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    Pete French
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    Ironing and Quilting
    Crocodile Snogging
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    Magnetics I have a girl
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  1. Message me please
  2. CheltSoulNights

    Northern For A Friday

    Patty Brookes Mark Freeman
  3. CheltSoulNights

    Wanted The Stairways - Don't You Care - ( Richie )

    Tough one pm offer
  4. CheltSoulNights


    UK demo?
  5. CheltSoulNights

    Now sorted - Douglas Banks - Ain't That Just Like A Woman

    Discovered by me
  6. CheltSoulNights

    King Tutt - You Got Me Hung Up - Original 7"

    pm me an offer?
  7. CheltSoulNights

    The Empires

    4k plus?
  8. CheltSoulNights

    Raphael Saadiq - Love that girl - SORTED

    Pm me with an offer for the uk box set complete
  9. CheltSoulNights

    Roosevelt Grier " In my tenement"

    I have the lp mint Played once from sealed offers
  10. CheltSoulNights

    Melvin Moore/Earnest Baker. Lovely copies.

    Messaged on Melvin Moore
  11. CheltSoulNights

    Unpublished Wigan Photos

    Yep Pegs Short sleeved shirts not Baseball Never saw Jazz Funkers at Wigan. Unless you mean the odd one?
  12. CheltSoulNights

    Unpublished Wigan Photos

    Haha Sheepskin Coat..... Drug Dealer lol
  13. CheltSoulNights

    Unpublished Wigan Photos

    Spencers is a company that made clothing. You are referring to high waister Baggies? In 81 we bought Zoots from them as in the real world Jazz Funk was ruling. Baggies were over around 78/79 Just a thought
  14. CheltSoulNights

    Unpublished Wigan Photos

    More Like 14ft or less The sides had 20ft
  15. CheltSoulNights

    Cheltenham Saracens Charity Good Friday Alldayer 2018

    Don't Forget you can pay on the Door


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