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  1. concrete

    Original Modern/Crossover 45S for sale.

    pm'd you
  2. concrete


    or there's this one (playing slightly off centre here) and another What's The Matter Baby by The Love Foundation on Spot
  3. concrete

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    the singer says something on the runout just prior to the final break, sounds to me like 'Show show' anybody any wiser ?
  4. concrete

    RIP Aretha

    That magnificent heavenly choir just gets bigger all the time RIP Aretha
  5. concrete

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    quite like the other side 'Stop Him Girl'
  6. concrete

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    sad content I know..........but
  7. Black Nasty 45 took me by suprise thought it was lp only, little bit of investigation shows its a photo shop
  8. concrete

    Willie Hutch / Bobby Hutton

    Regarding the Bobby Hutton/Willy Hutch,some 'dodgy' copies appeared a few years ago, these did not have the 'anti slip milling' around the label and were generally seen as boots.
  9. concrete

    Bobby McClure Wanted

    Miss Wonderful Bobby Mc Clure Hi
  10. got the mid tempo scene covered to
  11. concrete

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    nobody mentioned Bowling Shirts yet ? complete with team name , first name (on the left hand chest) and pleated 'action back' they must have been quite a worldwide thing because I picked up a few in southern france on a holiday late 70s, notably one with 'Trump Hotels' on the back.
  12. concrete

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    love that bass
  13. concrete

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    Tina Brooks Back to the Tracks Cool name Cool title v.v. Cool quintet would have loved to see this session Cool haircut Cool shirt...........
  14. concrete

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    mfsb and Mr Paul in full flight on this underated philly dancer


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