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  1. Any UK sellers with a vg+ or better copy of this album ? Thanks John
  2. Concrete


    I'd rather hear this one but I prefer Lulu's version of Leave A Little Love
  3. I'm sure that was a track taken from the Glass House album and credited to her as a solo artist
  4. I guessing this won't be the first showing for Lee Silver
  5. Can't see any cross production credits wonder how it came about?
  6. Mavis Staples + Curtis Mayfield need I say more and this one
  7. some great album tracks to, this was booted as a 45 credited to Chuck Barrino
  8. Politicians featuring McKinley Jackson who went on to produced/arrange some of the iconic ABC albums of the 70s
  9. sounds so like 'Love Factory' played at The Casino, (bought my copy there) and sister Scherrie
  10. Blame the weather, 70s box of boogie, Clean Up Your Own Backyard- Jackie Moore (Atlantic) I Just Want to Fall In love-Spinners (Atlantic) Spinning Top-Frankie Gearing (Beale Street) Hello Stranger-Quickest Way Out (Karen) Love Is-Beverly&Duane (Brown Bomber) Never Too Late-Individuals (P.I.P.) The More I Get to Know You-Five Special (T.E.A.L) Ain't That What You Want-Liquid Blue (HDM) Hold On (to what you got)-Righteous Brothers (Haven) You Turn Me On-Fourth Day (DT records) How Long Is Forever- Frank & James (Smooth City Records) You're What's Missing In My Life-G.C.Cameron (Motown) Can't Live Without You-Phyllis Hyman (Expansion) Still A Part of Me-Minits (MGM Sounds of Memphis) Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us- Garland Green (RCA) What I'm Going To Do (without your love)-Willie Johnson (Savanah International Records) Is That Any Way to Treat a Lady- Jimmy Lewis (Hotlanta) Can You Imagine That-Norma Jenkins (Desert Moon) All Alone by the Telephone- Checkmates Ltd. (Polydor) I Need You Like a Baby-Janice (Roulette) Wanted Dead or Alive-Krystal Generation (Mr Chand) Make My Dreams a Reality- GQ (Arista) Let Me Do It (until you're satisfied) Oscar Perry (Yellow Horizon) Headed For The Streets-Herman H. Harper II (Loadstone) Today or Never- Eleventh Commandment (Fast Track) Forever And A Day- Mel & Tim (Stax) Said it Before- Touch of Class (Midsong) Cheers
  11. If you believe its real.............I've a bridge to sell you (courtesy of The Sopranos)
  12. Ritz Manchester 75-77 hearing Double Exposure, Aquarian Dream etc. in one DJs set ,followed by George Blackwell, Prince George, Ann Sexton & Lovelites in the next. Plenty of nearly new soul releases played to add a bit of colour , Tyrone Davis, Garland Green to name but two, then came the Jazz Funk explosion Chic Corea,Richard Tee etc. etc, goes someway to explain my very varied record collection
  13. A real pleasure to hear all of those .........George Jackson Areatha, a true soul gem thanks for playing it
  14. I think Doris' version trumps Clarence Carters (if only for the lack of 'burping')

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