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  1. A few shots taken at one of our favourite places to go - even in February - the Boerderij Meerzicht (aka Lakeview Farm, or as we call it, the pancake house).A
  2. Not really the place to be dealing with site business, but... Click on your name in the top right. A list of menu items will show, including "Ignored Users". Click on that and you'll come to the page as shown in my screenshot. Type in the name of the user and follow the instructions. Sorted.
  3. Without checking back on the details of the story, I recall reading that the photographer was there with people around - and some thought he was drunk, passed out, or worse. One person, apparently, rushed over to give him CPR! Given the five nights, I presume he was there for umpteen hours at a time - a good part of which was likely after the station had shut (and with the full support of London Transport or whatever they might be called nowadays). Regardless, an unforgettable photo!
  4. I know exactly what you mean! More a case of "down in the tube station at midnight" according to the story:
  5. Another photo competition - this time the "people's choice award" winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Only a small handful of winning pics released to the public as yet, but the outright favourite really is both remarkable and really rather magical... Photo source: BBC News. Full story here:
  6. Check out the winners in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. There really are some stunners!
  7. That’s not Popcorn at all. Not unless you pitched it down a lot. And while people associate Popcorn with slowing down the tempo of tunes, it also works the other way - such as in this speeded up recording of Big Dee Irwin’s classic beat ballad.
  8. Another one that would be pitched down when played at a Popcorn party...
  9. Thanks, Zanetti. I should have been more specific and asked what people here think Popcorn is. I get the impression that a lot of people think Popcorn is just mid-tempo tunes, but it's actually about playing them at a much slower beat than many realise.
  10. If you were to play this at a Popcorn party, you'd need to pitch it down. The point is to play records at a consistent down-tempo beat, and even Milt Grayson's gem is too fast as is.
  11. Someone, please define "Popcorn"...
  12. Tony Milton aka Tony Middleton recorded a few times when he moved to France for a while, including this version of the Mel Torme classic.
  13. From France - American Virginia Vee who moved to Paris at a young age and remained there for the rest of her life.
  14. Picard certainly seems to have potential, although I despair at the "we can't take you seriously - you're just an old man" attitude that's so prevalent. I do wish scriptwriters could get past this tired old ageist cliche on TV and in movies. Vikings is still very entertaining, and I'll see this final series out, but it was never the same after they killed off Ragnar Lothbrook. That said, I do like how the plot - about the world of the VIkings rapidly changing - echoes the uncertain and changing times we live in today. Must admit that for the last 12 months or so, our TV habits (well, we don't actually have a TV and instead watch stuff via computer) have become retro. We not long ago finished "binge watching" Midsomer Murders from start to finish, are currently doing the same with Poirot (David Suchet), and have just started Foyles War, a series that neither of us here have ever seen.
  15. I'm using a 5th generation iPad with Safari and it worked for me, no problem. See screen grab. The mp3 downloaded to the "Files" folder and played as it should.
  16. Nice laid-back 70s mover, also from the Netherlands...
  17. One from Belgium... And two from the Netherlands...
  18. One that immediately comes to mind is the late Sven Zetterburg and his delightful mid-tempo gem from 2004. Another is Italian band, New Colour, and their 2015 release, Why did we say goodbye. The flip is also a winner! More recently - just last year, in fact - came this delight from Frenchman, Alexis Evans... And don't forget all the European record labels that have so consistently put out great soul sides. Timmion and Cannonball immediately come to mind, but of course there are others!
  19. Interesting read about the environmental impact of producing vinyl for today’s record market.
  20. Thanks, Mike. I did have a look round to see if it had been posted already, but obviously missed it.
  21. Just found this article published online by Mixmag. It covers the all-too familiar territory featured in the countless articles that have come before it. You know the drill... working class roots, Dave Godin, Twisted Wheel, Wigan, dancing, drugs, Ian Levine, etc, etc, etc. Your choice whether you decide to read it...
  22. Too late. Keith Fletcher's been organising a twice yearly soul cruise from Hull to Rotterdam (and back again) for some years.
  23. I have a Fitbit Charge 3, which I got as an unexpected Christmas present last year. It is very much a fitness tracker rather than a smart watch. Having had it for a bit over 12 months, I must say it's proved to be very useful as a general indicator of activity - specifically exercise, sleep, heart rate. It can do more – calorie count, for example – but that requires the wearer to continually input all food and drink everyday, which is way too much of a chore. At the same time, synching between the watch and the Fitbit app on my iPhone can take several attempts, and that's a bit annoying. Would I recommend it or any Fitbit device to anyone? No. Why? A quick trawl around Fitbit's user forums will show you that there are 1,000s of very unhappy and dissatisfied customers out there. A fitness tracker is absolutely not something I had any interest in, so I definitely wouldn't have bought it for myself. But I'm happy to have it, especially as mine, in spite of a few little annoyances - like the synching issues – actually seems to function properly. I'm one of the lucky ones! Additionally, Fitbit was recently bought out by Alphabet, Google's parent company. I see that as bringing greater intrusions regarding your personal health data.
  24. A very commonplace bird here in the Netherlands, but I thought this young heron worthy of a photo as it posed quite dramatically against a clear blue sky on the terracotta roof tiles of a house opposite. We've seen this particular heron on rooftops and street lamps several times in the last couple of weeks. It should be at ground level where it can catch food, so I think it must have had a recent scare. Possibly, as there's road and water side-by-side here, it was nearly hit by a car when hunting. Certainly it won't catch anything up there.
  25. Perhaps unfortunate in the context of its vinyl events, but I believe the name relates to the bar's prohibition theme.

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