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  1. My 108 has T1 on both sides. My 112 issue has T1 on both sides. My 112 promo has the same info but with an X on the "Festival Time" side.
  2. There's also this strange, obvious boot with Brenda Holloway's "When I'm Gone' on the flip side -
  3. I checked my Ric-Tics and found the same thing. The only stamped ones I have pre 119 are Edwin's 2 Hits- "Agent.." and "S.O.S. ...". Without seeing your 45's, I would guess they are probably all originals. Discogs does have a section showing which Ric-Tics were bootlegged.
  4. Just heard well known record producer Phil Spector passed away on January16th of natural causes .
  5. Not 100% sure but,I would almost swear my brother (or sister) bought these as new releases and they were in Hitsville sleeves- 1) Jimmy Ruffin- "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted" 2) Elgins- "Heaven Must Have Sent You" 3) Shorty Long- "Function At The Junction"
  6. The Straker's version came out about 6 months before the Shipp 45-
  7. Not 100% sure they are the same people but, there were a Claude and Carl Feaster in the Doo Wop group the Chords. Claude is one of the writers of the Doo Wop Classic "Sh-Boom".
  8. Marvin Gaye- "Mercy, Mercy Me" - Pollution O'Jays- "Ship Ahoy" - Slavery O'Jays- "For The Love Of Money" - Greed Koko Taylor / Willie Dixon- "Insane Asylum" - A man goes to an asylum and "finds his baby there ". Robins- "Riot In Cell Block # 9" - A prison riot
  9. Serenaders' Cashbox review from Feb. 15, 1964 issue. The Sammy Turner was a "Best Bet" in the Feb. 29, 1964 issue of Cashbox.
  10. According to Dave Moore's book "The Philly Sound", Bette Renne is Betty Renee Garvin. She was an early member of the Bluebelles but, left the group before they started recording. Two members of the Thrillettes were Sally and Vivian Hicks who were former members of the Femm-eles who recorded for the Kay and Bo-Kay-Lo labels
  11. I don't know anything else about the group. If anyone has more info- please post.
  12. The 1st article is from Cashbox May 11, 1963. The 2nd article from Feb. 8, 1964 mentions a Bobby Valenti 45. Does anyone know if this was part of the Jobete N.Y. ?
  13. Here's a few more songs from the Motown/ Brill Building period- 1) Sammy Turner - "Give It Up Baby" (Kerr / Barnes/ Turner) 2) Serenaders- "Change Of Pace" ( Kerr/ Barnes) 3) Serenaders- "I'll Be Lonely" (Kerr/ Barnes) 4) Serenaders- "Only Mine" (Kerr/ Barnes/ Wilson/ Curry) 5) Serenaders- "Say, Say, Baby" (K/B/W/C)

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