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  1. thanks Chris hard to deal with or give advice as everyone gets different ads so its hard to see whats going on in order to deal with it I haven't seen any of the ads mentioned so far are they all being displayed via the under the first post slot ?
  2. whats the advert Chris? as said they should only play if you interact with them such as 'mouse' over the advert they are from google and they should be the same as ads on other sites if they are playing audio with no interaction then they may be 'rogue' ones and best let me know what the ad is cheers mike
  3. it shouldn't be just chrome browser kev if you do the same on firefox etc it should work the same , as in remember your choices ? as far as am aware they should only 'officially' play audio if you interact with them , eg mouse over the ad etc etc
  4. follow the below can listen in full if you have a deezer account
  5. a testing comment
  6. a test

    From the album new year

    testing times
  7. sounds like they are getting cleverer ! on the ads and sound does it remember your choice, as in if you hit pause then it stops playing in future? in the top right corner of the ad there should be a icon marked something like 'ad choices' if you click that then you may be able to 'opt out' of either all video/audio ads or just that one?
  8. Hi Warren best place nowadays for radio stuff be the radio guide have a read of https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/content/ that should help will close this now cheers mike
  9. yah test
  10. Videos from other websites such as Youtube Music videos can be posted as part of a forum post and will be automatically embedded in most cases, however there is also a more deliberate video feature on Soul Source with 1000+ videos which can be more suited for stand alone video posts. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/soulforum/videos/ Screenshot of Video Index
  11. have just started a events guide/faq section images showing the above links are the first add https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/
  12. The event guide is set up to offer an dynamic member led guide to soul music events You can get to it via the calendar icon at the top of every page in desktop, tablet and phone views and via the main menu/hamburger menu in the other views Desktop view - Location of Event Guide Icon and Menu link Tablet/Phone view - Location of Event Guide Icon and Hamburger Menu Once in the event guide you will see the Event Guide Navigation menu as below Desktop Menu - Top Nav Menu these These links can be used to navigate between the various event type sections of the event guide they are as follows 1. All events - all events are listed (less radio shows which are part of the stand alone radio guide) 2. Allnighters - Allnighter events ( for ease an allnighter is classed as a event that finished after 4am) 3. Weekends - Weekender type events 4. Soul Nights - Soul Night Events 5. Alldayers - All day type events 6. Live acts - Soul Music Artists appearing live 7. Misc events - Non-music events such as record fairs etc 8. Soul Radio - The Soul Source Online Radio guide - All Radio shows and regular podcasts All event types are colour coded.
  13. been working off memory on this piece, it was a fair while ago when scanned/typed the notes, but yep thats right and here's a scan of the back that just copped online
  14. cheers Kev the plan is to expand it with solid guides to all the features as time allows one for the Event Guide will definitely be included though currently a link to the event guide should show via the calendar icon at the top of every page -desktop, phhone and tablet (and also on the main menu on the desktop - or the hamburger menu on the mobile/phone ?) thanks again mike
  15. was cussing here as well