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  1. the yank

    Potential Soul Source Anthem?

    I get that same feeling in reverse every time I see this -
  2. the yank

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Classic Philly Stepper -
  3. the yank

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Excellent remake of the Brian Auger tune -
  4. the yank

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Believe it or not - this remix was huge with the Chicago Steppers scene -
  5. the yank

    The enigmatic Ty Karim.

    Lots of great songs to choose from. I think even though this track made the rounds (Larry Laster, Ike & Tina) this is the best version -
  6. the yank

    US 60's Garage bands

    "Descent" is out and out Garage, the flip side sounds like it could have come from the Carolinas-
  7. the yank

    Jackie Wilson - Because of you Promo.

    I checked my vinyl promo - the Stereo version of "Because..." has 7-387-W1 and what looks like I AM in a triangle in the dead wax. The mono version has 387-W1 and the I AM in a triangle. There are also grooves on the outer edge of the label which would indicate a Capitol pressing. I haven't heard of this being booted. I think not listing the promo was an oversight in the price guide. Hope this helped !
  8. the yank

    Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Another fine one from the Blackbyrds with a guest vocal from Merry Clayton -
  9. the yank

    Exactly How Did The Emi / Motown Deal Work

    Here's some info about Motown going global from March, 1963 -
  10. the yank

    Dusty Wilson Boot Discussion.

    I noticed all the black label versions of the song have Zebra/ Glodis as the music publishers and all the gold label versions credit just Zebra. Is there a Gold Bronse label with the 2 publisher credits? Also- where does the version with the address on the label fit in- is this an early pressing or a later one?
  11. the yank

    Adam's apples info

    Both of their 45's did get reviewed in Cashbox- the 1st is from July 8th, 67, the second from March 9th, 1968 -
  12. the yank

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    One more for Funky Friday -
  13. the yank

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Another version -


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