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  1. shinehead

    northern soul - the current state...?

    Agree there is loads of retro soul music out there but how do you know it is the young uns that are buying it I would have thought it was people like us on here who are buying the bulk of it and even then it is only selling in small quantities.
  2. shinehead

    northern soul - the current state...?

    I would have thought the reason deterring youngsters from joining the scene is that it is an ancient music and why would youngsters want to be associated with music from a bygone age. As much as we all love soul music as a modern music its days are long gone even most soul produced today is mainly retro. Black music has moved on we and are the only ones still carrying the torch for the 60s/70s type of soul music.
  3. shinehead

    music streaming services... ?

    Spotify for me, only got the free version but it satisfies my needs. I play it through a Bluetooth Bose speaker. The amount of soul of all types on there is amazing .
  4. shinehead

    Switching Utility a*seheads?

    Same here had no problems with Bulb in the 12 months I have been with them and it was an effortless change over from my last supplier.
  5. shinehead

    World cup 2018 underway

    Calamity goalkeeping , should change his name from Willy to Dick
  6. shinehead

    Football management change-arounds

    I think Real could get any manager who they want except Pep Guardiola. Still think Spurs will do well to hold on to Pochettino if Real really want him.
  7. shinehead

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    I cannot remember Ben Sherman's having a tag on the breast pocket either in the early 70s and all mine I bought came in a stylish box which made the shirt feel as though you were buying something of class.
  8. shinehead

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    The Beatles theme was retrospective and from only a few years ago it featured amongst other shirts a '' Help'' design and I think a ''Yellow Submarine'' design. Brutus did do some nice shirts I agree, Trimfit was the name I think, no use to me now though
  9. shinehead

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    Ben Sherman use anything that it thinks will sell items , a few years ago it was the Beatles now its Northern , I remember buying Ben Sherman's just for the style and quality of the shirt.
  10. shinehead

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    Ben Sherman's new range featuring Northern again and as tacky as f**k again. https://www.bensherman.co.uk/collections/northern-soul?
  11. shinehead


    Thought Dave first mentioned this track when he was writing for Black Music. As for the record a strange one some days it grates on me on hearing it other days it sounds good.
  12. shinehead

    Mothers Day tunes....

    Nice to appreciate your mam on this day but when they are no longer here it makes this day a bit hard when you see people buying flowers etc. Been gone 35 years but I still shed the odd tear at times, as I,m writing this is one of them. As for a tune as above Terry Callier .
  13. shinehead

    Vinyl Buying in 2018 Poll

    Stopped buying years ago , I would rather buy cd,s or stream. The ones I have I never play and just hold on to for sentimental reasons and selling seems too much trouble .
  14. shinehead

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Soul to me in its purest sense could be Northern , Deep . Sweet whatever name you call it . Thankfully like Dave my taste takes in all styles of soul music and thats why I,m still in to this music after nearly 50 years.
  15. shinehead

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Dave definitely had a problem with Jagger his writing shows as much, from his loathing of The Stones cover versions to Jaggers sound alike Don Covay voice. The rest only Dave knows the real truth and sadly he is not here to defend himself. Even if he did overstate a few stories his columns were always entertaining and opened up new artists and sounds to eager record buyers as myself who were just finding their feet to soul music and I am grateful for that .


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