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  1. Gloucester Alldayer

    Please note the Flyer has the incorrect link for tickets use http://saveltd.co.uk/walls-club-gloucester-northern-soul-all-dayer-saturday-24th-february-2018-230pm---1am-ticket-7076-p.asp
  2. Gloucester Alldayer

    At the Walls Club Hammond Way Barnwood Gloucester GL4 3HG Saturday 24th February 2018 2.30pm - 1am With The Dream Team TED MASSEY PETE FRENCH MICK BENNETT HITSVILLE CHALKY JOHN BARKER DEAN CARR LEE VOWLES JON WILLIS SID PRATT RICH BROWN Tickets £8.00 advance - £10 on the door Tel: 01242 222721/ online: Here http://saveltd.co.uk/walls-club-gloucester-northern-soul-all-dayer-saturday-24th-february-2018-230pm---1am-ticket-7076-p.asp or from the Walls Club D 01452 612851 E 01452 610277 Clothing Stalls etc, inc. Paul Cater & Mandy Townsend Food available nearby. Why not stay at The Ibis (opposite) R.O.A.R
  3. Issue, Re-issue,Pressing, Boot - All a bit confusing.

    not on mine usa and i compared it to other issues on the label its pretty rare
  4. How the hell is this not massive??

    Holding back? out of key? and speeded up? and almost mickey mouse?
  5. Issue, Re-issue,Pressing, Boot - All a bit confusing.

    Alexander Patton actually exists with a 2 line title as an original. With the Daisy in the run out groove. The boot is missing the Daisy. I had this in my collection and flagged it up to get the bootleg guide fixed. Its a rare one to find and im sure has been...
  6. ledgends - fear not

  7. Tickets for blackpool

    confused entry but no main hall? its sold out?
  8. Tammy Wayne - Have A Good Time (boom)

  9. Northern Soul wants

    too much then lol http://saveltd.co.uk/jeanette-williams-all-of-a-sudden-back-beat-demo-1615-p.asp
  10. Joey dee & the Starlighters

    should have bought my spare? Its my signature opening tune though?
  11. Pms please Thanks in advance
  12. Price Please - The Desires On Tamboo

    anyone want to send me an mp3 of both sides please
  13. As said the blue sharks is a brighter production and superior

    My original is M- It would take a high offer for me to part with it

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