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  1. Leave with me Chalky, will scan and arrange to get to you via t'ut net lol
  2. Understatement LOL The scene has scenes within scenes and every area has its own unique clubs, customs, ideals and sounds, all under the umbrella of the national scene. I do not envy you Chalky but do admire your drive and can only hope we all can support you...
  3. Unissued Philly One-Off Acetate Auction

    Ended. £700 and a bargain!
  4. Unissued Philly One-Off Acetate Auction

    Ending at 6pm today, currently at £600
  5. Unissued Philly One-Off Acetate Auction

    DOH! lol Why I am not surprised. Mines single sided so now I am curious as to what the other side is like
  6. Ending this Sunday at 6pm and currently at £550 is this Ex Frankford/Wayne acetate from Eddie Carlton 'You're My Love', stomping Northern Philly soul complete with glorious girlie backing and apart from the test pressing with Butch (see below) this is the onl...
  7. TheBigO

  8. Flash McKinley on Flute "Jealous Girl"

    Agree with Chalky on this one, the Bombay release far superior plus that unissued acetate that was doing the rounds a few years back that i can only remember being called something like "That Ani't fair (who told you)" which i another goodie from Bill. He was...

    I've had the 45 for years Jordi, what's the price on that these days?
  10. Looking forward to this as Stuart remains one of my all time fave Journos and Detroit 67 was a cracking read. I'm expecting the usual witty and thought provoking read as with all that he has written over the years.
  11. News: Betty Boo 'My Man Flint'

    Another gem from the Master Popcorn, great track and certainly right up there with all her other gems. So much great unissued stuff being released at the moment; past 6 months or so; still great to hear and own these gems.
  12. Alice Clark - What Do We Know?

    Any further update on Alice Chalky? Was just playing the Lp today and thought OOOOOH where we at with the digging? Still a FANTASTIC soulful celebration so if you haven't already, get yourself a copy people.
  13. Also features one of my heroes (non Soul) but still a great lyricist and social commentator Billy Bragg. I'm a lover of indie films so will be checking this out for these two reasons alone. Its also a Brit Flix set against the 2011 riots so the use of the ter...
  14. News: Ace Records September Releases

    Got both the Masterpieces and the Reaching Out CDs and both quality as usual, toons a plenty that saw me spinning around the room much to the amusement and shame of my daughter. Essential purchases
  15. One of the great unsung heroes of the scene and a man with a fine eye for art and I remember his Clarks Crackers section well Steve, great taste in toons and well ahead of his time.