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  1. Carol & Gerri

    This is the unreleased version of "How Can I Ever Find A Way" from the Fifth Estate CD. Someone just made it look like it was a Red Bird promo. It is a slightly different from the released version- definitely not the same from 0:09- 0:15 when you compar...
  2. Carol & Gerri

    Alt. version ?
  3. Carol & Gerri

    There was a thread on SS a few years back (2015) - basically the backing band was identified as the D-Men who later became the Fifth Estate. Carol and Gerri were remembered as "a couple of girls from the neighborhood".
  4. Maxine brown

    Quite a few of these on e-bay right now... Kent City #032- Maxine Brown- "It's Torture"/ Chuck Jackson- "I'd Be A Millionaire"
  5. That's you tube for you- even though the label shown is for "Without A Word". the video does play "There's Nothing Else To Say".
  6. Great flip side ("Another Dirty Deal") too !
  7. Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    I've seen a flyer showing George McCrae appearing in April, 1975.

    Don't feel bad- I'm from an English speaking country and have no idea what the lyrics are about !
  9. Marvin/ not Marvin ??

  10. Marvin/ not Marvin ??

    Thanks to everyone who participated in this. Still can't understand why someone would take a perfectly good vocal and do that to it.
  11. Marvin/ not Marvin ??

    I was told about a remix of Marvin Gaye "If This World Were Mine". I don't think this is Marvin. My questions are- 1) Do you think this sounds like Marvin? 2) Do you know who this really is?

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