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  1. What happened to the music? it just seems about dancing now with the "Johnny come latelys" back in my day the music was the bug and the dancing followed. Most of the newcomers seem to just want to get out on a weekend get pi**ed and dance in the same formulated way. Glad that the music is my passion and still going strong 50+ years later. Good job there is still some events with the original ethos and sites like this where like minded individuals can have discussion.
  2. Can't see your problem, you ask a question and awaited answers and most people said Reggae at Soul do,s was a no, which is fine by me. I like reggae but I keep it separate when I play it at home, i.e I will have a few days when that is all I play but never mix it with soul to different in my view to play together , so going out and hearing it mixed with soul is defo a no even at the end of the night.
  3. Thought some may be interested in this video Martha doing some soul instead of her usual hits.
  4. How people dance is a totally an individual thing to me, I am enthusiastic at best What seems to bring the scene in to ridicule these days is the baggies, towels, vests etc. not a good look these days on anyone even worse on the over 60s Leave the baggies to the Bay City Rollers reunions.
  5. At least the venue is at the right place Blackpool home of the circus.
  6. Soul is my main love but I am partial to reggae and ska but at a event not for me no problem though with a different room playing reggae.
  7. The femme backup on the Philly tracks were credited to the Sigma Sweethearts.
  8. Great album and great to see the Aretha track on a new release and Pickett too an all round top LP.
  9. Don't think anyone disputes the fact that there were two groups named The Manhattans this topic went a bit awry with the posts saying one of the Debonairs said they did backup with the Carnival group.
  10. The Donnie Elbert track is a big favourite of mine the stereo version I have on an All Platinum sampler blows away the 45 cut though, the strings really come to the fore.
  11. According an article I have just read the femme backup on the Carnival stuff by TheManhattans was provided by The Lovettes.

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