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  1. Hello everyone, I was testing out the connection between the turntables and the computer the other day and the end result was this short mix I put together on Mixcloud. I hope you enjoy it. Aret
  2. Finding Soul In Later Years

    Got into it during the early 90's also, Finding those 2nd hand copies of Goldmine/Soul, Kent UK, Charly R&B compilation LP's at Reckless Records and other record stores. Those track lists eventually became my want lists! Also Books like "The illustrated ...
  3. Besides the three records by The Specials "Everybody say yea"(sa 512), "Baby you need me"(sa 514) & "I can't find another"(sa 515), Were there any other releases by the Specials or other artists/groups on this label. If so, What were they? thanks in adva...
  4. How about Johnny Watson "Wolfman" on (Okeh) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1ptcBqrF40 and Richard "Popcorn" Wylie "Rosemary what happened" on (Karen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SFxKowTLh0 also Johnny Sayles "My love's a monster" ...
  5. Looking for this 45 in VG+ or higher grade. please PM me Thank You. Aret
  6. New Member Intro

    Hello Everyone, I don't think I've done one of these yet so here it goes....My Name is Aret Sakalian I'm 40 years young and I got into this sound in early to mid 90's through compilation LP from Kent/Goldmine Soul Supply/ Charly R&B. And eventually thos...
  7. Vietnam Soul

    Hello I'm a newer member on here (more of a reader then poster) The Winstons "Color him father" with the line "our real old man got killed in the war" The Auditions "Returning home from Vietnam" thanks.
  8. Buddy Scott on PM Doni Burdick on Sound Impression
  9. Hello All I got this test pressing from a record show many years ago....WVON was an African-American radio station in chicago..the "PD" I'm guessing means promotion department and the E.R.J.? I could only guess that this was E. Rodney Jones. thanks Aret
  10. Book Recommendations Sought

    I have"nt read this but it looks interesting http://books.google.com/books?id=f92pJ3JhaJYC&pg=PR13&dq=dick+biondi&lr=&cd=87#v=onepage&q=dick%20biondi&f=false thanks Aret
  11. Funky Northern

    Hello everyone...pretty much new to posting thing on here but a long time forum reader...so here goes my picks. Inovations - stay on the case (hit sound) Tommy Bryant - I wanna come home to you (t-neck) Virgil Henry - I'll be true (colossus) Inf...
  12. Halloween

    also Rosemary what happened - Richard "Popcorn" Wylie Wolfman - Johnny Watson
  13. Here is my fifteen from the front that I did'nt get to play last saturday night.. Margie Joseph - One more chance (Volt) promo Martha Starr - No part time love for me (Thelma) Beverly and The Del-Capris - Mama I think I'm in love (Columbia) promo ...
  14. The Angry Man

    here's a few.. The Precisions If this is love (I'd rather be lonely) The Incredibles There's nothing else to say Bobby Copney Aint no good The Impressions Can't satisfy thanks. Aret
  15. Hello, I listed a few more Mickey Lee Lane on Swan Shirley And The Shirelles on Bell Joe Matthews on Thelma Queen City Show Band on Pow promo Glenn Watts on Bunky promo http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZchronic-a thanks...

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