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  1. Any dj playing records such as Petula Clark have no idea about Northern Soul and no idea about Soul music of any kind. 40 years ago white pop was prevalent on the Northern scene and I thought those times had gone, whoever is playing such records must be lacking ideas , still thousands of great Soul records that deserve a airing before any pop crap.
  2. Its a f**ing joke when refs cannot get the decision right with the help of VAR.
  3. Totally agree Chalky , Towanda/Gloria really spew the lyrics out with angst , The Ohio Players version also lacks that certain something it just seems to be going through the motions.
  4. Its a great song and who gives a f**k what the original is , I get the ovo thing for records decades old but for new releases there is no need and it seems to be an issue what should not exist.
  5. Great topic , so sad the man died so young , one of those people who if you saw their credits on a record you would buy it blind. Wrote one of my fave Otis Clay records '' You Hurt Me For The Last Time '' amongst others . Why, Why , Why , was also done to great effect by The Artistics , top tune.
  6. Yes , my eyesight has improved 200% at least lol.
  7. According to ''Don't Forget The Motor City'' website it is Vance Wilson , see link below. http://www.dftmc.info/titles/to-01.htm
  8. The backing track to '' Angel Baby'' sounds like a slowed down version of Marvin's '' You're A Wonderful One'' , to my ears .
  9. Thanks for posting up the mixclouds Chalky , really looking forward to listening to them both , Jerry and Dave are two hero's of mine
  10. Great thing Google , I just wonder why people do not use it more often !
  11. Magnificent 7 Kez Life Of Brian Blazing Saddles Mississippi Burning
  12. His nephew is the Pulp drummer Nick Banks.
  13. Thanks for the effort Simon , must be a hard task trying to be a contributor and also a moderator , all the best
  14. It used to be so simple , bootlegs a great big no and the same with years after re- issues .
  15. F**k me F.I.F.A. simplified the offside rule so surely the Soul Police can do something about this rule lol.

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