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  1. It was a packer , we drew at Rotherham , which featured on Match Of The Day and lost at Leicester , a fifth round tie and still the furthest we have been in the cup. We beat Wolves and Villa in the previous rounds , Tommy Docherty was our manager but alas we got relegated the same season. All the best for the season.
  2. I think Rodney was a landlord himself in the Leicester area after his retirement from football . Sadly now deceased.
  3. Great to see Leicester doing well and over a few seasons and not just the one season league win. Always had a soft spot for the foxes since I went to see a F.A. cup replay at Filbert Street in 1968 between City and Rotherham , which my team Rotherham lost . We also had the pleasure of having the old Leicester player Rodney Fern ply his talent at Rotherham to great success.
  4. I have done one of those tests for a trial by the NHS a few weeks ago , simple to do and my result was a negative showing I had no antibodies , so I had not had covid.
  5. Would have thought this time of year ,chicks to feed could be ruled out . I have seen Sparrowhawks swooping at my feeders but not a catch as yet , even though I get attached to the Goldfinch I would love to see a Sparrowhawk take one just for the spectacle, I know it sounds cruel but that's nature. A few years ago my next door neighbour's had a very large clematis on the front of the house and it had a roost of sparrows in it and a Sparrowhawk used to use it like a takeaway .
  6. Just hope the seeds on the flowers mature so the birds can eat them off the plant when it does die back
  7. I hope so Steve , I am spending more on sunflower seeds than on food for myself lol , I have loads of adults and juvenile Goldfinch visiting and they are ravenous. But I don't mind they bring me loads of joy watching their antics.
  8. My smashed Sunflower today Not too bad to say the damage it took.
  9. I would not either , I would imagine a lot of people would though , the police will have their work cut out policing the pubs , breaking up groups of more than 6 etc. a good time for the proper criminals if the police do take it seriously.
  10. Never heard of both tracks , congrats to the winner The Yank .
  11. R.I.P. Roy , his album Sex And Soul is a classic
  12. I will be surprised if it is right , but after a few days of looking at it it is the best I can come up with
  13. 60. Call me tomorrow. Looking at the book could be a diary.

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