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  1. Don't thank me- the info about Reggie/ Tony came from ......... Keith Rylatt's "Groovesville USA ".
  2. The real name of the Tony Daniels mentioned in the link is Reggie Lamont who recorded for Bevel, Sport and Blue Rock.
  3. According to "Groovesville USA", the Valtone label was ownded by Frank and Val Brown. The same source says the lead singer of the Fabulous Apollos was the same Joe Matthews who recorded "Ain't Nothing You Can Do".
  4. Always thought it was a female singer which is why they covered it up as -
  5. Press release from around the time "Funny" was released -
  6. Jimmy did chart on this Flint, Michigan station going up to #25 -
  7. The label's releases do get a bit crazy- besides the two 109's, there are two #111's, two #114's, three #115's, and 3 #116's.
  8. The song "Jimmy Mack" has nothing to do with the artist. H-D-H came up with the idea when they attended an Awards ceremony and the song "He's So Fine" won for song of the year. He had recently passed away and his mother accepted the award and said "Ronnie Mack when are you coming back" which gave H-D-H the idea for the song.
  9. Here's the Relic Lu Pine comp- over 10 for sale on Discogs -
  10. Discogs has the above mentioned list, the Johnny Woodson and this 45 - Cashbox wrote about the flip side of this 45 in an August, 1960 issue.
  11. It looks like Spry was briefly reactivated for a few releases in '60 / '61 . There's Class Music again -
  12. After skimming through many of the early releases, I didn't see any Class Music but did see a lot of this publisher -

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