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  1. Cannot see it happening seems to me a reaction to UEFA plan for a 36 team competition which creates more meaningless matches for the teams that will eventually win the competition. The Europa Cup is a meaningless competition due to the amount of dross taking part so why put the elite teams amongst them , think the big clubs are using the super League threat as a bargaining tool. But football now is just business and not the better for it.
  2. This guy joined me today while I was sunbathing for a dip and to take in some rays , about 2 foot away from where I was sat lazing in the sun.
  3. Getting the jab gave me a sense of elation and mentally a boost that things maybe on the way up. It has not changed the way I have behaved still social distancing but I definitely feel safer going about my daily routine.
  4. I don't get it either earlier in the week they said they were slowing down the jab because of supply issues and shutting large vaccine hubs and then my daughter had hers yesterday and son in law had a text yesterday offering him the jab tomorrow which he is having. Not complaining though, hope everyone gets it soon. And credit to the government for the roll out .
  5. I had the Pfizer jab 8 weeks today only a sore arm for a couple of days and that was nothing , bring on the second one sooner the better. The roll out in my neck of the woods must be going great my daughter and son in law have had their first jab and both are in their mid forties and no health conditions.
  6. According to the Ad on YouTube it is " Can you feel it " by John Covert.
  7. Gone but not forgotten .
  8. It is the smart meter not sending readings to British Gas that is the problem, unless it is fixed I will have to send meter readings in for my next bill . The agent I spoke to in the screenshot above stated that they have not received readings since 28.2.21, the monitor is only giving data when the smart meter is working properly. It is the meter that send readings to British Gas not the monitor.
  9. I would also add that when the smart meter goes wrong I get the impression that fixing the problem is not that easy. Smart they ain't it seems.
  10. I do not think so Rick numerous Bulb customers on their community page complaining about the same problem with their smart meters. Changing suppliers is a no brainer , stupid not to but I would give smart meters a big miss if my experience is anything to go by .
  11. I have an account with Bulb for electricity, I have no problems with but no smart meter. I had a smart meter fitted by British Gas on 30.12.20 on the 28.3.21 it stop sending readings to readings British Gas and has not done since despite several webchats and 1 phone call . I get the impression I am just been fobbed off with excuses , along the lines we will fix it remotely within 7 to 10 days . I wish I never agreed to go down the smart route the meters seem as dumb as the customer service agents employed by British Gas.
  12. St.John scored the winner in the first F.A. cup final I ever watched I was 9 at the time. Loved the saint and greavsie show a must watch for me before going off to watch a game or a precursor to listeners to the reports coming in from the matches. R.I.P. Ian.
  13. Through your opening post I have listened to this often and it has now got me singing the chorus in my head at regular intervals . I can do without the backing singers though , they are dire

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