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  1. Coming out as a Kent single at the end of August -
  2. About 99% sure it was album only . It's on the Dionn and Top and Bottom albums.
  3. ABKCO put out a 4 disc set in 2005- most of the songs are the big Pop hits but on Volume 3 and 4 there's some decent Soul and some great Northern (Frankie Beverly and Christine Cooper "Heartaches..." and a few others-
  4. What's the sound quality like? In her book "Berry, Me And Motown", Raynoma said she used a copy from a Times Square Record shop as her master.
  5. I went through my box of Motown promo's from the 60's and I would say at least 90% had either promotion copy or audition copy or disk jockey copy. I did find 2 Supremes promos with no promo/audition/disc jockey copy on them. I don't think Motown would make special copies for jukeboxes and not mark them.
  6. I agree. But does the Telma on the package refer to a singer named Telma (Telma Hopkins ) or a record company ? It doesn't make much sense that they credit Gwen Owens twice and then write Telma (referring to a record company instead of a singer) instead of Thelma and then use a song cut at Golden World and send it to Thelma Records .
  7. Are you sure that's a RSG pressing of "My Guy"? I thought she was pressing them while the record was a hit. The copy you show is a reissue from 1970.
  8. In the liner notes to "Pied Piper Presents ...Detroit Soul", Shelley Haims said he thought the lead singer of "This Heart..." was Telma Hopkins.
  9. I doubt that's Martha- in a few places there are some resemblances but that's about it. I don't think Martha was working with Groovesville either. But one other Motown artist did- David Ruffin made "Still In My Heart" with Don Davis in 1966.
  10. Does the Telma on the above package sound like Thelma (aka Telma ) Hopkins who was with the Debonaires?
  11. The Pat Lewis and Martha Reeves (?) versions of "Hit And Run" are both on you tube.
  12. It also received a 4 star rating in the same issue -
  13. Found this in Record World's November5, 1966 issue -

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