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  1. concrete

    Stock/Issue v’s Promo

    60s issues usualy ended up like this before going in the trash, the promos were filed away in radio station libaries making them easier to find and in better condition , just a thought.
  2. concrete

    Greatest Movie Scene Ever Made

    bring s a tear to my eye
  3. concrete

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Lots of buzz on this guy last year this is an earlier outing LP only
  4. concrete

    Freddie Terrell

    Wanted Freddie Terrell You Had It Made vg+ or above Thank You
  5. concrete

    5 Favourite Films

    The Sweet Smell of Success The Friends of Eddie Coyle Atlantic City The Bridges at Toko-Ri Vanishing Point / Two Lane Blacktop (tie for 5th place)
  6. concrete

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    definition of a 'stepper' ( imho of course )
  7. concrete

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Nodding heads or hypnotic mooves on the dance floor Jazzy two step
  8. HI I'd like to offer you £80.00 for the James Taylor 45 



  9. concrete


    or there's this one (playing slightly off centre here) and another What's The Matter Baby by The Love Foundation on Spot
  10. concrete

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    the singer says something on the runout just prior to the final break, sounds to me like 'Show show' anybody any wiser ?
  11. concrete

    RIP Aretha

    That magnificent heavenly choir just gets bigger all the time RIP Aretha
  12. concrete

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    quite like the other side 'Stop Him Girl'
  13. concrete

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    sad content I know..........but


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