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  1. I found this thread after finding a copy on Wand this morning, in a long-time unopened box. I'm adding these Wand version images, to complete the set.
  2. Thanks for taking the time and using your extensive knowledge, to compile what's clearly a definitive list in summer '20. I hope you're well and am looking forward to catching up with you on the other side of this.
  3. Seller’s responsibility, in the original scenario described. If the item doesn’t get to the first point of contact with the buyer, in the condition described, at the time the deal was struck, then it’s for the seller to make good.
  4. UNKNOWN "No More Bad Feeling" "Joseph Moore" I think this may be Pat Calello - 'The Things I need' (Oliver)
  5. A brilliant piece of writing about the place that people of my age and under, regard as the most iconic of venues. It was good to read details of so many of the people who have made it what it was and is - and of course, some of the key records that have been a part of the fabric. I'm sure that everybody who has played there will agree with the line: "I was asked to guest DJ at the Allnighter, and I was of course hugely flattered and nervous on a whole new level." The final paragraph brought a lump to my throat.
  6. *Sorted* VG+ or better. Message me with the details, thanks.
  7. Ozone - 'Our Hearts (Will Always Shine)' on Motown. Promo or Issue, NM or M ideally. Thanks.
  8. Yes, that's the one, superb isn't it
  9. I strongly agree. If you don’t absolutely adore this, you’re in the wrong game.
  10. Thanks for the time and effort in putting this together. I'm already 6 tracks into it - fantastic.
  11. Besides the evergreen and peerless Butch, this year the ones that have entertained me the most whilst maintaining their individuality - avoiding plagiarism and lazy trend-following are: Steve Plumb, Matt Fox and Andy Dyson.
  12. We thought it was outstanding Steve. Butch was absolutely stunning wasn't he?! Amongst dozens of last night's highlights, I'll never forget that spellbinding moment of brilliant choice and timing, when you played 'Just ask the lonely'.
  13. I saw one sell via a FB group last Saturday, for £180. However, it was described as 'VG++', so I agree with Chalky's figure, for a 'VG+' say, £150

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