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  1. Better investment than banks, 2 Locked 3 bad boys 1st i use everyday Rolex Submariner 2006 Blue ceramic face& bezel 2nd Rolex Yacht Master II 2015 Rose Gold white face blue bezel 3rd Rolex Yacht Master II 2017 18ct Gold white face blue bezel... They are hidden in the hole in the wall,for anyone calling....NOT
  2. snooky


    To add to my earlier reply What do you want the bike for?(i know cycling)but is it to have fun or get fit? There are many other marke's to choose from! Budget,you can buy cheap with less tech are okay but the more you spend the better the frame & running gear,sometimes its best to start off with cheapy then if you like upgrade after a year.... Di2 Durace running gear is what i have all electronic... Disc brakes good for wet weather Its endless what you can spend,my total is over £15K If your wanting to cycling in the UK,id say buy a BOAT instead.
  3. snooky


    I live in spain and cycle 300 to 500 k per week. Most makes of bike are good its just down to preference I have a pinarello F10,all the extras to make it lighter & faster.Its the bike Team Ineos used last year to win the Tour de France the more money you spend the better the bike,
  4. I see i didnt get mentioned in it...either I was the person who got the Del Capris hey little way out girl for Nieil Donkin & it was 250£. Every week he would send me money in the post to take to wigan to get things off Richard i was helped by Lewie from Runcorn. The book could have gone into more depth where in the States he got the records from,other people have given more interesting stories other than getting stuff off JA. We all know he had the tunes but where did they come from...thats what id like to know..
  5. Had my copy of the book & found it not what i expected,it went in to great detail about the artists but was missing info where & how much he paid for new finds...disappointing for me
  6. I got this off JM and covered it up as Al de Lory got Richard Searling to play at wigan.....didnt flop but never really made it Sold to Dave Thorley if i remember
  7. I met Nev many times and bought records from him really great bloke,he had a great knowledge... snooky
  8. snooky


  9. Dave Greet had to replace a copy of Al Williams.....someone sat on it...
  10. Anyone mention Mystic Moods Astral Trip........was 1st Edition!!!!!!!!!!! amazing tune for me
  11. John manship has 1 for sale
  12. OMG,i knew tony from Yate days...sold him some of my collection when i sold up...... Met him at Lifeline after almost 35 years.....still at top man Best record he had of mine was issue of Tobi Legend Time Will Pass You By RIP snooky
  13. the one is a what they call a 2nd pressing...or bootleg!!!!!!!! Looks to new...has bubbles on the label... bid $50.....tells you everything or i might be wrong.....

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