that seemed to be everywhere in the 70s which I always assumed were boots , Real Humdinger, Say It , Festival Time , etc. As I remember light coloured Red and of poor quality recordings , boots I thought ?
  4. Our old friend Jerry Williams aka Swamp Dogg must have recorded some of the most diverse and strange subjects in his recording career .
  5. R.I.P. Colin and I echo the sentiments of the above, the game has changed and not for the better. I remember when the players got off the team bus and mingled with the spectators outside signing autographs and even fetching complimentary tickets out to the lucky few , nowadays they are ushered in to ground like royalty and live in a world different to the spectators. And as for the game itself the only thing that has improved is the fitness the rest is just a sham of the game I played and watched.
  6. Just a heads up to an Aretha documentary on BBC 2 tonight at 8.30 then followed by a tribute at 10 pm , something for a bleak winter's night to savour .
  7. Steve , Yes United was a roller coaster under the Doc , but he signed some great players including wingers Steve Coppel.and Gordon Hill and also as you say won .
  8. Still remember the buzz around my club Rotherham when the doc took over , I was only 12 at the time , he said he was going to get us out of the old Second Division and he did , we got relegated lol. But he also gave us our best cup run and signed probably our greatest player in a swap deal from Notts County , Dave Watson who went on to play for England. R.I.P Tommy
  9. I thought it was for fun only , If I had known there was a prize I would have taken it seriously lol True , but I am not known as shinehead for nothing lol
  10. Thank you And thanks for the effort in putting this together it has been an enjoyable and frustrating couple of days .

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