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    Jimmy Mack,My World Is On Fire
  1. snooky

    'Spot-light On' Nev Wherry

    I met Nev many times and bought records from him really great bloke,he had a great knowledge... snooky
  2. snooky


  3. i would like to know why its being sold......
  4. snooky

    Most expensive record ever broken?

    Dave Greet had to replace a copy of Al Williams.....someone sat on it...
  5. watched here in Spain very emotional.....
  6. snooky

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Anyone mention Mystic Moods Astral Trip........was 1st Edition!!!!!!!!!!! amazing tune for me
  7. snooky

    Connie Clark

    John manship has 1 for sale
  8. snooky

    Tony Warot Rip

    OMG,i knew tony from Yate days...sold him some of my collection when i sold up...... Met him at Lifeline after almost 35 years.....still at top man Best record he had of mine was issue of Tobi Legend Time Will Pass You By RIP snooky
  9. snooky

    Eddie Parker- I'm Gone- Awake

    the one ebay.com is a what they call a 2nd pressing...or bootleg!!!!!!!! Looks to new...has bubbles on the label... bid $50.....tells you everything or i might be wrong.....
  10. snooky

    Patrinell Staten

    Who has them???? Ady Pountain has one {seen it}he told me he paid 1 dollar for it on a record trip to the states I like the record but does go off after the middle...too much going on
  11. ages since one has been for sale.... price guide for this???? snooky
  12. THE TOMANGOE'S I Really Love You WASHPAN on ebay.com 381003398893 VG copy...not often seen for sale how much will it go for... snooky
  13. snooky

    Billy Woods For Sale

  14. snooky


    Sorry but stuck in spain...hope everybody has great time snooky
  15. snooky

    Billy Woods For Sale

    Auction: RSV-565 Ends: 30/05/2014 14:00 Artist: WOODS, BILLY Title: Let Me Make You Happy Label: Sussex 213 Condition: VG+ First time ever on our list for this one! The copy is cracked in two places but has only been on eBay once fetching ten times this starting price. You may not get another opportunity to buy it so check the sound bite — it does play! On Anglo American site.... http://www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk/auctions/#565 what will this fetch...


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