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  1. In Mark Ribowsky's book "The Supremes- A Saga Of .....", the author says the Primettes did backup work on the following songs- Eddie Floyd- "I'm Her Yo Yo Man", Wilson Pickett's "Let Me Be Your Boy", Gene Martin's "Lonely Nights", James Velvet's "Boquet Of Flowers", Al Garner's "All I Need Is You", James Dee's "My Pride", Don Revels "Return Of Stagger Lee" and "several songs by Gino Washington".
  2. Here's a couple of surveys with Bobby at #29 and # 19-
  3. The web site that posted the listing has now removed it, so it's now a mystery to me also.
  4. Nice looking sleeve from a company I've never heard of -
  5. I think you're right- I got confused with the Discogs info. "The Complete Stax/ Volt Singles 1959-'68" has the release date as August 19th.
  6. The 1st release had "What Will Tomorrow Bring" as the B side.
  7. This article is from the August 23, 1969 issue of Record World. So it looks like the Mala 45 came out first and the ATAC version was second.
  8. Here's a blue sleeve with the same albums as the black sleeve and the various production dates. If you find a blue sleeve with earlier albums, please post.
  9. I remember seeing the Hitsville covers on releases in 1966.The Lp festooned covers were not used until 1967- if you look at the albums they're current releases. Also the date they started being used (or were manufactured) is right on the cover .
  10. I found this on a web site as an upcoming release. Besides giving the company releasing it (Tuff City) and a release date (June 4th) there is no other info. Does anyone know anything else about it?
  11. A few sleeves that were used for promo records (the last one is for Atlantic/ Atco) -
  12. 2 Atlantic sleeves- the 1st an early one before they signed the Drifters, La Vern Baker and Ray Charles and a later one-
  13. Japanese Atlantic sleeve from the late 50's. Everything is going fine until they get to Mr. McPhatter -

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