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  1. I don't think RCA Victor "bypassed" it's promotion stage. I think they just sent out black stock copies as promos. Once in awhile, you can find one like this which reads "Many Thanks Stan Pat" who did do promo work for RCA. Whether or not anyone would consider this a promo is debatable.
  2. Just to clarify- are you saying RCA didn't release promos before 1954 ? Here's one from 1951-
  3. I think the 45 came out in late 2019. New Zealand Soul (?) -
  4. Not in my Top 10 of Popcorn but, parts of this sounds like it could have been in a James Bond movie. From 1956 -
  5. This got plays on the Popcorn and Northern scenes -
  6. Besides the obvious ones (Kurt Harris, Betty O'brien, Sam Fletcher), I like this 45 a lot! I think both sides were played ( probably slowed down though) on the Popcorn scene -
  7. I would say your copy is an original release. I've seen other copies with the larger print (see pic below) but discogs has both of them as originals. Not sure what someone means about the longer series as both labels show the release info for the "I'm The Man" side as Fraternity 1002 B .

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