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    Dec 76 first wigan nighter. last one rarest of the rare The Ritz 2005. Is that enough?

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  1. Could have been earlier I guess may be 04? The elavated dance floor had long gone by then. I recall being suprised walking in and it was all flat.
  2. I went to that all dayer with Edwin on live. He belted out "Contact" as it was his latest release so would have been 78' We got their early as we heard a rumour the first 50 or so got a free single and sure enough we were handed a yellow copy of Agent OO Soul still got it. The solid Northern dayers were fabulous I recall "Paris Blues" being huge back then. The last time I was there was early noughties probably 2006/7 for those outstanding Rarest Of the Rare nighters.
  3. I guess it could have been that guy. What was strange he never sent me stock lists I just sent him a wants list and he got me over a a dozen or so over a few years. All originals Suprise Party Vibrations, Hey sah lo nay, James Carr I want to know are the ones I recall. I think he got me a Loma and Okeh 45 too but can't remember what it or the rest were. Ive still got the James Carr. Thanks.
  4. Bit of a long shot but here goes. Probably around the same time I first got lists from Soul Bowl 76/77. I wrote to a guy in Leytonstone whose address came from a mate at Wigan. The guy was John Downing and he wrote back saying he had a few from the wants list I sent him. He actually sent me the records before sending him a cheque! Does anybody know or remember him ?
  5. Yeah that's him LOL. I never bought anything off him. I always did swap deals with him and then pop down to Chorlton to Les Hares shop... that was propably late 90's early noughties and think. Didnt know Dave was a DJ.
  6. Is that the "Dave" who had a record stall upstairs in Hyde Market?
  7. If it's any help the building was on a corner and you went straight downstairs not sure but somewhere near Cross St Deansgate area. Dont think they had another after that fiasco.
  8. I went to an alldayer in Manchester in the mid 70's in a basement club possibly on Deansgate. It was when "Too Many People" was big and I asked Siz to play it. Shortly after playing it the Police came in and booted us all out. I was wondering if anyone remembers this and the name of the club? Could it have been "Carolines"?
  9. Wigan Casino Dec 76, went with a mate from work Louis from Buxton because non of my local mates were allowed out all night Records I recall were Ron Holden and The Reflections Adam and Eve.
  10. OMG I'm so sorry to that news. My thoughts go out to all his family. I never met John but spoke to him a lot from 77' to 80 on a payphone opposite work during my lunch time. My weekly wants from his lists would be gradully scratched off as he said "sorry thats gone" and I would end up with the the bottom record on the list. Which nowadays ended up a bargain anyway. I recall going over to Kings Lynn for a work related meeting many years later probably around 1999 and just had to walk down Portland St but he may have gone by then. R.I.P John
  11. Latest season of Narcos on Netflix does it for me plus any BBC4 music programmes

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